Tuesday, August 16, 2016

After Speaking with "Testosteroni", "My KLUTZ", and "My Greek Trojan Horse", When I Greeted "Dapper Dan", He Exclaimed, "What the HELL happened to my ROOM???"!!!

Testosteroni's digs in New York City appear RIGHT IMPRESSIVE, no -- half a block off Central Park WEST!!!

Here is the apartment below his, which, furnished as seen, rents for $6,500.00 per month:

Old Testo's live-on-the-premises landlord, I call "Brutus de Capon" ("Brutal one of the eunuch-ed chickens in France") -- and he's JEWISH, to boot!!!

Or NOT "to boot", as I did NOT follow my family into abject NAZISM!!!

The Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an HONORARY JEW in 2010 -- because I first BLOGGED ABOUT THAT, for International Press and Law Enforcement to see.

If THAT doesn't impress you at all, then YOU must be one of the MOST difficult and annoying SHITS Jesus ever SHAT!!!

Jesus doing "YMCA" -- made FAMOUS by my personal friend Randy Jones of The Village People, who hangs often here on the Lower Cape Fear (with his Mama, and husband, Will Grega).

This was the image I looked for, but also found a SNARKIER one, I'd like to share:

And ALWAYS remember:


1. Dan said that Darrell went to his regularly scheduled Probation appointment today, and failed his drug test. He will be in the County jail for three days, then released.

2. Neither of us knew that, when you began making unrealistic demands based on your FANTASIES ALONE. Save it for people who are interested in paranoia and fear-based living.

Oh wait, you're a long-time RECLUSE, hating people and making certain they hate you.

Never mind.

But next time you pull that, I AM getting back in touch with your landlord, and I DO know how!!!

Thank you for your cooperation.


Old Original Jesus, me, and Jonathan Andreoli, the HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE partying in PARATY, BRAZIL, September 2009.

And MOST GRACIOUSLY, Jonathan took his shirt off for us . . . 


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