Saturday, April 14, 2018

Some FUNNY Things Happened at the Wilmington, North Carolina Azalea Festival, Today -- and I BLASTED the ENTIRE BOOTH of Cape Fear Equality for Supporting HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING to Their FACES!!!

It started with this Dogwood that is being KILLED by Spanish Moss -- on the back corner of the Antebellum City Hall/Thalian Hall block -- and here is the FRONT of that block:

There were a TON of Veterans' Orgs (and NOBODY CARED about the Narco-Trafficking Politicians on the steps of City Hall)!!!

The Chinese-American Friendship Association -- observed by an imaginary-phone-yapping FROG!!!

And by the GRACE OF GOD, Clowns were confined to only ONE BOOTH!!!

They claimed to be a mother-daughter pair -- of the SAME AGE -- and BEGGED ME to take their photo.


I met a Wilmington Gay Guy (not him but of similar appearance), in his thirties who LOVED that I worked for Tennessee Williams -- and has a THANG for Older Men (and I know where he works so can get back to him).

I RESERVE THE RIGHT to flirt with any man or woman I care to, however.


1. Almost NO "UBER-TATTOOED" NARCO-CHRISTIANS were in attendance this year -- and for ONCE, I did not see a SINGLE (openly) TRUMP SUPPORTER or "MAGA" hat.

2. ALMOST no one wore a "Christian Cross":

But PLENTY of people loved what Jesus Taught!!!

3. The crowd was LARGER than in recent years, and at least one block was ADDED for more booths this year -- to the south end.

>>> BAD NEWS FOR GOLD WALKER AND JONATHAN DEPUTY (two stalwart Republicans, but ONLY Gold claims to be Christian and to have VOTED PROUDLY for Donald Trump):

Not actually Gold Walker -- but it CAPTURES the attitude of a 68-year-old Christian Gal who is ADDICTED to marijuana and wine -- and PROTECTING MAJOR HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKERS in so many of her apartments (Gold lives in the house on the SW corner of 4th and Orange).

Jonathan Deputy is Gold's property Manager where I NOW live -- who protects DRUG SELLERS in these apartments, CYBERSTALKED ME (claiming PROOF that I molest young children), and then the day after I FILED CHARGES AGAINST HIM -- he COMMITTED ME to New Hanover Behavioral Hospital on FALSE CLAIMS (that I might SHOOT SOMEONE) -- LOL!!!

Today, smack-dab on the corner of Front and Grace Streets, I ran into Steven of Steven and Maddy -- who rent from Gold Walker on 4th Street:

That is Steven on the right with a guy who lived a few doors from me in Carolina Apartments in 2015 -- and THEY stood CLOSEST to Bill Clinton when he campaigned for NARCO-Hillary in Wilmington -- and shook Clinton's hand first -- after the speech.

His girlfriend, Maddy, had been Roy Cooper's highest paid Wilmington Campaign Staffer in 2016, and they BOTH said they knew Roy Cooper Narco-Trafficked with my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill -- but at least he was not an ABJECT RACIST like the Republicans (who make most of the money off Drug Trafficking).

Today, Steven told me in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that most of Gold's tenants are STILL SELLING TONS OF HARD DRUGS (and the medicinal marijuana as well), out of Gold's apartments.


Ryan Lee Burris who was the THIRD VICE CHAIR of county Democrats as well as HEAD of Cape Fear Equality (and does his business with former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby -- now a Kenan Employee on Board of UNC System), to the left, was NOT there today, but the guy to the right is whom I spoke to MOST SPECIFICALLY.

Gov. Cooper and Ryan Burris here flank Ryan's former fiance, Wes Taylor, who DIED nearly a year ago of a DRUG OVERDOSE (or bad drugs), no doubt supplied by RYAN!!!

And LOOK -- it's Democratic NC Representative Deb Butler (center), cozying up to Lorraine Barnes of Cape Fear Equality (on left), and Susan Lynch.

Well, the above mentioned Jonathan Deputy -- Republican as Republican can be -- INTRODUCED ME to Deb Butler, claiming Deb is his MENTOR. So if Deb Butler associates with these DRUG LOVING FAGGOTS -- maybe DEB IS A KENAN-FAMILY-NARCO-TRAFFICKER, too!!!

After all, Gov. Cooper first APPOINTED HER to replace Susi Hamilton when Cooper appointed Susi to his Cabinet.

And SUSI is seen with one of HER MENTORS, Republican Thom Goolsby!!!


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