Thursday, June 14, 2018

'Twas a VICIOUS DOG-BITE KERFUFFLE at 1206 Spofford Circle Last Night -- NOT a Drug Bust!!!

I OUGHT to take a photo so Readers can see how this looks NOW!!!

Taken just now, I not getting closer because the woman about 35 years old with long medium-brown hair who drove up in this Nissan station-wagon-like vehicle had just ducked through that opening in the wood fence -- and a tallish white guy with shaved head who had earlier been in the back yard with her, had just returned to the house on the far side, and I did NOT want to be caught photographing them.

Last night, I went to bed at midnight, and all the Police-Tape had been removed, all lights were out next-door, and all Police and other vehicles of Authorities were gone. When I woke up this morning, Rob of apartment One's car was BACK, and for the first time in ages, parked with everyone else's cars in our lot -- instead of on the lawn right in front of his front porch. I guess he got in before they left next-door, and parked away from all of that -- but CLEARLY Rob has NOT moved out.

Earlier the guy with his girlfriend in their early 20s whom I've spoken with a couple of times the last few days as they train their adolescent dog to a leash, both walked by with two other friends as well, and he is who told me it was over a vicious dog-bite. But they were off somewhere down the walking trail, and he said he would fill me in on the details, later.

Even now at nearly noon, that same woman has opened up the back door to the house next-door, been working in one of the shacks to the back of the property, and carried a few packages to her car.

At 11:30, Gold Walker's Maintenance Supervisor Thomas showed up, and he showed me how the fluorescent in the center of the kitchen ceiling just needs to have its switched flipped up to five times before the light works properly -- and said it has behaved that way for five years. The circuit for the kitchen outlets was FINE, and he showed me how to PROPERLY reset it. The light in the laundry room needs either new tubes, or to be replaced, which he will do next Tuesday when the Exterminator is here.

And finally, Rob who had left, drove back in just as Thomas was about to leave, and they had a conversation at Tom's car.

The BEST THING is that Thomas -- as has ALWAYS been my experience -- was matter-of-fact and took care of things very efficiently, being completely friendly with me the whole time.

Fox News online is HIDING this story that broke more than an hour ago, so you have to scroll down nearly two "pages" on their main page to find it

Their TOP STORY is that there will be FIRINGS once the report on James Comey's handling of Hillary Clinton's emails drops. LOL!!!

About this article

The New York state attorney general’s office on Thursday brought a lawsuit against the Donald J. Trump Foundation for alleged illegal conduct and “unlawful political coordination” to benefit personal and business interests, drawing a harsh Twitter rebuke from President Trump.


Jon Deputy

Re: Unfortunately, my apartment needs the services of a skilled electrician, again:

From   Scott Kenan
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Thanks for the advice, but those who stopped by never entered my bedroom, where the ONE bug was. And I did NOT expect the exterminator to do bed bugs -- but only other bugs. I figured they could give advice, use their bed-bug sensor to tell me where-all any might be. When Gold Walker told me she had had to have bed-bug treatments of her house or apartment five times in the last two or three years, I knew it was not from Gold "sleeping around", but from some of the people who joined her to party at night, and getting too inebriated to drive, stayed over.

In any case, going from the serious infestation of before to this simple one -- if it is not just a fluke -- I attribute to the mattress sleeves and an organized spraying/bombing campaign from a few months ago. And the funny thing is that Chris Millikan, who DID stop by a few times while he still lived in Gold's Apt. 2 at 205 S. 4th Street then (subletting from either Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. who had that lease or from Denise Renee Wood, the "PERFECT PAINTER", who subleased from Sam), sat only at the table in my office then.

And I gave up helping these homeless people because in today's jobs climate, the homeless are pretty much only drug addicts -- except a few with actual disabilities.

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If you continue to bring in homeless people off the street and allow them to bathe, wash clothes, etc. in your're going to continue getting bed bugs.  I'd have thought that you would've learned that at your last residence.  The exterminator will be there to treat for roaches, spiders, etc., not bed bugs. 

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

Maybe we ALL just need to take a ROMAN BATH -- or a nice SPA TREATMENT:

Then they should STAY OUT OF  adult baptismal pools -- and bathhouses, no???


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