Saturday, March 10, 2018

All Three of the Spofford Circle Homeowners Across the Street Say that Gold Walker and Those Living Here at 1210 (with those next-door), Have Been the ONLY and HUGE Narco-Traffickers for Several Years Now / Property Manager Jon Deputy Decided to FORCE Gold Walker to Go under OATH about HER Involvement:

Photograph I took this morning of the Narco-Trafficking and Meth Lab (according to my home-owning neighbors), next-door. This truck loaded with trash has sat there just like this for about three weeks now -- as has the pile of trash between it and the Pontiac Aztec. And then a growing pile of old tires, wheels, etc. is against the house.

The past few days, the residents have built a new board fence to the right of this, to shield it from view from the road.


Although this back-and-forth HISSY-FIT between admitted Opioid Trafficker of HUGE AMOUNTS, Jonathan Deputy and me has gotten tedious and beyond silly -- both for me and I expect for my Readers, hits yesterday and overnight -- since this subject DOMINATED this blog all that time are setting RECORDS for "immediate hits" -- meaning immediate interest, and while I've gotten almost nothing of this posting written yet, MORE people have hit BOTH BLOGS to this incomplete posting than EVER hit a barely begun posting before.


And just now, the HACKERS (or possibly Google/Blogger, itself), have made adding images to this posting IMPOSSIBLE through Blogger's usual mechanism -- a form of corruption I have only had to battle the last three days, but NEVER before that. And I already figured out the work-around to get them posted, anyway.

For now, I will post the last exchange from last night with Jonathan Deputy, whom I will no longer copy in my correspondence with Landlady Gold Walker or Mass Emailings of this blog. Jon is LOST in his tree and sees not the forest -- he knows NOT what he does -- and Gold Walker will be in big trouble with the Law. Jon seems to have lined himself up so that his OWN ass is covered and he intends to see Gold Walker in PRISON, and my getting ownership of her properties outright, or the proceeds from their sale.

I will need some time before I put all this is a letter that I will also mail in US Mail to Gold and her lawyer.

-----Original Message-----

From: Jonathan Deputy <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 9, 2018 9:00 pm
Subject: Re: After the friendly visit of your maintenance man/property manager, Thomas:


How about if I blame it on the person  I could repost everything one more time, but it wouldn't do at good.  Once again, civil judge, and Ben David doesn't have anything to do with it.  You're about as politically connected as my don't even know the difference between criminal court and civil court.  

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

Jon's note was in response to this DAMNING email to him, detailing only a FEW of his and/or Gold Walker's crimes against not just ME, but Wilmington's DECENT COMMUNITY of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS (a few of which are actual Christians):

And then my final response from last night:

It's TOO LATE TO TANGO, tonight -- Good Night!!!

 Scott Kenan
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And only this was the body of the email:


I've got a lot of projects today to not only legally make some cash money, but to continue improving my apartment with decorations -- FLAGRANTLY VIOLATING MY LEASE -- which states very clearly that I MUST have written permission from Jon Deputy to drive each and every single small nail into the wall to hang a picture.

Let him evict me for THAT!!!

And to be clear, there are FOUR houses across the street, but I have ONLY spoken with the owners or long-term renters of three. The other one has people who dress up and go to Sunday Church Services, and while I DID speak with what I THOUGHT was a resident one day, he was just VISITING -- and had pro-Donald Trump decal on his truck, and told me he TOTALLY SUPPORTS the TRUMP AGENDA!!!

They don't associate with any other neighbors (probably too high on something to relate well), so I've never tried to cultivate a friendship there.

And I just got back from smoking a cig -- and talking to one of the neighbors (looks about 50 years old, white, hates Wilmington Christians). I again asked him if he still maintains like the other neighbors that the WORST NARCO-TRAFFICKING of the area is next-door and Gold's property that I live inHe acted like I was a a FOOL to have to ask that, but I wanted EXTRA VERIFICATION before blogging about it again.

He said that has gone on for several years, and the Meth Lab/Distribution System next-door -- that is MONITORED by Wilmington Police, Sheriff's Deputies, and even the FBI -- who have THREE times interviewed John Gray Hunter, upstairs from me, about the heavy drug trafficking, but NO ONE shuts it down after months and months of monitoring, so the neighbors all think the Wilmington, New Hanover County, and Federal Government are far more interested in PROTECTING the hard-drug manufacturing and distributing, rather than ending it.

And remember, it was "Gray" Hunter -- at least a seven-year resident of this property -- who said that Gold Walker's son Allen Walker -- several Police Officers admitting that Allen's "WALKER WORLD" is thought to be the LARGEST receiving port of illegal drugs brought in from Mother Ships off the coast. And in 2011, while I worked for Rusty Hooks, Jr. of Arbor Advantage, Rusty TOLD ME how this is how so many drugs come in to the docks of mostly WHITE CHRISTIANS (of BOTH Parties), on the nearly INFINITE estuaries, tidal creeks, etc. around Wilmington.


And to quote Gray Hunter precisely"Allen Walker has got to be the STUPIDEST PERSON I've met in my entire LIFE !!!"

But b
But in FAIRNESS, that guy today who TOTALLY SUPPORTS my putting Gold Walker in JAIL and then in Civil Court suing for monetary damages that will FORCE HER to sell all her properties to pay that debt -- landing her to live at Walker World when she gets out (if Federal Authorities have not yet SEIZED IT for its narco-trafficking)ALSO -- like ME, recently in this blog -- thinks that THOMAS, Gold'
s other property manager and head of maintenance, is OK.

I'll write more later after attending to some practical matters most of today.


When Tennessee Williams and I worked on the PREMIER of this play at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago (three chapters):

This from The Night of the Iguana.

This photo was taken the night that Tennessee took his sister Rose, her Russian Immigrant sometimes-caretaker Tattiana Schwetzoff, and me to see the Broadway Play, BARNUM:

And THIS posting details how NAZI CATHOLIC today's Kennedys -- especially Joseph P. Kennedy III -- are, after REVERTING to the NAZISM of Joe Kennedy I -- and his BITCH WIFE and "Countess of the Catholic Church" Rose Kennedy, who with Henry Ford and Prescott Bush were the MOST POWERFUL US Citizens pushing FDR to side with Hitler.

Heavenly Countess Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy -- of the Catholic Church

Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy III not only gets MORE MONEY from the Pharmaceuticals Industry than does any other Democrat, he also is STAUNCHLY against legalizing marijuana, and I have posted on this blog how FOX NEWS LOVES HIM LIKE NO OTHER DEMOCRAT!!!


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