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The SMOKING GUN That ALL My Calls Are DIRECTED DIRECTLY through NSA Computers!!! (And other things as well -- including my INTACT sense of humor!!!)


1. I just got off the phone with Bank of America, after a VERY illuminating conversation -- but I'll get to that after a few briefer things.

2. Among the top ten search words used to find this blog via Google in the last 24 hours, "214-414-1036 NSA" was chief among them. Not recognizing the number, but intrigued that I must have blogged about it, I found THIS posting: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/08/some-after-thoughts-on-todays-actions.html , which I will copy the important part here:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some After-Thoughts on Today's ACTIONS!!!



I will call him shortly (although he ALWAYS envied that I am tall)!!!

>>>  >>>  >>> 2. Jack Stein ("Risk Manager" for the City of Wilmington, North Carolina), told me my phone call to him came in on this number: (214) 414-1036I just googled it and it is associated with TONS OF TROUBLE!!! It APPEARS it must be used (in my case), as an NSA/CIA re-ROUTING device, no???

SEVERAL of my USA friends have reported my number showing CORRECTLY -- but other times showing either zeros, or strange US phone numbers that were mysterious. Since the calls WENT THROUGH (not all do), I was grateful for that and never collected the "bad" numbers before.


I blame this SQUARELY on the God-Hating Christians -- and TODAY for the first time, I INCLUDE those who really do follow Jesus's TEACHINGS: BECAUSE you allowed all the IMPOSTERS to remain in Christian Churches and NEVER DENOUNCED THEM IN CHURCH!!!


And even Pope Francis I is NOTHING but better Public RelationsWHAT has he done to compensate all the children MOLESTED BY CATHOLIC CLERGY, the molesters protected for YEARS and YEARS by the Catholic Church (with help of Republican Politicians -- in the USA).

Even Huffington Post, for most of the last year one of Pope Pancho's biggest fans, has in recent days begun QUESTIONING the truth of Francis's words/actions -- including his being in bed with the WORST politicians in Argentina, through MUCH of his career there.


Last night, I BLEW UP before Puerto Vallarta (gay) Men's Chorus rehearsal -- the one that REFUSES to speak its sexuality in its name -- so you KNOW those people are SELF-LOATHING!!!

I actually felt very bad about that -- and admittedly, I have been stressed by the last two weeks's AVALANCHE of events and news -- mostly good, but some not. But today, when I think of some of the "Old Men" there, THROWBACKS to the bitchy BOYS IN THE BAND, I am GLAD it happened. The only truly GOOD thing I got from it was to be able to speak to Carl Timothy honestly about his client Jed Clampon's illegal and unconstitutional suing of me -- and MY part in accidentally (then -- 2010), keeping Fernando Merino and the Colombian Cocaine Cartel -- with help of Mexicans -- from muscling in on his real estate business.

More here, 1/3 the way down: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2014/03/r-p-after-my-epiphany-last-night-and.html

5. After speaking at length with INTAKE at the American Civil Liberties Union, Chicago, yesterday, when I then emailed her (copying another address there as well), I asked in RED, that she reply simply to let me know she had gotten it -- she ALREADY confirmed that no one at the ACLU had received ANY of my previous emails to them. She still has NOT, more than 24 hours later.

So I just tried to call them, and after TWO calls did nothing at all, I did the battery trick to clear any hacking, and THEN the call seemed to go through -- only to get a Spanish recording that their number, (312)220-9740, is NOT a working number!!!

So I just checked their website, and found:

SO, the number in my phone's memory was CHANGED by CIA/NSA hackers -- because it was CORRECT and I used my directory directly to reach them a few days ago.

I just called the CORRECT number, and got a Spanish recording that the number is not in service, and even noticed the English on my phone's screen: "WRONG NUMBER".

That said, I told the woman in INTAKE how to find my letter to her on my blog -- and if she checked yesterday's posting, she can see what I had to add to the first attempt to reach them.

* * *


This past Friday and Saturday, my BoA account online showed a ZERO BALLANCE, but checking it TODAY, I found this:

Click image to see amounts.

As you can see, BoA has used SOME kind of logic or illogic to add MANY more charges, including their $100.00 FEE to ME for DOING SO!!!

My initial and greatest concern was that the medical lab might not be paid, but I have been assured they WILL BE, because BoA approved the charge at the time. I also learned that I can KEEP my account as long as this RED BALANCE is paid in full within 180 days -- not that AYE will ever pay it.

But BEST was that I have a VERY LONG (25 minutes???), conversation with BoA's rep, and she was TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the ones I spoke with last Friday: COMPLETELY friendly, helpful, and courteous, she only had me on hold very briefly, once, and when I began, I told her to PLEASE be sure the call was recorded for those who need to know at BoA to listen, later.

I will not belabor this blog with details that are an other REITERATION of many of my points, but SHE thanked ME, as we completed the call, saying she was SURE the bank would find my information HIGHLY HELPFUL AND ILLUMINATING.

So for NOW, I like Bank of America, again -- on SURFACE, they only complied with papers LOOKING legitimate.


WHERE did Daliah Saper of FOX NEWS and the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama Chicago DRUG MAFIA come up with the figure of $582.81???

Their in-house lawyer (now fled), the Kenan University at Duke, Durham, NC, graduate Emerson Oertel -- and separately, Jed Clampon HIMSELF, told me more than a YEAR ago, that the suit was NOT about money, they KNOWING I had just gotten over being homeless and only had SSI Disability income, really, so NOT to worry about the $50,000.00 they sued me for -- as they EXPECTED that money would NOT be part of the final settlement.

This PROVES they knew all along that they had NO LEGAL STANDING to take a PENNY from me -- before making CERTAIN they were NOT taking my Disability Pension!!!

And so, WITHOUT having legally served me, I was tried and convicted of LIBEL in absentia -- me allowed to present NO DEFENSE and they offering NO PROOF!!!

And Jed Clampon (an executive of Windy City Wazoos, Chicago -- a MAJOR competitor of Kenan/Sinatra-owned Bank of America, who had SEEN Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse when Barry Bam-Bam was a Senator), was awarded A HALF MILLION DOLLARS, copyright ownership of my critically acclaimed memoir of working for Tennessee Williams -- and ALL content on my blog http://scottkenan.blogspot.com, as well as ALL emails I may EVER write on this subject!!!

And LOOK what they turned a FINE Hebrew Prophet into"

That is the circle of stars (for States) of the ORIGINAL flag of the Confederacy, the "Stars and Bars", said, actually, to NOT to be for slavery, so much as "Integrity of Contracts".

In 2009, I bought a four-foot by three-foot (overall), framed Stars and Bars flag, that I hoped to one day present to Thomas S. Kenan III. It was originally $350.00 USD, but when the famous distress-or/creator died, the price jumped to $500.00 FIRM.

I still bought it, eventually, but had to sell it through an antiques dealer when I lived in Wilmington, North Carolina -- to BUY SOME FOOD (and such).

So much for THAT idea, no???



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