Monday, May 28, 2018

Then SUDDENLY, Steven ROSE Chimed in to Make Points -- and EXPOSED More than He REALIZED!!!

Steven Rose and Madison "Maddy" (Holland) Rose were MARRIED earlier this month -- at our SHARED Landlady Gold Walker's SON'S WalkerWorld, by GOLLY!!!

Steven Rose
scott, i never harassed you. you know I have plenty of lgbt friends. if anything you harassed me. why would you say that on your bog?


"as well as TRUE TALES of Steven who FIRST shook President Clinton's hand here in Wilmington, and his OUTRAGEOUS harassments of me for being Gay -- WORSE than anyone else ever has done, including the Born-Again Christian Narco-Traffickers I kept naively taking on as roommates." I'm referring to this.

You accepted Steven's request.

1. I have blogged about this AT LEAST 18 times -- and asked you to read my blog many times as well. Only tonight do you complain. Had you read more, you would know that I have depicted us as EQUALLY "harassing" each other. 

2. I, too, mistype "blog" as "bog" more often than not. 

3. As my personal friend Andy Warhol often said -- truthfully, in my experience (I'm 66) -- "All publicity is GOOD publicity" (meaning that people will only remember the name, face, etc., and NOT any "bad" associations. 

Perhaps I can send you some music:

>>> WELL, they are MARRIED and Steven wants to ERASE HIS PAST -- LOL!!!

1. Maddy can handle it -- she's been with Steven a long time and can't be COMPLETELY STUPID.

2. I guess Steven won't be as much fun as he used to be. This the complaint of ALL GUYS when a buddy gets married.

3. MOST interesting is that they MARRIED in Allen Walker's 

From Maddy's Facebook Page

about 3 weeks ago

I will always be connected to the time spent here; as my significant other and I just had the wedding of our dreams at this wonderful gem. Allen was great at communicating throughout the process and I look forward to having future family events here; as all the guests loved the art, in which is never ending.

Past loves-to current, you can feel the energy that makes this such a wonderful place to relax, wed, or just sit around the fire with those you love; perhaps, all of the above as we did!

Thank you for everything once again!

Steven's Page:

And the last time I checked (fall 2017), the rates were $600.00 per night -- but let's see. I just now checked the MINIMUM of two nights on WEEK NIGHTS late May this year -- begins tomorrow night, actually:

Well, since STEVEN shows he QUIT his job at Easterseals:

And MADDY (who must have gotten him the job there), remains in a LOW-PAYING job:

And they BOTH worked for the Democratic Party 
as WELL . . . 

Well THIS ties into a recent NEWS STORY of how the Democratic Party won't PAY staffers much EVER, and the Republicans have for several years been after-they-leave RECRUITING THEM and PAYING WELL to build an ARMY OF RIGHT-WING MILLENNIALS:

Scott Kenan
Between 2008 and 2014, conservative donors gave three times more to millennial outreach groups than liberal donors. The Republicans are building an army, while the Democrats are still paying you in “making the world a better place."

About this article

Conservatives are building an army of fired-up young people. How? By offering them salaries.

Well, Gold Walker is a Republican -- and so is her son Allen -- and so is Allen's Lawyer GIRLFRIEND who PAYS ALL OF ALLEN'S BILLS (according to both Gold and her manager Thomas to me).

I'm sure Jonathan Deputy fits in SOMEWHERE here.

This is SO MUCH new information, I think I will join with Dear Ol' Jesus (or try to), and put all of THAT in my pipe and SMOKE IT!!!

And I'm feelin' a bit like ICHABOD CRANE!!!


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