Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Japan Opts Out of Easter -- Hold's GIANT PENIS-FEST Instead (and other things)

Phalli are not just for MEN, anymore!!!

And in the NON-Groinoidal News today (since my earlier posting):

1. Neither Mike nor anyone else from my family called before, during, or right after my CAT Scan for lung cancer that is paid for in full by Medicare. I had decided that that being the case, I'd assume they preferred I NOT live in an apartment and I would simply -- in a month or two -- load up my car with what I could take, leave the rest to scavengers, and drive off to the West Coast -- or at least Colorado.

2. I first cancelled my appointment with the shrink that New Hanover Behavioral Hospital had set up -- which I thought might become quite a deal. The woman proved to be a total HOOT, because when I mentioned that I was a blood Kenan with the Kenans around Chapel Hill, she blurted, "THOSE CRIMINALS!!!"

We spoke for FIVE MINUTES about the many, many crimes of my Kenan Family who put both Enrique Pena Nieto into my beloved Mexico's Presidency, And Donald Trump as well -- plus Kenan Employee Rex Tillerson (the now obscure???).

It all comes down to Betty (Price) Kenan (center), and Thomas S. Kenan III (holding his ever-present cocktail).

3. My brother called at 1:07 PM, and for 7.5 minutes we yelled at each other, mostly at the tops of our lungs. I had quickly decided Mike was NOT about to give me a dime, but at the END -- after a pause -- He said he'd send something in a few minutes. He did, and I thought it was generous, given all his bile I had had to put up with.

I hope his "Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan" gland is now TOTALLY EXPRESSED!!!

And I thank him for the assistance. It had already cleared my bank via Venmo by right after 5:00 -- so I ordered the new strap-sandals so that my balance would be less than what he sent -- complicating things if he could still reverse it. THAT was how foul a mood Mike was in today. And now, Zappo's isn't debiting it until it ships -- so Mike still could take it back.

I don't want to discuss Mike before sleeping on it -- but I WILL tell you that Dr. Julia Triggs said it sounded like my mother was "just an old, old person, stuck in her old ways," and "should mostly be ignored".

I called the youngun' from the Loony Bin whose father had been Jerry Garcia's biggest groupie -- living in total more than five years in Mexico (under better circumstances than I had lived there nearly that long). First, I have to say this painting has on its own OPENED MY MIND!!!

I spoke with both the youngun' and the father on speakerphone for nearly 25 minutes -- and had a BLAST!!! We'll all get together soon with the tall, young blade's girlfriend as well, for coffee.

And THEY think I should move to Colorado -- fancy THAT!!!

It was also a very STRESSFULL day -- and I need my rest.



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