Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jonathan Deputy DEFINITELY (and without anyone else's help), Committed Me to New Hanover Behavioral Heath Hospital the DAY AFTER I Took Out Charge of "Cyberstalking" against Him -- so LET THE LAWSUITS BEGIN!!!

Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo who FORCED D.A. Ben David to ADMIT he had no evidence against me for any crimes I was either CONVICTED OF or CHARGED WITH in 2011 and 2012, so Ben made the deal that I leave North Carolina for a year and he would ERASE all of that -- which he did.

Unfortunately, it was an ILLEGAL DEAL -- but at least it WORKED!!!

Presbyterian ELDER (until very recently), Ben David HATES THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION of both the USA and NC.

I mention Jen because TODAY, while waiting for the Clerk of Courts to print off about 40 pages of "Commitment Documents" -- not just for this recent commitment, but two in 2011 (which are ALSO very helpful to me, but I had not expected as much), Jennifer Harjo passed me and I THANKED HER for her HUGE HELP in 2011 and 12.


1. I got notice from my car insurance company that they have NOT gotten my payment, and have TACKED ON a $10.00 Late Fee, that calling them today, they CANNOT EVER REMOVE. Teri Motsinger should have mailed it the day after I took the bill to her, I getting it a couple of days before the end of March. Normally, they receive it between the 6th and 8th (due day), of the month.

I believe that Teri can set it up so that she funds me in my weekly allowance on time, and I pay electronically, which she is NOT ALLOWED TO DO (we already do this with SPECTRUM Cable) -- but I'm still stuck.

I just left Teri a voicemail about it, and told her what I think of "Good Christians" who DO follow the Teachings of Jesus like herself, but REFUSE to throw the GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS who support the lying, womanizing, despicable Donald Trump OUT of their Churches -- and PICKET the churches whose entire congregations support Trump (or at least the Pastor does). 

2. Wilmington Police Officer J.D. Hutchins, who had come out to interview me about CRIMES that Seth Wayne George had committed, told me that the Police would pick up the heavy wall mount for the TV and return it to its owner, but that was two days ago, and no one has arrived or called me. http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/04/wilmington-police-just-sent-emissary-to.html

He DID leave his cell number, so I guess I'll call Hutchins tomorrow during business hours.

3. I RENEWED my Malwarebytes software -- the ONLY "anti-virus" any computer doctors recommend other than Windows Defender, and they found it IMPOSSIBLE to email me my KEY via my AOL.com address after trying to for FIVE HOURS!!!

So they sent it to my other email address and it came through immediately. 

It is not in Inbox, Spam, or Trash of AOL.com -- much like SEVERAL key emails I sent to Kenan Family Lawyer Brian M. Williams who repped SPECTRUM Cable after they knocked me out of a crosswalk 12 feet -- shortly after I warned Mayor Bill Saffo I was walking to his office to try to FORCE him to release the FULL Police Report on the MURDER of my friend Evan Fish (who knew too much about the Politicians and Christian Clergy of Wilmington running the Drug Mafia here -- and that my employer, Patrick Lee Stansbury of www.Pentagon-USA.com and www.Top Grad.com distributes from Maine to Florida -- ESPECIALLY TO WILMINGTON, NC AND ATLANTA, GA -- with help of my Kenan Family in Chapel Hill -- as well as my parents and BOTH of my sisters).

Democrat Bill Saffo was DRUNK or DRUGGED when he met with Press when it was decided he won, November 2017.

Evan Fish from his Obituary 

4. Although I CANCELLED the appointment to the psychiatrist that had been set up by "The Oaks" before I left, I did NOT fire Dewey Bridger III, MD, my physician -- EVEN THOUGH he called me in for an appointment right after I got released from The Oaks -- and then REFUSED to discuss my commitment and would NOT take on prescribing psych meds -- which so many regular physicians do.

Dewey Bridger III is just an OLD FART who is BROKEN by the New Hanover Medical Group that is totally tied also to "The Oaks" -- and ONLY called me in to CHARGE ME MONEY, doing essentially nothing else -- and my Annual Major Check Up was ALREADY scheduled for this coming Monday!!!

On the day I "goose-chased" -- having been given WRONG INFO on how to get the Commitment Paper from the Hospital Staff, I began asking several people I asked directions of who worked there, and they ALL NODDED YES that their System is TOO BIG TO WORK CORRECTLY, and ALL SAID IN WORDS that they will be FIRED if they criticize that SYSTEM!!!

Yesterday, I had all the diagnostic Laboratory Tests that will figure in my check-up this coming Monday, and I told ALL OF THEM (about four people), the reasons I am NOT taking Lithium and Risperdone -- and will NOT DO SO. As I stated recently on blog, my Shrink-Nurse in Atlanta of eight years had told me she had NEVER seen a sign of BIPOLAR in me, so took me OFF all psych meds. 

The docs at New Hanover Behavioral Hospital are MANDATED BY LAW to get people over a CRISIS -- but I had not had one. Jon Deputy made all of that UP -- and the docs there just pulled the PAST INFO on me -- which was the LIES my mother had told them in 2011 that I was "not taking my meds of Lithium" -- even though my NAZI BITCH MOTHER (Roman Catholic), knew the conclusion of my shrink-nurse in conjunction with her supervising shrink in 2008.

And in GEORGIA, they had NOT been able to commit me despite the HARD WORK of my narco-trafficking employer Patrick Stansbury with help of my parents Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and William Scott Kenan (Dad now dead), and sisters Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy of Downingtown, PA.

My recent commitment PRESCRIBING was based ONLY on word of these people, but my shrink-nurse and her overseeing psychiatrist were NEVER CONSULTED.

And in Georgia, each time they had to CONVINCE Police -- and two of the five times in one month they attempted this, the Dekalb County Mental Health Nurse ALSO came out. I was RELEASED each time, but the Nurse told me that the Republican Party was behind it and they planned to KILL ME if they could not commit me.

My good friend Col. Dottie Newman (seen on right -- she was also a Docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta), CONFIRMED THIS -- and helped to get me to POLITICAL EXILE IN MEXICO -- and Dottie had been Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer while he was Secretary of State.

The SYSTEM in North Carolina lets ANY NUTBALL MAKE FALSE CLAIMS TO COMMIT SOMEONE, and while Judge Sandra Ray DID sign off on my commitment by Brenda McKnight and her CRACK DEALER, Gerald Austin-Wynn in 2011 (I just learned from the Papers that Gerald was Brenda McKnight's cousin (she my roommate) - like Jon Deputy listed as my "landlord", but Jon and I were NOT roommates -- NOR DID I EVER SEE HIM AFTER DECEMBER 2017!!!). 


And nearly ALL signatures were ILLEGIBLE with no printed listing of who they had been!!!

ALL of Georgia's Court Orders and Papers have signatures and PRINTED NAMES!!!

And Jonathan Deputy did NOT list any corroborating witnesses to my "madness", like Brenda McKnight had at least done.

Jonathan Deputy

Brenda McKnight

Gerald Austin-Wynn was SOON AFTER THAT caught, tried and convicted in South Carolina of DRUG DISTRIBUTION, jailed for several years -- then moved to northern Virginia when he was released in 2016https://www.facebook.com/Geraldaust

I think that is ENOUGH for right now.



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