Friday, March 9, 2018

Seeking "Peace and Understanding" with Landlady Gold Walker:

March 9, 2018

Dear Gold,

First, thank you for sending Thomas and his helper to clean the junk off Rob and Aaron’s front and side porches a couple of days ago. I was happy to see them, and they were very friendly toward me. It has occurred to me that given that, this might be the right time to write you about several matters.

I give you my firm commitment to testify in Court in what I am certain will be on YOUR behalf (Truth, only), against Tyler Andre Breton in the case of his Trespass – if you would like me to do so. I called him a few days ago, and he said you are still prosecuting him. I can’t find that on the Courts schedule, but everything doesn’t show there. And he wanted me to give him a Letter for Court stating that I had invited him to live there (true), and that he had paid me rent through December – which is TOTALLY untrue. He had paid me through what would have been Dec. 3, but had NOT completed what he agreed to do in trade for rent the previous month (detail the inside of my car), a service worth FAR MORE than that three days of rent in December, so I don’t see how he has a legal leg to stand on – especially since you did not initiate this action until well after Dec. 3.

Tyler has now several times asked me to remove what I have blogged about his having gone truly psychotic during the last days of my residency on 4th Street – the hallucinations of little men running around on Oliver Carter’s and Psychologist Ben’s roofs, preparing to break into our house – while darting back between windows carrying a 7’ metal bed-frame rail to beat them off, then the next day or two checking all over the apartment while claiming men were coming through secret passageways in the floors and walls and had ACTUALLY repainted one wall of his bedroom. I could NOT reason with him that these passageways were ENTIRELY impossible.

In the related matter of the charges to me you billed, I hope you have seen my point that I was not responsible for any charges due to Tyler’s staying into December. He had told both you and me he would be out by then – something I repeatedly insisted he would have to be. And since you had agreed to let me know when he was out so I could finish any removal and cleaning, but did not, nor did we have a final inspection with you and me, that cleaning charge was unfair.

However, regardless how bed bugs got into that apartment, I had agreed to -- and you DID kindly finance -- the exterminator. Without checking records, I think there was a balance still of about $300.00 - $400.00 that I owed you, and after Jon Deputy came here getting as in my face as David Alan Young got on June 16, 2017, when he told me that the Bible commands all Christians to KILL all Liberals and Faggots like me, and that he would get his gun and SHOOT easy-to-see 6’ 11” me on the street, so I laid low for two months – rarely going out – until I realized that even though D.A. Ben David and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to prosecute that crime against Dave Young, and THEN claimed I was going to jail due to a WARRANT that would soon be delivered for my arrest, after the Judge and Prosecutor’s people had cleared Court, I was served ONLY a BOGUS summons – that was later THROWN OUT OF COURT – and they only “found” it AFTER I made clear that I WANTED to push for trial of Dave Young.

And in that otherwise cleared Courtroom, the dozen+ (Sheriff’s Deputies and others behind the bar), told me that they LOVE MY BLOG and will always read it – and still do, as far as I know!!!

In any case, it was because Jonathan Deputy came to my apartment after I hollered at other residents who had gotten a bunch of underaged kids so drunk one fell down the stairs while clutching a half-full bottle of liquor – but fortunately fell into several of his also-drunk friends, injuring no one and he did NOT drop and break the bottle. And when Jon was here – insisting we come inside so no one else could hear – Jon told me he wanted me OUT, ASAP, and that he had people who would lie in Court to testify to MY crimes (just like George Cutter had gotten three people to perjure themselves so he could evict me from Carolina Apartments – and NOW they are ALL even MORE slaves to their addictions, his manager Tomi Matheson losing that job and being hauled into Court more than once for Drug Possession).

And since then, I have healed my relationships with ALL your actual tenants: never a problem with John Gray Hunter or his partner or Kelsey Holmes or her partner. Things have HEALED between Allie and me (but her partner “Pete”, who is named something else, actually, remains frosty, but has NOT threatened me physically again), and Rob is fine too (if his roommate, not partner, Aaron Gallimore, is still HOSTILE – except when he wants a favor – but not scary in any way).

