Friday, April 6, 2018

Readers Have Been Researching Both Tomi Matheson and Gold Walker on THIS BLOG (and I learned Tomi has picked up MORE Drug Charges)!!! / My Brother Michael William Kenan Works for the Bush/Cheney CARLYLE GROUP???

Tomi Matheson Mug Shot from Mechlenburg County, NC July 7, 2017 -- one of several new Mug shots for her -- mostly for possession of controlled substances, but also for shoplifting and other crimes -- that I found since last searching when I wrote the following posting about how LUCKY my landlady, Gold Walker, is for ALSO having worked for George Cutter managing Kenan-Family-built and BLUE VELVET movie FEATURED Carolina Apartments, here in Wilmington, NC.

Carolina Apartments was built by William Rand Kenan, Jr., and opened in 1905 as a Hotel that hosted Royalty and Heads of State. It was the most technologically advanced building in NC at that time. Also seen are Kenan Memorial Fountain that WRK, Jr. had built and gave the City, and one of the two Kenan benches on this "circle" that now is named Kenan Plaza.

BLUE VELVET was largely set in Carolina Apartments, and while it was being filmed in 1985, I dated Thomas S. Kenan III's most recent long-term lover, Curtis "Robby" Anderson -- and remember its sign covered to be "Deep River Apartments". We have all AGED since then -- LOL!!!

Tom Kenan, recently

Robbie Anderson is now associated with Music Ministry at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church a few blocks from Carolina Apartments.

Me, taken this year.

Here is the blog post about Tomi and Gold that is getting so many hits, suddenly, and I will first write about my brother, and then get back to it:

Today, I spent about five hours trying to discover my brother Michael William Kenan's employer. He worked in Oil Refinery Accounting for Sun Oil (SUNOCO), in S.E. Pennsylvania since college graduation 1978, until about 2012. As my Readers know, Walter Moore, Executive Vice President of Collegiate Concepts, Inc. (owned my Russel and Eileen Smith -- Eileen ran it and was Jewish), was DESTROYED by Patrick Lee Stansbury (their manager), and Walter about 1991, and Patrick STOLE all the Military Contracts (by breaking in and stealing all the submitted ad copy -- then pretending to have SAVED IT from the HORRID JEW!!!) -- and began and, which he ran from his home in Snellville, GA, and ALSO distributed all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida -- mostly to Atlanta and Wilmington, NC, Wilmington now being the BIGGEST CITY IN THE USA for Opioid Trafficking and Opioid Addictions.

Anyway, Walter Moore knew ALL the top execs at Sun Oil and was from Cherry Hill, NJ. My father, lived with me for half a year and worked WITH Walter Moore and Patrick Stansbury to STEAL THE COMPANY -- and also worked with Lee E. Gosney, Jr., another "salesperson" there, who made the deals with Politicians of BOTH PARTIES and Christian Clergy distributing the drugs, Lee WELL KNOWN in Wilmington among the "DRUG TRASH" I knew, and especially my friend Evan Fish who was MURDERED by Wilmington Police Sept. 5, 2011. Evan had been supplied by Lee Gosney/Pentagon Publishing EXCLUSIVELY for the two years he was the SECOND biggest Cocaine Distributor in Maine -- and foolishly came to Wilmington to GET OUT OF IT -- but they would NOT let him do so ALIVE:

Evan Fish

And TODAY, I discovered MORE about why my brother Mike is in THICK AS THEIVES with these criminals. It seems that even SPYWARE has now been SCRUBBED of Mike's having worked for Sun Oil until 2012 (why I was able to get them to REFUND my paying today to use it), but Sun's biggest refinery was bought by the Carlyle Group (primarily owned by the Bush and Cheney Families).

Readers know that 1.5 years ago I had my last all night date with George Bush's distant cousin who is still HIDING from the Bush Family that destroyed his life like my immediate family destroyed mine in 2010 and since then -- and is called PES, so Mike is working for the ENEMY, paid SUPER HANDSOMELY, and MUST pretend he is completely straight, when he and his sons, Connor Michael Kenan and Maxwell Andrew Kenan have ALL had significant GAY EXPERIENCES:

"Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) complex in South Philadelphia — the largest refinery on the East Coast":

Well, no WONDER Mike has been so HATEFUL to me and tried to KEEP ME COMMITTED in the Mental Hospital after Gold Walker's Property Manager committed me the day after I blogged I had successfully taken out Cyberstalking Charges against him, no???

Well, I was going to email Gold tonight to WARN HER of the LEGAL JEOPARDY she is in over all of this -- and what I intend to SUE her and Jonathan Deputy for -- if the Cyberstalking Charges are AGAIN tossed out by Jon Deputy's Political Connections -- or if ANY harm or threat comes to me.

And NOW to "settle back down before bed":
When I need attention, I go to the store and get the loudest shopping cart I can find and “run-walk” through all the aisles. 
Yeah, that’s right. I meant to do this.
Jill Corrigan You crack me up.



Martha Veale Moore I’ll race you!

Shelby Hofer Haha! I pretend I'm pregnant. Does not always work.

Scott Kenan What on earth kind of attention do you people need to make obnoxious noises and lie about pregnancy??? Can't you find MATES or something??? I don't get it.

Pogo Wray With a loaded gun....


Scott Kenan Now, Pogo Wray, no need to go overboard and imply they are Nut-Ball Shooters -- and in WHAT WAY would that be "WiNNiNg!!!!!"??? I'm a little sensitive because I work exposing my Kenan Family's crimes, my relatives controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, employed Rex Tillerson his entire life, and put Trump into power to destroy Democracy. Kenans Narco-Traffic with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families -- and corrupted CIA and Episcopal Church. I've worked with General Colin L. Powell's people, Gen. Russel Honore', and former President Vicente Fox of Mexico. Two weeks ago, because I exposed a local narco-trafficker and took out Cyberstalking Charges against him, he got a Judge to commit me to a Mental Institution and it took 10 days to get out -- and RE-FILE the criminal charges against him. This because I posted a photo of a Mexican Mafiosa pointing a gun (I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant so a bit of a "drama queen") -- and the guy got the Judge to believe I would shoot him -- completely ABSURD and I would never own a gun -- but DON'T kid around about gun violence. You could be COMMITTED unfairly, too!!! The USA is controlled by FAKE CHRISTIANS, today.


The above comment was ERASED without notice to me, so I added this one:

Scott Kenan FORTUNATELY, my comment here regarding criminal activities in Wilmington, NC -- and the DANGERS of kidding around about shooting guns -- was SAVED and sent to my Law Enforcement Contacts as well as published on my Political Blog that is well on its way to more than 2,000,000 hits as I expose the crimes of my Kenan Family with the Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and now Trump Families. WHOEVER removed it (it might have been removed by Facebook, which HELPED the Kenans, our ally Vladimir Putin, and others elect Donald Trump) -- Kenans are NOT PATRIOTS -- but this too has now been reported. I'm surprised that it happened on Geneva Montine's thread!


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