Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Where I Am -- Physically Still in The Oaks Nut-House -- Mentally Soon to CASH IN on the Crimes Committed Against Me by Jon Deputy and Others!!!


Copyright was STOLEN in 2012 by New Hanover County, NC District Attorney Benjamin R. David with his associate Jeffrey Duncan, Chicago Lawyer and Fox News Talking Head Daliah Saper, and Jamie Lee Sutherland, an exec of Wells Fargo, now with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago. WF Chicago got the Highest Fine in US History for laundering Drug Money in 2010 -- the year Jamie and I knew each other and the year he claims I did and got me convicted for "Libel" for blogging about his Drug Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta -- WITHOUT Legally Serving me -- and then I was Tried without being allowed to Defend myself.

Ben David of Wilmington may pay the HIGHEST PRICE for this. ALL my copyrights were given to Jamie including of my Blog Postings, Emails, until I DIE!!! And my Williams memoir that had noting to do with it.

Here at The Oaks Mental Ward, all is going GREAT -- and I now am aware that my shrink, Dr. Triggs and NOTHING to do with putting me on meds that AGGREVATE my arhythmia -- but two others did that and FORCED me to stay here, although all cops, intake and other personel kept saying I would NOT be here overnight, I was TOO SANE!!!

I will SUE them and possibly the hospital when I get out, likely in two days.

I will SUE whoever got a Superior Judge's SECRETARY (possibly unbeknownwst to the Judge, as is ALLOWED in NC soi that anyone can commit virtually anyone), and whoever complained -- likely Jonathan Deputy and his emplyer, Gold Walker.

I will soon be RICH!!!

I especially want to thank my brother Mike -- for his understanding -- and my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 95 years old and a totally HATEFUL NAZI/Catholic Bitch for repetedly proving her HATRED of me for my entire life -- since I came out GAY to her in 1973. There is a REASON my mother had Catholic Swastikas on our dinner plates!!!


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