Now, I had REFUSED to pay more toward the exterminator debt in exchange for NOT prosecuting Jonathan Deputy -- and since Jon claimed that YOU had sent him to break laws to try to get me out, I would also be prosecuting you – but if you tell me face-to-face that you NEVER told Jon to do that, that he acted on his own, I will happily pay off the rest of that, although I cannot yet begin paying on it.

I took on Seth Wayne George as a roommate – and I trust this fulfills my obligation to let you know who is filling the second spot here. He is 27 years old, grew up in San Antonio and also lived a long time in Alabama. His cell phone number is (210) 981-XXXX, and he is working now full time detailing vehicles at the U-Haul at 1230 S 15th St, Wilmington, NC 28401.

He was in a financial hole when I took him in, and by the end of March has committed to catching up his rent to me, which he is at the moment nearly one week behind in paying. He reminds me of my friend and designated business partner in a Walking Tour I had scripted in 2011, Evan Fish, who after being the 2nd largest Cocaine Distributor in Maine for two years – supplied by Lee E. Gosney, Jr. and my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, EXCLUSIVELY, was forced to jump to his death by Wilmington Police on Sept. 5, 2011 – because he REFUSED to stay in heavy drug sales.

Seth freely admits to having – while living in San Antonio, an hour away – been the largest marijuana supplier to Boerne, TX when he was in high school – ironically, where Tennessee Williams and I stayed at his friend “Texas Kate’s” ranch to recover after he got his eye-lift in Houston, early 1982. And like Evan, Seth remains TOO DEPENDENT on the substance he distributed, so that he – but not at work – is nearly always so high he slurs his words, forgets to lock doors, has accidentally thrown out many pieces of my high-end stainless flatware, and generally gets caught up in TOTALLY self-centered (selfish) interests while in that condition.

His ex-wife, who has custody of his five-year-old son, and ALL of his immediate family (six children, mother alive but father deceased), will not even SPEAK to him today. I suspect it is because of the pot affecting him to make him a selfish BRUTE in many ways, but he time and again shows signs of wanting to HEAL from all of that – and even occasional healing (but MORE of words, rather than deeds), and so far, we are still getting on well – after I “blast him good” – periodically and as necessary.

He looks just like a young Paul Newman (but is totally straight so no “sex complications”). and can talk up a totally responsible storm – but the FACT IS, he was kicked out of his parents’ house for his drinking, pot-smoking, and selling in Boerne BEFORE he graduated high school – which he never did, but got a GED, then Associates in Business, later – and his parents both had THREE spouses, they each being the other’s last, were quite wealthy, his father a lawyer, and his siblings have also done well, Eric, his closest in age sibling and ten years older, was VP of Lockheed Martin and oversaw the development of one of our military’s TOP strike fighter jets.

I remember how you told me that in your young married life, you had had all the “Top Wilmington Dowagers” sometimes to your house for festive luncheons. If you have followed my blog, you know I have delighted in getting back in touch with my old high school and college friends recently: Judges, Prosecutors, top Sales People, etc., and while I don’t have their accumulated wealth and position, I HAVE acted at every turn to UPHOLD the TRUTH of the US Constitution and the RULE of GOD’S LAW – and LOST all my accumulated wealth, endured every privation imaginable, but ALWAYS landed on my feet, laughing – because I follow the actual TEACHINGS of Jesus, the Buddha, etc. – rather than just giving them LIP, like so many corrupted Christians.

My point was just to be that I trust you today sometimes get with those “Old Dowagers” – or the ones of them near our age when you knew them – to compare stories of your lives since them in Wilmington, and to even brag that you have acquired so many properties for income -- and three of them for your personal usage.

I certainly can’t claim to have two alternate residences – although you would be BEST to have one or two in a distant place AWAY from all these Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia!!!

I will copy Jon Deputy on this so he has record of my current roommate – and your lawyer Oliver Carter III, as this letter might have legal value to you and him some day.

And since I could stand some exercise, I will today or very soon, pick up all the un-rakable/too-large-to-mow-over, twigs, sticks and other debris here so that your employee can get right down to his business when he comes. And I will text or email you when I’ve completed it, so you can count on its being done!!!

All best,


Seth George at the scrapyard February 2018


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