Friday, April 27, 2018

BEFORE I Write Mike Pompeo (like I wrote Kenan-family employee Rex Tillerson, Andrew McCabe, and Jeffy Sessions), It Is BACK TO POLITICS in Wilmington, NC!!!

First this morning, I wrote my old high school friend, Hal Peters, an Evangelical Christian who grew up in a trailer in West Chester, Pennsylvania and who is a ROCK-RIBBED Republican:

Hal in my 1969 Henderson High School class, and today: 

Hal, now on his third wife, on right, looks a bit like COLONEL SANDERS, no??? He's made a LOT OF MONEY, through his Ferrum Financial

I just called and spoke with Hal's recept, asking her to let him know I had called and responded to his Facebook comment of earlier today, and will include it in this blog, so:
I’m not mentioning names, but I'm going to take care of those who take time to read this post. Please, in memory of someone who died or fought cancer, copy and paste then write "done"
Scott Kenan Hey Hal Peters -- sorry to hear you lost a loved one to cancer. I had the simplest cancer, a large carcinoma on the ball of my foot, and it was removed without complication about five years ago -- but it still was scary. Since you and I got back in touch, I've stayed in touch with Bob JonesLinda LeBoutillier, Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, Beth KinneySusan Lattomus, and Kerry Glatts, who got in touch with me first. I still plan to make our 50th reunion next year. You should know that I have straightened out much of my confusion about my Swastika-loving Catholic side of my family (Meyer), and my Ku Klux Klan-loving Protestant/Episcopal and Southern Baptist Kenan side that put Donald Trump (and temporarily, Kenan family lifelong employee Rex Tillerson), into power to destroy Democracy in the name of FAKE Jesus Christ the "Christian Savior". I trust all my friends follow the Loving Teachings of Jesus -- and are NOT slaves to Christianity. Anyway, I'm in DEEP with top researchers in the US Government now -- especially James Comey and Robert Mueller, and my LAST blog posting was partly to HONOR my personal friend Ronald Reagan. I hope you and your friends will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. My next letter will be to Mike Pompeo!!!

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Scott Kenan Hal, I spoke with your recept while you were away to lunch, and here is what I have not yet FINISHED, but perhaps it will be by the time you read this:

Deceased Souls Backed Up At River Styx Ferry Crossing During Underworld Transit Strike
Deceased Souls Backed Up At River Styx Ferry Crossing During Underworld Transit Strike
HADES—With no boatmen to take them across the dark stygian waters to the dry, sunless lands of the dead, millions of newly deceased souls were reportedly backed up on the banks of the River Styx during a transit strike by the Underworld Ferry Workers Union, sources confirmed Friday. “Yeah, I get it—Charon, Phlegyas,…

Yesterday, in one of the Aldi's food stores here in Wilmington, NC, I talked to a LOT of people, but for twenty minutes with -- like me -- a transplanted Yankee (a woman a year older than me and from New England).

She ALSO raised devout Catholic, and a member of St. Mary's Basilica Church downtown for at least eight years.

And SHE had known Sister Mary Issac Koenig all that time and FAR BETTER than had I. Like I had INFERRED from Sister's conversations with me, Sister Isaac -- as she was called -- told her she DETESTED Father Robert J. Kus (who set up the Christian Drug Mafia with my parents, Nixon Aide John Ehlichman, and PPD Pharmaceuticals -- originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal families).

She -- and Sister Mary Isaac -- both KNEW that Father Bob ran MASSIVE Hard-Drug Importation Operations, as well as Houses of Prostitution -- as I have DOCUMENTED on this blog.

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig at her Tileson Charities that I both benefited from while homeless, and tithed to while my memoir was still selling on Amazon:

Father Bob Kus

Now to be COMPLETELY CLEAR about all of this, my mother BRAGGED to me -- soon after Apartheid fell in South Africa -- that the Catholic Pope did NOT approve of that, so she and her Duplicate Bridge Club, part of St. Mark's Catholic in Wilmington where Bob Kus was Pastor there and then, was SMUGGLING a LOT OF MONEY of White People out of South Africa via Art Works. My mother NEVER admitted setting up the Drug Trafficking with John Ehrlichman, Father Bob and others.

Enter my roommate of about half a year in the Gold Walker owned 205 South 4th Street apartment -- just TWO DOORS from St. Mary's -- Philip Rosario, a transplanted Puerto Rican from New York City who had lived over 30 years in Wilmington:

Phil Rosario's Catholic shrine to Christian Drug Fun that was actually IN my apartment back then.

Phil told me many times that he had run drugs and run whore houses FOR Father Bob Kus for THIRTY YEARS!!!

When I caught Phil and two friends dividing up a "throw-pillow full of pot", exchanging many hundreds of dollars, and SMOKING CRACK in my apartment, I KICKED HIM OUT!!!

He thought he was PROTECTED by landlady Gold Walker -- LOL!!!

Back here at Gold Walker's Spofford Mills Executives Clubhouse apartments, life continues as usual. Both Kelsey Holmes and her girlfriend Mary REMAIN friendly with me, while their roommates in the two-bedroom apartment 2, Allie and her boyfriend Pete, curse and scowl at me -- as much as anything else. John Gray Hunter and his common-law husband, have not been seen in their apartment 3 since I got released from the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital about a month ago -- but it was Gray Hunter who knew all about Gold Walker's supporting narco-trafficking since LONG BEFORE Jonathan Deputy began managing the property, less than a year ago.

I've heard NOTHING from Mr. Deputy and have not checked today to see if he's been served my Charge of Cyberstalking me.

Next door, Sherry Hall Spivey,, continues to act like it didn't happen when our eyes happen to meet.

Sherry Hall Spivey. Sherry's BEST FRIEND:

The "Hot-Nipped" Scott Pemberton

FUNNY that not only did LSD-loving and CRACK-WHORE-hiring Aaron Gallimore (who had been roommates with Rob in apartment one, here, for about two months), SWORE to me that Allie's boyfriend Pete's car was OFTEN at Sherry's house next door doing business, but that when Sherry WROTE ME via Facebook COMPLAINING that I had made fun of her cancer (I had not), she loaded her polemic with accusations of me being a CHILD PREDATOR that she must have gotten from Jonathan Deputy -- and she PRAISED GOLD WALKER!!!

Some PREVIOUS trouble from next door:

And some MORE RECENT can be found MANY places on this blog, although you will need to SEARCH for where I copied Sherry Spivey's COMPLETE MESSAGE to me. Google REFUSES to bring it up for me now -- despite my searching for 15 minutes. But you can read this one that contains SOME information on that:

Anyway, with the FBI -- and Police and Sheriff's Detectives -- interviewing neighbors about the HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING at Sherry's house (FAR worse than anything here), for MONTHS now, I must ASSUME that it is the CIA that PROTECTS THEM on behalf BOTH Political Parties and the many Christian Churches and their National Leadership.

And THAT'S why I must write Mike Pompeo next -- he was the CIA DIRECTOR while this has been going on.


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