Monday, March 12, 2018

Super-Duper UBER SHOCK: Gold Walker Just Told Me on the Phone She Had NO IDEA Jonathan Deputy Is Trying to EVICT (or scare me out of), Her Spofford Circle Apartment -- It is ENTIRELY Jon's Doing!!!

A LOT has happened today, and when I went out to get what I need for smoked ham-hocks and bean (and collards), soup, I was passing Seth Wayne George's employer's place, so I pulled in, to see what had happened THERE with him: DANGEROUS CURVES AUTO DETAILING (behind the separate U-Haul near 17th and Wooster:

The owner and one employee who had both worked with Seth, told me he suddenly told them this past Thursday afternoon, that his brother had just sent him the bus fare to San Antonio, TX, and he had to leave right away, so the owner paid him in CASH and that was that. He was an ADEQUATE auto-detailer, and NOT fired.

I had all the contact info for Seth's brother, Eric George:, his current work is:

Eric George  3rd degree connection3rd

Principal, EDAN Management
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Current: Principal at EDAN Management ServicesLLC.

I found Eric's company's site on Facebook

And learned that he works out of a small "starter bungalow", his neighbor's cars mostly about 10 or more years old (Google Maps).

I also have access to Seth's 70-year-old mother's address, so I might contact her.

Because, when I called the number Eric listed on Facebook, I got a recording that it was changed (so recently -- those notices aren't left active for very long anymore), to an "UNKNOWN NUMBER". Disconnected numbers say that -- this just means an UNLISTED (secret) number.

I came home and got the email from Jon Deputy and responded (which I'll paste in shortly), and THEN I was out for a smoke and Rob from apartment one pulled in, so I greeted him, "Hey Rob, how are you DOING???" and he said nothing. So I asked. "What is the name of your NEW roommate of a week and a half -- I'm embarrassed not to know his name when I see him???"

Rob said, "I am trying to let you know that you have NO RIGHT to ever speak to me in any way."

I said, "Jon Deputy says all people living here have to be approved by him BEFORE they move in -- or you will be EVICTED!!! But the FBI Task Force, most of the neighbors across the street, and some in this building have been WATCHING all the Drug Trafficking from your apartment, and I THINK a lot of arrests will be coming soon."

Rob said, "FUCK YOU!!!"

And I ALSO got  -- and responded to -- this email today:

From: Scott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comHide
To Andre Tyler Breton: calcutta116, goldwalker, scott

I told you I would remove anything that you convince me is FALSE. I will NOT remove your full name unless you can get a Court to order me to do it. (Readers will recall that Tyler's primary employer, "DDT Outlet", is owned by two of Jonathan Deputy's CLOSEST FRIENDS and appear to be mostly into NARCO-TRAFFICKING):

When is your Court date with Gold Walker -- if you want my help. Gold already said she does NOT want me to help her prosecute you!!! I will help you there. You are only scheduled in Court for other things that I saw on the Calendar. I'm copying Gold so she knows her charge of Trespass against you is NOT on the schedule!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Tyler Breton <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 12, 2018 10:07 am
Subject: please help

will you please take my full name out of the post use something people wont be able to reconize me with. im looking for better jobn and this is holding me back from getting jobs. thank you  

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Nov 27, 2017 - EMAIL SENT THIS MORNING TO OFFICER JAVIER TAPIA (and others): Andre Tyler Breton is hooting, hollering, and dancing in his room after tearing it up overnight -- and Police HQ LAUGHS at me!!! To javier.tapia Cc breakingnews, ...

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Nov 26, 2017 - RP: Andre Tyler Breton NOW Claims that the Floor Boards in his Bedroom Have BIGGER GAPS than Yesterday, His Room Was RE-PAINTED in ... to his office to try to FORCE the full Police Report on Wilmington Police FORCING Evan Fish to jump to his death (covered up by the Wilmington Star News), ...

