Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I FINALLY Got the Courage to Visit Jackson's BIG OAK BARBECUE, Today -- and Saw No Sign of GOD-HATING FAKE-CHRISTIAN David Alan Young!!!

CALL Dave and ASK HIM ANY QUESTIONS -- he's SURE to answer!!!910-688-3921

Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue is on Kerr Avenue, Wilmington, NC:

Jackson's has the BEST of just about everything (food-wise), in town -- and if my mother and sister Jane had gone HERE for lunch last Saturday -- instead of to Something Fishy:

Mom would not have FROZEN, due to cold dining room settings -- and her FISH would not have been SO DRY she could not EAT IT (but like me, had a combo plate with oysters, the oysters being good).

And Jackson's has FAR BETTER Hush-Puppies!!!

Actually, Jackson's only has shrimp for seafood -- not a choice for a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC MOTHER on the LAST DAY OF LENT.

Well, here is what happened to me on my 66th Birthday (2nd anniversary of Donald Trump descending the escalator to announce his candidacy for President), June 16, 2017: Mr. Young -- seeing me in the dining room and assuming correctly that I was Scott Kenan, awaited me in the parking lot, forced me BACKWARDS by the push of his FAT BELLY, and declared that it is "EVERY CHRISTIAN'S DUTY" to KILL every "FAGGOT and LIBERAL" such as myself -- and that he would get his GUN (which he normally always caries), hunt me down on Wilmington streets, and SHOOT ME DEAD!!!

BY ALL RIGHTS, David Alan Young could EASILY be committed to "The Oaks" -- THIS is what presumably Jon Deputy got me committed for: The image of a gun held by Mexican Mafia -- and some words about my FRUSTRATION over Mr. Deputy's Cyberstalking me -- HA!!!

And IN THE END, a CABAL of GOD-HATING FAKE CHRISTIANS prevented me from prosecuting Dave Young -- and they even claimed I was going to JAIL on a Warrant for my ARREST, that proved to be a year-old summons that was BOGUS and amounted to NOTHING.

But these alleged CHRISTIANS harassed the HELL out of me to HONOR JESUS CHRIST THEIR WHITE-ASSED (ONLY) SAVIOR, and that CABAL included:

Homosexual Closet-Case and First Presbyterian Elder, Democrat Benjamin R. David (NO LONGER an Elder):

Ben David on right; Jon David on left!!!

Assistant D.A. Alexandria Palombo (with her "bumper-car" fat husband, Michael Palombo):

And a MAJOR ASSIST from "Victim's Advocate Coordinator" (Daniel with the others made Dave Young the VICTIM -- LOL!!!):

T'will be a FUN TIME in the OLD COURTHOUSE when my case against Jonathan Deputy (that might also affect Gold Walker), gets to COURT, no???

I HOPE we get Judge R. Russell Davis -- he owes me NOTHING, so can be IMPARTIAL!!!:

Actually, this is Jesse Davis who threw Lara Yunaska Trump's BABY BOY SHOWER in downtown Wilmington -- and has proved to be a CHICKEN-SHIT, COWARDLY FAGGOT (as expected).


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