Sunday, April 15, 2018

"I have CANCER," she yelled, "I didn't even SEE you!!!" ~ What I Learned Last Night:

Next door -- BEFORE the current female owner inherited the property from her mother -- and then began the out-of-code Auto Repair and Painting business that usually has four or more derelict cars to the left side, here -- and lots of hunky, tattooed guys running back-and-forth to the sheds in the back yard.

Although the FBI Task Force, Sheriff's and Police Detectives have interviewed John Gray Hunter and others here about the APPARENT major Drug Dealing going on -- NO ONE HAS ACTED AGAINST IT!!!

And Mr. Hunter had to PERSONALLY order and pay for motion-sensing security lights for our building and burglar bars for all his windows after people next-door broke into his apartment, stealing his computer and other things. Landlady Gold Walker REFUSED to pay for security upgrades -- and complained to me more than once that Mr. Hunter had installed the burglar bars.

Gray Hunter said that once, a guy came from next door and BEAT SOMEONE ELSE TO "A PULP" in our yard -- so he is AFRAID of them -- and Gold Walker DID NOT CARE about that.

Well, since I RE-FILED the Cyberstalking Charge against Gold's Property Manager here, Jonathan Deputy, Pete (boyfriend of Allie in Apartment Two -- and KNOWN to visit next door), has NOT come back, and Rob, who has the lease on Apartment One has stayed out of sight. Rob NO LONGER smokes cigs on his front porch, so either quit or smokes inside -- and his young black roommate has not been seen at all.

So last night, I was walking to the local convenience store to buy a 12-pack of cheap beer, and as I passed the front of the house next door, the middle-aged female owner came out the front door and made a HUGE throatal noise so loud I HAD to comment. "Am I so TALL to see out here walking that it made you LAUGH???" "No, I have CANCER, and I didn't even see you."

And that was that.

Now, it made PERFECT SENSE that when she hung half-naked out of her back door yelling like a "fishwife" at all the guys and the dogs, that she's been HOCKIN' AND SPITTIN' worse than Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -- or was that Boss Finley in Sweet Bird of Youth???

I told her very honestly, that I was sorry to hear her health news -- I am technically a cancer survivor, having had a huge carcinoma removed from the ball of my right foot several years ago by a doctor in Mexico. But carcinomas -- that have not metastasized -- are the EASIEST cancer to deal with, and mine had NOT spread anywhere else.

I discussed this with the guy in the convenience store -- who knows about their Drug Dealing there. And we AGREED that although neither of us would ever wish cancer on anyone, we would SAVE nearly anyone else from it first.

And the FUNNIEST thing about all of this is that NO ONE in my own family gave a RAT'S ASS about my cancer -- nor the water-on-the-lungs, congestive heart failure, and arrhythmia that forced me into a Mexican hospital FOR THREE DAYS -- about 2014

Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC paid all those bills -- my family having REFUSED TO DO SO!!!

I blogged about it all in real time, and my brother and sisters were on my list of those I emailed all blog posts to. They THEN -- AS USUAL -- bragged that they NEVER read those emails. I discussed it on the PHONE with my mother, but Mom had also set up the deal to medicate me in Puerto Vallarta by US Consular Agent Kelly Trailor de O's friend Dr. John Mabry Crouch, an ex-pat American who had gotten his medical degree in Mexico, and then stayed -- only to discover that his Mexican wife was then the TOP CIA SUPPLIER OF COCAINE TO THE USA FROM MEXICO.

Kelly Trainor (a Bill Clinton appointee), in 2017.

This FORCED Dr. Mabry-Crouch to join the CIA for LIFE, and eventually he came to HELP ME and begged me to tell his TRUE STORY of what the US Government had done to his life. See halfway down here:

Also, Mom had had SEVERAL phone conversations with Ben Shields while I was held hostage in Conchas Chinas (just south of Puerto Vallarta) in this apartment building owned by ROGUE US SPECIAL FORCES Benjamin Shields (who owned all the "Obama-Haters" websites that CNN TV and others had been HORRIFIED about -- and claimed no one knew who owned them, but I found out simply by GOOGLING for that info!!!) -- telling Ben HOW TO DEAL WITH ME:

Now in FAIRNESS to all my siblings, during that time, Mom was telling them that I was just OFF MY LITHIUM, and telling TOTAL LIES -- and they BELIEVED THAT. She was COLD as a "Witch's TIT" to me on the phone:

But my FATHER -- when I got him to pick up the phone and Mom was OUT OF EARSHOT, CONFESSED their NAZI Roman Catholic SINS against ME and the USA.

So, when BOTH my mother and brother Mike SCREAMED AT ME repeatedly after I got out of "The Oaks", "But ARE YOU TAKING YOUR LITHIUM???", I had to tell Mom that was ONLY between my doctor and me -- and Mike, "WHY are you CHANNELING THE HATE OF RUTH ANNE???"

They BOTH had sided with Jonathan Deputy who had committed me on false claims -- and NEITHER OF THEM CARED AT ALL ABOUT THAT!!!

I STILL have no idea where we go from here as a FAMILY, but I am HAPPY to report that Friday night I got all my recent Lab Test results, and although NOT qualified to interpret, they all but two fell into acceptable ranges, and those two were on the outside edge of acceptable.

I have NOT been sent the result of of the CAT SCAN and X-RAY of my lungs -- a mandated test by Medicare -- but with all else looking good, I hope for a good result when I see my doctor tomorrow.


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