Friday, March 2, 2018

Putin/Trump/Kenan/Christian/CIA Group Kicks Me Off Facebook for ANOTHER Month ==> SEVENTH Time in Just Over 18 Months -- LOL!!! Heil HITLER!!! !!! !!!

Well, I remain SUPER UNPOPULAR with Facebook Management. After I got my last POWERFUL blog posting posted and then emailed to my 220+ Political Contacts with FEWER of my emails blocked -- but MANY blocked as usual the last half week -- BOTH of my email accounts tested me to see if I was me, BOTH claiming that so many had tried to HACK into my account that they were taking extra precautions. I got right back into both quickly -- and I THANK THEM for letting me know that!!!

Then, my email to Mayor Mitch Landrieu BOUNCED BACK when I included him in the MASS emailing -- not surprising considering it went out to so many and NOLA's privacy settings probably are set to REJECT all like that. So I emailed him -- and my same contacts at Kenan Institute for Ethics (but I misspelled Bryan Roth, Photographer's name, so IT came back), and at the NOLA Tennessee Williams Fest -- and THIS TIME got a Received Receipt from them.

Then I went to Facebook to find they have KICKED ME OFF AGAIN for the SAME REASON (ostensibly), as the time before last in early January of this year -- BUT while they CLAIM they did it because of this, which they removed:

This was written a week or so ago -- and, except for the LAST time when they kicked me off for something I wrote over two years ago -- they do it within MINUTES of my posting what they don't like -- MOSTLY any kind of criticism of "Christianity":

When I earlier wrote "ostensibly" -- it was because Facebook had ERASED this posting of mine that they first ALLOWED for two hours -- then erased and NEVER MENTIONED IT (for what will be obvious reasons), and claimed what I captured above:

In other news, my roommate got his first paycheck and kudos for his excellence at his new job. Seth kept ALL HIS COMMITMENTS TO ME about what he would do with his first check -- and was PROUD that he at least put $5.00 into his Savings Account.

We made more plans on how to develop our back deck, garden, and what sort of barbecue to buy as soon as we can afford one.

I always do BETTER when I'm kicked off Facebook -- because I don't waste time trying to REASON with Christians and other Devils who work for the same Trump/Putin/Kenan NAZI Group. But like Colin Powell:


And I am CERTAIN that their annoyance right now is because -- INSPIRED by Mayor Landrieu's Theme of his Talk at KIE -- I CONNECTED my main themes of the Murder of Tennessee Williams by Kenan family and Republican/Christian allies, Exposing Kenan Crimes to ALL -- but Kenan Charities need to KNOW where all that money comes from, and all the CRAP I've had to deal with from Narco-Trafficking (or protection of it), of at LEAST Wilmington's Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff, District Attorney, all but one or two of local District Court Judges, and SO MANY of its "Christian" Churches.


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