Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Well, AIN'T THAT the Truth!!! (THANK YOU New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital for teaching TRUTH!!!):

This morning, I called my mother to see if she had any idea what has happened to my brother Mike, who has been helping me financially. She had no idea, but said she HAD read the list of Five Mantras to Reduce Stress taught by the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital, but that since it said "Universe" instead of "God", it was NOT VALID.

I've posted them more than one place in this blog, recently, but googling them won't bring them up, and I have to be somewhere in about an hour so have no time to comb through this blog manually to find them.

Just now, I got a call from Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc., who handles paying most of my bills and doling out the remainder as my allowance. I just learned I will get only $50.00/week for April -- but at least she had the decency to call, go over my expenses, and then serve up the unvarnished truth.

I could NOT get as much out of my brother, Mike, so I left him a non-angry message this morning, explaining that I need to know what he's doing after he got me expecting him to help me with at least a few hundred per month. If he is upset with me for some reason, he should discuss that with me. Maybe he is just clueless about what it is like to be totally broke like I am.

But so far, STILL no response.

I have to meet someone at 11:00 -- then I have the CAT Scan for lung cancer at 12:30. If I have not gotten some kind of help from Mike or another family member by the time I complete that, I will have to CANCEL all my doctors of ALL kinds appointments this month. I have my heart meds prescribed through September, so I can continue to take them if I find money to do so. Mom already paid for a month going forward from here.

So NOW, I will practice this Mantra for Stress Reduction that I always knew, but was also taught in "The Oaks": 



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