The Weather Up Here:: RP: Andre Tyler Breton's Adderall-Prescribing ...
Nov 27, 2017 - RP: Andre Tyler Breton's Adderall-Prescribing Doctor, Probation Officer, Mother, and One Employer COULD NOT BE CONTACTED this Morning (and .... Rivenbark -- a FRUSTRATED Methodist who thinks Christianity is the same as Jesus's Teachings -- which it NEVER IS in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

The Weather Continues . . . : Jon Deputy Takes the "Eviction" of Andre ...
Nov 28, 2017 - Jon Deputy Takes the "Eviction" of Andre Tyler Breton OFF MY HANDS, and the FUTURE of Heaven on Earth OPENS BACK UP!!! I feel BETTER THAN THIS!!! .... And it's a BUSINESS -- not an "org". MORE here:

And today FED-EX delivered yet another package to apartment TWO (Allie, her boyfriend Pete, Kelsey Holmes, and her girlfriend -- whose name I DON'T know).

I directed the guy up the stairs and he asked if I'd sign for it if no one was in. Well, Kelsey and her girlfriend were NOT there overnight last night, but Pete and Allie were up ALL NIGHT as is typical when they are alone, making all kinds of noises all night as a parade of people LOUDLY ascended and descended the stairs.

After knocking three times, Pete stumbled to the door partially awake, and the delivery guy said, "Package for Jennifer Costa." Then Pete signed and he left.

An hour or two later, Kelsey drove in, I told her that a package to Jennifer Costa had been delivered, and she said that was WEIRD, because it is a new phone she ordered -- so should have been addressed to "Kelsey Holmes" -- although her MOTHER is named "Jennifer Holmes".

OH!!! And Gold Walker told me MANY THINGS that for now I am keeping just for my private communications with the FBI Task Force, but ALSO said: 

"The D.A. called me quite a while ago now, and I told him I had gotten the hallucinating Andre Tyler Breton OUT, so to just DROP THE TRESPASS CHARGE!!!

Gold knows NOTHING about Jon Deputy trying to get me out -- and was SHOCKED when I told her of Pete's car being next door with the heavy drug traffickers, Rob and his former neighbor of over two months selling not just pot but HARD DRUGS, and having CRACK WHORE LEAH over, etc.

Gold said, "What the HELL is Jon Deputy DOING??? I told him that tenants must be CHECKED OUT!!!" I also told her how three of the four houses across the street want GOLD arrested and sent to prison because they think she is the CAUSE of all this -- although they all like Thomas.

And I told her they have been DOCUMENTING all the drug sales at Gold's property, and we are all FEEDING the FBI!!! Also that Denise Wood in funneling all her mail through 205 S. 4th Street -- so she can HIDE HER NARCO-TRAFFICKING ELSEWHERE -- going on now for nearly a year, and her name is still on that box.

Gold said she knows about that marked box, but Gold has not seen Denise for at least half a year, and has told Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. (the one with the HUGE LSD LAB operation)to take any of Denise's mail to herand he said he has been doing that.

I told Gold that if she allows Narco-Traffickers to continue business AFTER anyone can prove she knows about it, the FEDS CAN SEIZE HER PROPERTY, but Gold said, "Well, I don't know of ANY narco-trafficking around here, so I just stay out of all of that."

She had been smoking pot since awakening, and this was at 4:46 PM for ten minutes, so I said she sounded just like the OLD GOLD WALKER I always knew and loved, and she called me "DEAR", and added, "But really, I told Jon Deputy to handle EVERYTHING on Spofford Circle, and I have NOTHING to do with anything he does -- but I wonder WHY he never checked any of those people out . . . "

"Well, goodbye, Dear." And I replied, "Talk with you later, Gold!!!"


Hi Jon, and THANKS for this note. 

I think we are beginning to understand each other!!! And I'm ALREADY looking for some other place to live, but have not yet found anything suitable. If we can agree to my moving out as soon as I find other suitable digs, that will save the cost to you of going to Court -- and the cost to me of filing appeal to a Jury Trial, which was how I delayed the eviction from Carolina Apartments for several months. After all, the remaining residents here are now all treating me friendly -- except Allie's boyfriend Pete (and Rob, as I soon learned), who works with the Narco-Traffickers next door, his car seen there many times by FRIENDLY residents in OUR building. 

At first, I thought you were simply IGNORING all the things I have blogged about all the Narco-Trafficking going on in apartment one (and Aaron Gallimore's possession was  --from move-in day until yesterday morning, Rob who has the lease, and Aaron Gallimore, who was NEVER approved to live there by you -- according to Aaron), so Aaron lived there 2.3 months -- far longer than Seth George was in my apartment. I can prove you knew that because I sent you (and Gold), both emailed blog posts that included that fact and emails addressed to YOU that included that. I KNOW you are receiving all my emails or you would NOT have responded to this relatively OLD ONE.

