Sunday, August 14, 2016

And Then Sunday Morning BROKE!!!


As my Readers know, Jane Smith and her husband who long pre-deceased her, Tony Smith, were Tennessee Williams's closest and longest-time friends in New York -- Tony the architect and sculptor, and Jane the dancer who OPENED OKLAHOMA!!! on Broadway, but later was far better known as a torch singer -- especially in Europe.The USA was becoming more and more CROWDED with White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficking NAZIS, led since about 1950 by my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh -- since Old Joe and Rose Kennedy were FIRED by the Pope after JFK and his generation FLIPPED to support Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Artist Mark Beard's Thanksgiving Party 1981. Google in this blog for list of all these people's names. 

The only ones alive today are Mark (with Vassilis Voglis's hand on his shoulder -- Vassilis was putting Mark through Art School in exchange for sex, while Georg Osterman of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, in plaid, was his "actual boyfriend"), and "Black-Eyed Susan" (in red and black), also of the Ridiculous Theatre.


And STRANGELY ENOUGH, when I finally found a photo of Army Col. Dottie Newman (Secretary of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer who had friended me and warned me to flee the country in 2010 -- or the Republicans with the CIA would KILL ME, since they could NOT commit me to a mental hospital in the FIVE TIMES they tried with help of Patrick Stansbury of, Allen Rosen of, and BOTH my parents, as well as my sisters, Jane Anne Kenan of Raleigh and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy of Downingtown, PA:

Kiki Smith is Jane and Tony Smith's daughter. Col. Newman has the highest hair.

MORE on Mark Beard, and then on Tennessee Williams's death:


1. There was a fuller ashtray on the porch than when I finally went to bed at 5:00 AM -- including TWO lit and quickly put out MAVERICK brand of 100 millimeter cigarettes in the ashtray, a never-lit one on the table. A cheap "crack lighter" also on the table, a good small BIC one on the floor -- and my second pot of basil had a whole LOT of potting soil messily added to the pot.

I could NOT figure out where the soil was from, as all the other pots were unmolested.

Haston Laverne Caulder III's other mug shot I found -- this one from 2016.

I've ALSO learned that BOTH Haston and Darrell have RECENTLY been threatened by Police that they will get LONG TERM sentences for ANY violations, because they are PROVEN HABITUAL OFFENDERS!!!

Haston was up first, and said that neither he nor Darrell smoke Maverick cigarettes (I've seen both of them smoking them before), and certainly never 100 millimeter length. I told Haston quite clearly -- making certain he understood -- that he and Darrell are paid through this coming Thursday, and to stay here any longer, the three of us will have to meet with either their Pastor Rev. Chryst of The Anchor church -- or Darrell's Probation Officer -- so we can ALL go over the house rules and there are NO MORE misunderstandings.

Haston looked quite SHOCKED, but after a moment, gave in, and said he would ALSO have to have "Some Back-Ups" at that meeting, and HOPING he meant Donald Trump or Mayor Saffo, I told him that is FINE, but meet we must or OUT THEY ARE!!!

Despite their INTENSE DESIRE to get to church this morning, neither of them bothered going -- although Haston was up in time -- and when Darrell finally got up, I made clear he understood this clearly, too. Since then, Haston has remained at home, mostly, muttering under his breath while staying away from me. Darrell went out very quickly, and has not yet returned.

District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- with his assistants, 2016

Ben David is STARTING to look "HOT", again, but I shall resist all temptation!!!


Perhaps due to "The Grace of God", Old Testo, who lives to beat off with help of Testosterone injections, daily Cialis, "Poppers", and gay porno, did NOT quickly send me an email threatening to stop sending me money if I keep connecting his legal name with his legal crimes. I think he KNOWS I'm not (I can't quite decide if this "not" is in error or not -- know what I mean???), completely OVER IT!!!

But I WILL disguise his name -- as I USUALLY (but not always), do after we fight -- but ONLY after the false conviction of LIBEL is wiped from the record in Chicago Courts. To speed this up, he can call District Attorney Benjamin R. David here in Wilmington, at (910) 772-6610 . 

Ben David already PROMISED ME he is working on getting it THROWN OUT.

I HOPE Mayor Bill Saffo isn't in TOO BIG of a FUNK!!!

'Twould be a pity.


"Let's let THEM figure it out!!!"


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