Sunday, March 4, 2018

Replying to Internet HEART-THROB Peter Hollens's Reply to ME!!!

Peter Hollens -- whom I found listed as in the TOP 20 - of cyber "HOTTIES", flashes a little of his "Come-to-Jesus" chest hair!!!

Response to Peter Hollens:

Dear Peter,

While I appreciate your prompt response to a message I had not expected a response to -- I was just seriously lauding your work -- it is absurd to send a reply to me that more than demands a response -- and then all but DEMAND I not contact you. I am the FIRST to understand how a person not interested in -- or having much studied -- History would know nothing of my Kenan family's, and especially the Bushes' and Clintons' place in subverting Democracy. It is a standard response of those who believe that Jesus was the literal Son of God, worship him, etc. NOT all of those -- many of them actually honor Jesus's Teachings, and God could not care less what anyone believes theologically -- if they speak and act in accordance with God's Principles.

While you might have had a more privileged upbringing than I, I doubt you have anything like my own sources and contacts. Had you done even minimal research on me, you would know that I write of facts. I did not and do not "drop names" to impress anyone -- but to show the caliber of people I have known well -- or briefly and getting deep info from them. 

Also, while you have a GREAT VOICE and a clear knack for arraigning and hiring quality talent, you are an INTERPRETER of "First Material" -- more like an actor/director, and my experience is more of the creator -- both in my visual art and in my writing. I did not notice you singing your own compositions, and if I missed them, please send me links to a couple of them.

Your response to me was nearly VERBATIM the same as I get from proven Narco-Traffickers and the "Christians" and White Supremacists that put Donald Trump into power, etc. In fact, Lee E. Gosney, Jr., whom I worked with 1990 - 2010, selling ad space in the yearbooks for all the Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies also -- with our employer, Patrick Lee Stansbury, distributes the hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida to Politicians of both Parties and many "Christian" Churches and Clergy. Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' discussed my Kenan Family's drug mafia crimes in Atlanta -- which he knew ALL about -- as well as Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil and Kenan life-long employee Rex Tillerson's crimes -- particularly against Nature and the Environment. 

You can call Gen. Honore' on his cell phone to ask him about that: (404) 227-XXXX, or contact him through his org:

You can call Lee Gosney about our work for

Lee Gosney: Cell: (404) 372-1500, or email:

In fact, you can contact Patrick Stansbury on his phone that's message is from his wife, Gloria, so don't be surprised if they don't answer and you get her message: (770) 979-7687.

Patrick, seen here, has been busted three times for large marijuana distribution, and Lee Gosney three times for running a Meth Lab, spending five years in prison once.

Patrick's life online as an ordained Christian Minister under the alias "Patrick Christian":

You might also contact California Superior Court Judge Dean Hansell, whom I got a letter from this past month: Office at (213) 633-XXXX.

At THIS point, AOL, CIA hackers -- or whoever -- ERASED not only my several more paragraphs of the most important of my response, but ALSO deleted those I copied this to -- including myself, my Huffington Post and New York Times contacts as well as Ari Melber at MSNBC. I will re-create those comments below, but drastically shortened to the GIST of them:

READ these messages of a "pussy-whipped" boy (likely gay or bi, who so sensitively sings about missing his "Danny Boy"). The wife even shows off the KEY to Mr. Hollens's CHRISTIAN SLAVERY, that she will NEVER give up as he is MAKING HER MONEY!!!

And on his website, Peter also advertises his COURSE on making internet money, something no SUCCESSFUL person needs to do. My old buddy Meryl Streep would never do such a thing!!!

I suggested that Peter call Mike Massicott, Exec Vice President of and ask him about his wife Carolyn and her bragging of TWICE saving Mike from his Gay Life through blackmail. Here pictured with her father, Dr. Edward Price (now deceased), and their rather peculiar children!!!

Mike bragged to me that he likes being center in a "manwich" of three guys stuck up each other's butts. Lee Gosney knows about Mike's gay life too -- so he should ask Lee as well.

Mike's cell is (404) 843-3254.

In the end, I again complimented Peter Hollens on his many talents, gave him my cell number, and asked him to call so we can understand each other better.

After all the trouble from hackers erasing lots of my AOL-sent email to Peter -- as well as most recipients' addresses -- I HOPE to get this out, and apologize for not having time to recreate some REALLY well written stuff in greater detail.


-----Original Message-----

To: scottdkenan <>
Sent: Sun, Mar 4, 2018 2:26 pm

You are obviously off your meds and having a manic episode as evidenced by your irrational tears. I want nothing to do with you or whatever lies you are peddling.

Do not contact me again .

P. Hollens

*This is private correspondence and no permssion (sic) is given for reprint in any shape form or fashion


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