That said, you might need to check your trash and spam files and MANY of my friends say some -- but not all of my emails go there. At least the mails have not lost any of my rent checks -- like they did to George Cutter at Carolina Apartments!!! If that ever happens, I will pick them up and deliver them right to your front door. It would be nice to meet your wife and family!!!

I'll intersperse responses to your below points, and them make a few additional comments at bottom:

-----Original Message-----

From: Jonathan Deputy <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 12, 2018 8:49 am
Subject: Re: It's TOO LATE TO TANGO, tonight -- Good Night!!!


I'm not seeing the "legal notice" that you referred to in your text to me and Gold Walker.  I too will be sending a "legal notice" your way...a Sherriff's Deputy will be posting it on your door sometime in the next couple of days. 

As I at least MEANT to say in that text, it was sent to you, Gold, her lawyer and my friend Oliver Carter III, and D.A. Ben David (who made a pact with me the FIRST time I ran into him after returning from Mexico), by EMAIL two hours before I texted you, so I have proof of sending it all I listed (and more, actually). True that I razz him HALF TO DEATH, but that was the strategy as I worked with him (and several others) giving evidence DIRECTLY to the Special FBI Task Force to expose and prosecute all the top narco-traffickers in the Lower Cape Fear -- and being a KENAN, I feel both Morally/Ethically -- and PATRIOTICALLY -- bound to continue to expose HARD DRUG traffickers (does not include your beloved marijuana -- mine too, but I smoke FAR LESS than Gold Walker and likely less than you as well).

Good Luck getting the Deputies to serve me!!! They REFUSED to do that two years ago, after learning the BOGUS CHARGE was from a narco-trafficker I had inadvertently allowed to be my roommate for three weeks -- almost as long as Seth George lived here, he now gone and having caused no damage to the property, but he scammed me out of hundreds of dollars (I plead GUILTY to some kinds of naivete). 

And this morning, I stopped at his employer's to see what THEY had to say about him, and he had quit last Thursday, claiming his brother sent him the bus fare back to Texas, THAT AFTERNOON, but disappeared on me yesterday (Sunday) morning, claimed he was still working and his check would clear this Monday morning, but not only was that all lies, his half-brother Eric -- the REAL Sr. VP of Lockheed Martin who in his 14 years there was in charge of development of the F-35 Strike Fighter, popular now with MANY branches of he Armed Services -- was eventually FIRED THERE for SUBSTANCE ABUSE, worked for Dyn Corp for two years (a company I made a LOT of money from selling them ad space in War College and Service Academy yearbooks -- while working for the same company that distributed all the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida -- but mostly to Politicians of both Parties and too many Christian Churches here in Wilmington).

My own PARENTS set up the Christian Drug Mafia here with Fr. Bob Kus, still at St. Mary's, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (both of whom I know or knew well), and PPD, originally built by the Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden/Saudi Royal Families -- the last two selling out after 9/11 to make their planning it together LESS OBVIOUS. You can contact my old friend Imran Anwar (the Father of the Internet in Pakistan), who was a Talking Head on both Fox News and CNN for ten years straddling that time. He told me that EVERYONE at both those networks knew that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others planned it with the Bush Family's LONG time business partners, the Bin Laden's and Saudi Royals

Contact Imran via his website -- I'm CERTAIN he will remember me, and he said it is just too BAD that Americans are such Christian Suckers who don't CARE if Our Government destroys itself by planning such things and claiming Muslims did it.

Here MY notice is on blog (and it was emailed to my list of 230 Political Contacts):  and after NOT hearing from either of you for hours, I posted this: 

Here's a funny story.  You know that story you keep telling about me smuggling "opioids" from Mexico?  It came from a conversation you and I had a few months ago.  I said to you "Mexico doesn't have an opioid crisis, and you can get prescription opioids there much easier than you can in the US.  All you have to do is go to any pharmacy."  Then I told you about a trip I took to Cancun in the Spring of 2015.  I went to the pharmacy to buy some Q-tips, and the clerk offered to sell me 80 Vicodin for $80.  I never even said I bought them, because I didn't.  And from that story...about a trip to the pharmacy to buy the fertile mind of a person with an ongoing mental illness...has been spun and spun until all of the sudden I'm THE Major supplier of opioids to the US.  That's how delusions work in your mind.

