Thursday, April 19, 2018

After Another SURPRISE (and after discussing this with my mother), I Wrote a Note to My Siblings:

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The former House Speaker went straight to Ryan Zinke upon learning of an effort to display the statue on the National Mall.

Well at least that is not ME!!!

Dear Julie, Mike, and Jane (in reverse chronological order for a change),

I received your contribution toward my expenses this morning, and especially appreciate that it stated "weekly expense support". Unless you have been where I have been since Joseph Faulk suddenly cut me off nearly a year ago, it must be difficult to imagine what it is like to have regular bills without a reliable source of income, and now HUGE bills over the Nut-House commitment coming in, while never knowing when Police might show up to arrest, serve, or nut-house commit you while the Apartment Manager who Cyberstalked and threatened you with being beaten up might show at the door. to serve up more of the same -- or a false bill.

And if the reason is valid or not.

I think all of that is in the past now, and I can count on my family for a lean support that will be ample and it IS a fun challenge to stretch dollars. I am NOT asking for more. What Mike had sent about two seeks ago and since has me possessing (when this clears), about $250.00 and my co-pays for REGULAR physician bills, Costco membership (more than worth it for drug discounts that only members get), and auto inspection/registration/possible need of a $30.00 used tire should be COVERED by this. I'm getting $50.00/week from S.S. after most expenses are paid.

I did NOT spend the money on gardening (only a small portion of the $100.00 requested -- I never know when I might be EVICTED with or without cause), but I DID break down and buy a tabletop grill at Lowe's on sale for $29.00 instead of $35.00, that is nearly as good as the stainless steel one I had thought would be great. I hope to get back into grilling VEGETABLES, primarily, for my FAT SELF due to force-feeding in the Nut House where you lost points if you didn't clean your overstuffed plate.

Be glad none of you have to straighten out the legalities and bills of an angry man falsely committing you to the Nut House -- it will be a big challenge, and as our 2nd cousin Robert C. Kenan, Jr., of Burgaw's ADMIN told me, since I angered a top lawyer, David Nash:, for blogging about the Drug Trafficking in his bar, NO LAWYER WILL HELP ME this side of at least Charlotte -- maybe Asheville. But this might not be true any longer.

Also, I have not yet checked if that Cyberstalking Charge is still in the System (it should come to Court near the end of this month for initial hearing). If he got it THROWN OUT behind the scenes again, I'm not certain if I will try to refile, write the D.A. about it and ask advice, or what.

Anyway, thank you all, and with the world settling down, with luck we will be able to understand each other better as well.

Thanks again,

From: ‎Douglas Folos‎ to Firesign Theater
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But what if you give consent?
Douglas Folos to Firesign Theater
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But what if you give consent?

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Patrons of the plastic prostitutes have mostly been respectful. But there was this one guy.


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