Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Scott Kenan's "Believe It or Not" -- Wednesday CAVALCADE Edition!!!:

At 7:28 this evening, I stepped out for a smoke -- and saw two Wilmington Police Officers taking a young, NOT-ratty looking, hot-ish guy away in handcuffs from in front of Sherry Hall Spivey's house, next-door. Still, I have seen no evidence of anyone being inside or in the shack(s) that house other destitutes in the back yard.

So I came in to BLOG about that, and saw I had TWO emails from Jonathan Deputy, stating that Thomas will be out tomorrow to look at things, and that Gold Walker's FAVE bug service will be out next Tuesday to treat the whole property.

Jon was so NICE about it -- and prompt -- that it was like the first week or weeks that I knew him. And I should stop and clarify -- perhaps better than I have before -- that I NEVER saw Jon stoned or with ANY kind of drug -- or talk about even smoking pot (since his college days when he organized trips to the Caribbean to party and huff on GANJA).

And Gold Walker, too -- she just sometimes gets a bit confused by it and has rented to people who pulled the WOOL over her eyes. I have ALWAYS said that Ms. Walker has a HEART OF GOLD.

And WHAT WILMINGTON LANDLORD (especially IN-TOWN), had any choice but to rent to those who would rent here -- MANY of them "significant drug users"

But as the town has been "cleaning up", the air is smelling 'most EVERYWHERE cannabis-istic -- and HARD DRUGS and their users are driven BACK INTO THEIR HOLES!!!

So, at least now, we are TALKING!!!

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In addition to offering to host U.S.-Canada talks in Pyongyang, Kim urged the immediate creation of a demilitarized zone along the border separating the two hostile nations.

Bill Steinmayer shared a post to the group: Firesign Theater.
PARENTS: Have YOUR children come home with these? 
Insidious 'dope' peddlers may be lurking outside our schoolyards, luring innocent kids with DEADLY DRUGS, disguised in cute, cartoon-headed vials! 

- Brought to you by the Morse Sugar Foundation
Aidun Klore
Does anyone know what pill this is? Pink rectangular tablet with the ID "Z3d" on it. Google doesn't show any results. I found it in my son's room and I'm very concerned 🤔🤔🤔
But the gathering of the nation's largest evangelical group took a political turn on Wednesday morning, when Vice President Mike Pence addressed the nearly 10,000 delegates, known as messengers. 

And some weren't happy about it. "I know that sent a terribly mixed signal," tweeted J.D. Greear, a NORTH CAROLINA pastor -- JUST ELECTED YESTERDAY -- to be the denomination's new president.

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The annual meeting of Southern Baptists took a political turn when Vice President Mike Pence addressed the delegates. And some weren't happy about it.

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The special election follows last year's unexpected death of Mayor Ed Lee.


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