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Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois to My RESCUE??? I'll Mail Wilmington, North Carolina District Attorney Benjamin R. David (to see if he knows how we can avoid this), FIRST!!!

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is a Republican -- not that Political Party should matter at all in this. THAT SAID, Ben David and others, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and possibly even President Barack Obama -- are at least TANGENTIALLY CONNECTED -- and they are all DEMOCRATS, so he might not mind casting some SHADE on them and their reputations, no???

Now just to get CENTERED first, before I continue:
Cue: Voice of God

>>> FOR FOUR DAYS, I have realized that since I do NOT have the money to go to Chicago, Illinois and stay for Continuances, etc., and GET THE FOLLOWING JUDGMENT VOIDED (which D.A. Ben David TWICE promised me he would get voided, but he has NO SUCH CONTROL over Cook County Courts), I will ask Gov. Bruce Rauner for a PARDON -- even though I was never guilty.

Readers will recall that in late 2012, Jamie Lee Sutherland, then an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, had not only tried to sell me his huge home in Mismaloya, Mexico -- which since the producers of all the Harry Potter movies as well as Scott Rudin, had been looking to buy movie rights to my memoir, I expected a very large sum from that sale and part of it I could use as the down-payment, then run it -- and it needed no renovations to adapt it to this use -- as a Conference Center.

We had signed a contract for me to buy it for $700,000.00 USD, and Jamie gave me more than half a year -- until the end of 2010, to get things together for the sale -- but when I learned he still CONTINUED to try to sell it, things got CRAZY between Jamie and me. He eventually had to lower the price to $500,000.00 (because a huge monstrosity was built next-door and completely ABUTTED Jamie's house -- DESTROYING all the sweeping ocean views!!!), and finally sold it about two years ago.

And just checking its availability for the next twelve months, there is currently NOT A SINGLE DAY  it is not for rent!!!:

But Jamie had also bragged of his doing $24,000,000.00 per month average in Narco-Trafficking for Wells Fargo. And in fact, Wells Fargo, Chicago was FINED later that same year, 2010, $200,000,000.00 by the US Government for LAUNDERING DRUG MONEY -- that THEN the LARGEST such fine in the History by our Government.

Jamie ALSO told me he had several times seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private Gay Bathhouse, Man's Country, while Obama was an Illinois State Senator:

My hand-delivered letter to NC Sen. Richard Burr of June 2016 about this and some other matters -- as well as his reply:

So, TODAY, I have done some investigating of what it would take to petition Gov. Rauner for a Pardon -- and then if I get that, to also Petition for Clemency -- and it is rather complicated, but actually VERY DOABLE without my having to leave Wilmington!!! And the big STRESSED THING is that it MUST be written as NARRATIVE (as opposed to bullet-points, etc.), and all my Readers KNOW that narrative is what I EXCEL AT!!!

And doing a little research, I learned that Ben David's Intern in his D.A.'s office, Jeffrey Randall Duncan -- who then WORKED in Chicago for Lawyer and Fox News Talking Head Daliah Saper, who brought the charges against me for Jamie Sutherland, has NOW moved to Athens, Georgia and is a SOLO LAWYER working out of his not-impressive apartment, which has an ADDRESS but no PHONE NUMBER -- what kind of a lawyer is THAT???

Fox News MISSPELLED "Daliah" -- LOL!!!

1. I was NEVER legally served the Summons -- it was sent to Mailboxes, Etc., in Puerto Vallarta, while I was in the USA picking up my second car-load of goods in Stone Mountain, GA, and I did NOT get back and check my mail there until a few days AFTER the 30-day window of it being an ACTIVE SUMMONS.

I called and emailed both Daliah Saper and Jamie Sutherland to let them know I never PROPERLY received it -- but if they re-issued it, it would easily get there in time for me to sign for it while it was ACTIVE, but they did not bother doing that, and apparently submitted the clerk from Mailboxes, Etc.'s signature to DHL courier service -- as if it were MINE!!!

2. THEN, they tried me in absentia (neither Legal nor Constitutional), and CONVICTED ME. 

3. Jamie had only asked for $50,000.00 and nothing else, but without showing any HARM done to him (and he soon received a PROMOTION by Wells Fargo), he was awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, copyright to my memoir, as well as copyright to my ONLY blog then -- and every email I write until I die.

The POINT of that was that once I was DEAD they could FORCE all my writing EVERYWHERE to be ERASED, and while MANY attempts were made on my life in Mexico 2012 - 2015, NONE of them worked. Here is that Judgment:

And BESIDES ALL OF THAT, I have actually DONE RIGHT by the State of Illinois!!! EVERYONE knows that Tennessee Williams is the GREATEST AMERICAN DRAMATIST -- and probably the best in the English language since William Shakespeare.

Gregory Mosher, Producer of Tennessee's last full length play produced during his lifetime, A House Not Meant to Stand at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, late April 1982, and Director Andre Ernotte, BOTH thanked me profusely for keeping Tennessee far saner than others had the two previous years when the play was presented as a "work in progress"

And I have stayed in touch with Gregory Mosher, writing him several times, as well as meeting briefly with him in person about 2005 at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and then at the Dedication Ceremony of Tennessee's Poets Stone in Episcopal Cathedral St. John the Divine in Manhattan, late fall 2009.

Gregory can VERIFY all of that, and he even proofed these three chapters of my memoir before I tried to get an agent, making some VERY GOOD suggestions!!!

SO, my intention -- after a break tonight -- is to write my Letter to D.A. Ben David, email him, and then deliver a paper copy to his office in the Court House, tomorrow (if I don't poop-out, tonight. ADDED later: I already HAD pooped out -- but didn't want to admit it).

And I expect to publish that NEXT on this blog!!!

As everyone knows from here:, I found an ACTUAL COMPATIBLE CHURCH yesterday -- where everyone I spoke with about it -- KNEW that Ben David has had BOYFRIENDS, while married to Stephanie David, a MAJOR Fundraiser and Strategist for Mitt Romney!!!

And during that SAME TIME Ben David has been first a DEACON, and then an ELDER at First Presbyterian here in Wilmington (but his term for the latter recently ended):

Damn ! White people are strange...!!!

William Buck shared a video to the group: Firesign Theater.
A mighty Hot Dog is our Lord...


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