Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Regarding: Demand for Payment -- and Attempt to Evict me after Illegally Committing Me to The Oaks Mental Ward -- Because I Brought Cyberstalking Charges Against Jon Deputy the Day Before!!!)

Today, the hospital said they can STOP any Legal Actions against me until after I am released -- and will get in touch with Jon Deputy, the Courts, or whomever to do so if necessary, so impossible to Evict me while I'm here. They are AWARE that Jon Deputy probably committed me, after promising to put me somewere to medicate me and to be able to corroborate that I molested young boys in Mexico -- the MAIN basis for the charge of Cyberstalking that I filed against him the day BEFORE he aparently commmittted me here -- in RETALIATION, possibly with landlady Gold Walker's support.

My doctor said if things continue as they have gone, I will be released as early as this Friday, March 23. NO THERAPY -- including drugs -- will change my dedication to exposing criminals in Wilmington and elsewhere -- including where I live.

My Socal Worker got a call from my brother about all these things and just arrived and I need to speak with her.




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