Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sherry Hall Spivey RESPONDS to What I Blogged about Her in My FIRST POSTING, Today:

Sherry Hall Spivey's Facebook Profile Photo

You accepted Sherry's request.
Hi Sherry Hall Spivey -- I guess it would sound strange to you if I write that I'm glad to know you are a devoted Reader -- it came as a complete surprise to me. So I have decided to put your response to my earlier posting on blog, unedited -- and I will let my Readers make of it what they will. I trust you will find that fair. Scott

And then AFTER my reply (as above):

Sherry doesn't even READ it -- she listens to GOSSIP and RUMOR -- so no WONDER she gets mixed up.

And then finally, this:

Sherry Hall Spivey updated her cover photo.
Sherry Hall Spivey Christopher Christmas. Only you mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And thank you Mari Avanzini Mulkins and thank you David Royal...
Anita Klutz Hey sexy
Scott Pemberton Thug ma'am.....!

Do not contact me again in ANY WAY -- nor any of your associates are to contact me in any way -- or, since your claims are FULL OF LIES especially of SEXUAL IMPROPRIETIES, I will charge YOU with Cyberstalking -- like I did Jonathan Deputy. I will now BLOCK YOU.


Sherry's back yard, currently.


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