To me, a person of your caliber claiming I have an "ongoing mental illness" is a BADGE OF HONOR. After I was committed to The Oaks by a CRACK DISTRIBUTOR and Judge Sandra Ray in 2011, committed me on word of Gerald Austin Wynn, then a TOP Crack distributor here, Austin-Wynn, about two months later, was arrested and convicted in South Carolina for major drug distribution, served four years in prison, and according to his Facebook page, now lives near Washington, DC. Many months later, when I was called to Judge Ray's Court, she IMMEDIATELY recused herself -- before I had time to tell the WHOLE PACKED COURTROOM why -- LOL!!!

However, you are absolutely CORRECT about our previous conversation, with all the details the same, but for SOME reason, I remembered it as years before that that you were offered Vicodin. Had I caught that it was 2015, I would have SERIOUSLY questioned you about it, MY experience (most of 2010 - June 2015), living in Colima, Puerto Vallarta, and Chacala, Mexico was the OPPOSITE!!! Do you remember the NAME of that pharmacy so I can send it to my Mexican friends who are killing (there is so little Law in Mexico), or Legally "Castrating" those who sell hard drugs illegally.

I'm SURE that would be a big help to them.

In any case, after John Gray Hunter (apt. 3), told me that he knows -- and most people in the know know -- that Gold Walker and her son Allen are some of the biggest narco-traffickers in Wilmington, he just stays quiet about that as he likes it here, I am putting this email with other info that I will hand-deliver to the FBI Task Force. As I have recently blogged, the owners of THREE of the four houses at this end of Spofford Circle, all claim that THIS property (for about three years), has been nearly as big a source of HARD DRUG trafficking and remains so. They have watched Rob's apartment 1, and seen people coming and going all through the night both next door, and to Allie and Kelsey's apartment upstairs as well.

Allie's boyfriend Pete's car has been seen parked next door several times for DRUG BUSINESS, and the neighbors want me to be SURE that Gold Walker goes to PRISON for destroying the safety of this neighborhood. NOBODY HERE KNOWS YOU -- except Rob and me -- I haven't seen you here since you came and THREATENED to get liars to testify under Oath about all my supposed crimes, yet you have never said what even ONE of those is, and if so, it will be appealed to Jury Trial, and and recently explained to you in TEDIOUS DETAIL, it will have to be in a DISTANT county, VERY drawn out in Time, and expensive.

WHY do you have a (non-sexual) BONER for me??? I know you don't care about anyone's sexuality -- or religion -- but when I PROVE the residence of Rob (a BIG Narc-Trafficker not only in pot but various Hard Drugs), and is Allie's mate Pete on THEIR LEASE as "approved" and can you PROVE he has been on the Lease as approved since before he moved in???).

I really think you should be attending to your OWN defense on several charges that I can think of, but we haven't completed organizing he best way to prosecute you yet. Seth is gone, so you will have to evict me for driving several small nails into the walls to hang pictures -- since your Lease says I must FIRST get written permission from you for EACH AND EVERY ONE. Last night I noticed that a "dirty kitchen floor" is grounds for eviction too. NO mention of HOW dirty, but I spilled a teaspoon of coffee on mine this morning, and wiped it right up, so as NOT to get evicted for that!!!

You told me you found that Lease as "boilerplate" somewhere and just use it. Some provisions are so absurd, and I can prove you don't enforce them with the tenants who NARCO-TRAFFIC. I remain standing with Gray Hunter, the nearby neighbors, and the FBI in wanting to JAIL all the Narco-Traffickers here and next door

Scott David Kenan

Anyways, I think it would be best if you voluntarily look for somewhere else to live.  Otherwise, we can proceed in court.  BTW, I've printed out several of your blog postings that illustrate how you've violated your lease.  My favorite is the recent story about how you and your new "roommate" drive around town trying to score weed...I'm sure the Magistrate will love that one.  lol 

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

The Kennedy Family swear NAZI FEALTY in Rome to Pope Pius XII -- BUT JFK's generation FLIPPED to support Liberty, and then my mother was TOP NAZI until Steve Bannon took over.

And TODAY, Joe Kennedy III is AGAIN a NAZI DRUG-PUSHER, but Robert F. Kennedy, JR., stands ALONE for JUSTICE (but has an impediment so he rarely TALKS):


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