Friday, April 13, 2018

God Hath NEVER "Forsaken Me" -- and I AIN'T JESUS (but maybe half of "Cincinnatus Retorno")!!!

TOO FUNNY is that JUST this morning, I went by my grandmother's house (actually, my step-grandmother, Annie (Childers) Kenan -- who had first had a child out of wedlock with my Grandfather, Joe Kenan, before marrying him and producing one daughter), to take this photo of Annie's house at 1808 Wrightsville Avenue, that Mom, Jane, and I had NEVER been able to find -- until they visited me two weeks ago, and we ALL recognized it AT ONCE!!! 

I had last visited it the summer I graduated from Denison University -- 1973. The last time I saw my Grandmother. I don't think I even knew she had died -- until AFTER her funeral.

>>> ADDED LATER: JUST IN and posted at bottom of this posting: Tupac Shakur's GOD-MOTHER (I knew his mother and his museum in Stone Mountain, GA), sort of FIT IN to all of this -- at least the HOMOPHOBIA (as discussed in my previous posting:

* * *

Joseph Emerson Kenan, Jr., my Uncle, was called "Emerson", and married my Aunt Carmen, a previous prostitute, who'd lost ability to have children due to a "coat-hanger abortion", but they LOVED their dog, Sissy!!!

Carmen and Emerson lived in Cincinnati (where our family had begun), and when we lived on Greenwich Road in Louisville, KY, they found they couldn't AFFORD Sissy any longer, and dropped their beloved pet with our family to play with us kids. A week later, they showed up to RECLAIM SISSY -- because Aunt Carmen had not stopped crying all week.

And Dad gave them some gas money to get home.

Thank God I have lived to see this!!! 

My Kenan Family was the biggest force behind it (William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- who can be seen with "gattling gun" on the back of a wagon in the trailer shown here), and my grandfather, Joseph Emerson Kenan, Sr. -- then a teenager and a Klansman -- participated. 

I have lived in Wilmington nearly three years this time, and HOPE to force the wealthy Kenans of "Chapel Hill" to pay for an EXCELLENT MUSEUM!!!

'The Red Cape,' a short film about the Wilmington coup and massacre, will screen each day this week at The Pointe 14 Theatre.

For two special 6:30 p.m. screenings Friday and Saturday, the film will be followed by Q&As with the cast and creative team, as well as state historian LaRae Umfleet.


HOLY MOLEY!!! I KNEW Tupac Shakur's MOTHER (and his museum was on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, Georgia). Tupac's mother -- and others -- told me that Tupac was assassinated because he was invited to a gathering of "Gangsta-Rappers" upstairs at producer Quincy Jones's Hollywood house -- and all the guys were having a HOMOSEXUAL ORGY -- and Tupac REFUSED to SHUT UP about it!!!

So Tupac's GOD-MOTHER was TOTALLY TIED to Wilmington, NC -- MERCY!!!

WILMINGTON – Last week the Superior Court Clerk of New Hanover County cut a check for $15,351.39 to Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Deborah Chesimard, a convicted…
Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Here's what science has to say.


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