Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The RISPERDAL Mystery!!!


Yesterday, Dr. Triggs said I was doing extremely well, and had no intention of changing my meds -- but ordered an EKG, because the two who had set up my med plan NEVER ordered an EKG -- essential for someone like me who has a bad case of arhythmia -- and she told me that Risperdal -- a HEAVY anti-psychotic -- can damage the heart and CAUSE arrhythmia.
Then TODAY, she inexplicably TRIPLED my Risperdal -- AFTER at least one other staff member who has no training in writing nor appreciation of art -- and redership of my blog has been peaking, lately, said that my blog is now MUCH BETTER since coming here and getting on meds. I had told this person (Anne a nurse who has worked here for years), that I would SUE not Dr. Triggs, but the two others, for putting me on a drug that might harm my heart further -- and I was givein NO explanation for this change. It appears it is to make a case so I cannot sue, but that is NOT true, so I will not worry about it and consult with my own doctor when out of this hospital.

This is ALL getting wierder and wierder, but it will be FAR more fun in Courts -- I assure you -- LOL!!!
And now I am waiting to see Dr. Triggs, and will report on her reason for doing this ass soon as I can.
Nurse Anne also claims my writing is more organized -- which is true as this hospital computer is so outdated that it keeps freezing and I have to refresh it about six times per LINE of text. For THAT reason, I cannot put but about 10% of what I hope to into a posting due to it taking so much time (and would frustrate the MOST patient patient).
ONE thing I keep forgetting to report about my Spofford Circle neighborhood is that a nieghbot pointed out the live audio/video feed to Sheriff Ed McMahon's OFFICE!!! No one would know where it is -- but from a GREAT PLACE to record Drug Deals -- THANK GOD!!!


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