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So Sad that It ISN'T True (and then that it is true) -- I Took TWO BITES of an ONION!!!


Well, my new "Ole Buddy" Judge J.H. Corpening CARES ABOUT THIS!!!: 

"Both the New Hanover Court system and the Department of Social Services outsource patients to these private centers, whether as part of deferred prosecution or protective services cases. Several officials, including Chief District Judge Jay Corpening, Child Protective Services Supervisor Mary Beth Rubright, and DSS Assistant Director Wanda Marino all expressed concerns about how some facilities are run, but officials have repeatedly declined to name particular facilities with which they had concerns."

WILMINGTON — During 2017 alone, half of the region’s private substance abuse facilities were cited for by the state for violations — and in at least one case fined…

Bill Nevill · 
Works at Retired

The opioid crisis is a for profit system. Profit for selling drugs. Profit in jailing suppliers. Profit in treatment. No money around for prevention-reducing the demand for drugs.
Chris Quinn Neal · 

This is the new "get rich quick" industry for these "hidden owners", preying on the sick, weak and desperate addicts and their families. They suck the allotted insurance money out of these folks and then just turn them out without proper follow up and the cycle, in the majority of the cases, just repeats. 

Halfway houses/sober living facilities are being built (6 within 200 ' of each other on Wrightsville Ave alone) and purchased by some of the same people financing these centers. These places working hand and hand with each other and once the insurance money runs out, they farm them out to these "safe" houses that can make more per week than some beach front rentals in our area. 

Not identifying these facilities and OWNERS by name, only allows these facilities to continue these questionable practices on the back of some very sick and tired people. Their money grabbing is as morally questionable as the drug dealers', who too are out for their money. The difference is one is just barely slithering along the right side of the law

I say open the window, throw back the curtains and drag all of this into the sunlight, so policies, procedures and ownership are visible for all to see #followthemoney

Report: New ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season Focuses On Dangers Of Feminism Run Amok
News in Brief
Report: New ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season Focuses On Dangers Of Feminism Run Amok

Newborn Prince Of Cambridge Begins Consolidating Power By Having Family Imprisoned In Tower Of London
News in Brief
Newborn Prince Of Cambridge Begins Consolidating Power By Having Family Imprisoned In Tower Of London

I think that will be ENOUGH of the NEWS!!!

The only thing I had wanted to blog about this evening, is that when I was in New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital the LAST night, about seven of us RAPTLY WATCHED the following film -- which I HOPE everyone who gets NETFLIX will watch!!!:

REMEMBER, it was my last roommate in Gold Walker's 4th Street apartments, Andre Tyler Breton, who was diagnosed first BIPOLAR and later ADHD, was on ADDERALL and in the end hallucinated for two days about "little men" on Oliver Carter's and Psychologist Ben's rooftops trying to break into our apartment -- and then that they had come in through the passageways through the walls and ceiling and RE-PAINTED one wall of his room.

Tyler and me at our Thanksgiving 2017 Dinner.

And Tyler's PRIMARY JOB was at DDT Outlet above Hampstead, NC:

The owners of DDT Outlet are CLOSE FRIENDS of Jonathan Deputy -- and Jonathan gave Gold Walker BAD LEGAL ADVICE, she then wasted TEN DAYS in being able to get the freeloading Tyler Breton OUT after I had moved out 12/1/2017 -- and then Gold tried to BILL ME a half-month rent for Tyler -- and her MISSPENT LEGAL FEES -- as if that WEREN'T Jon Deputy's fault!!!

Just remember too, that it was a RELATIVE of ADDERALL, Adzenys XR-ODT, that I found near another resident's car in the parking lot on Spofford Circle:

Here are some -- but not all -- of the DRUG-ADDICTED BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN CLOSET HOMOS who stayed with me in one or another of my Gold-Walker apartments (or wanted to), and ALL of them showed off their stuff to me and tried to get me to PAY for it (except Tyler):

Seth George

Aaron Gallimore

Tyler Breton

Haston Lavern Caulder -- who was getting over $7,000.00 per month from my own benefactor Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC -- and Haston sent this to Joseph and me to keep us INTERESTED (WARNING, scientific example of typically SHAVED Born-Again Christian manhood!!!):


Dustin presented WELL in his "Christian Drag"!!!:

The funny thing about this is that although Russel Honore'/Green Army (who shared this), and I had two meetings at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival and he knew ALL ABOUT my Exxon-Mobil-owning Kenan Family running all the NARCOTICS in Atlanta

A year or so later when I spoke with him by phone about my having met a Halliburton Field Manager who said EVERYONE at Halliburton (controlled by Dick Cheney), knew that THEY had caused the well to blow in the Gulf of Mexico while contracted with BP, and he DISAGREED and we ended up arguing and then cussing each other out at the tops of our lungs before hanging up on each other simultaneously -- LOL!!!

KBR was awarded at least $39.5bn in federal contracts during the ten years its staff served along U.S. troops in Iraq.


Is FOX NEWS now pulling out from supporting Trump??? 

You might think so!!!

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Last week at Wheaton College in Illinois a number of Christian pastors and leaders gathered to discuss the future of “evangelicalism” in the Trump era.


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