Friday, March 30, 2018

OY!!! Today, a "Heavenly Spaniard" Came a-Knocking at My DOOR!!! (and other things):

Beñat Barreto Barroso

Yes, that's right. Beñat Barreto Barroso invited me to LINK to him in LINKED-IN. Young Mr. Barroso is a student at Universidad de Deusto in Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

The University of Duesto -- begun by Jesuits -- has THE LIBRARY TO DIE FOR!!!

Click image for a BIGGER THRILL!!!

To begin with, EVERYONE is "Heavenly" -- but too many don't look or act like it . . . anymore. You know who you are, so I won't name any names. Benat is TOO YOUNG to be a romantic object, and although lust might not know bounds -- I do!!!

Being at University, he's at least 18 years old and therefore "Legal" in most countries.

But what must have attracted him to my blog -- an assumption of how he would have found me -- is that we are of similar ILK, not meaning he is gay -- but that he is an OPEN-MINDED LEARNER.

That is Benat on the right -- and a guy who apparently did a QUICK CHANGE OF HIS HAIR!!!

This guy "Rulli" -- from my VERY brief glance about the internet -- is a BIG CHAMPION of supporting the downtrodden, and of fighting BULLYING.

My OWN shot at signing an Anti-Bullying Pledge in Independence Mall here in Wilmington in 2015, actually led to my being THROWN OUT FOR LIFE by these guys:

Now back to Benat:

Translation from the Spanish is by Google, so I DOUBT Benat's exclamation, "Come on my gun!!!" is meant to mean what the adventuresome-minded might imagine -- MERCY!!!

Beñat Barreto


Communication student at the University of Deusto. Contributing and  with  . Of practices in  .
Donostia-San Sebastián
Joined September 2011


Even as a child playing football (soccer to Americans), Benat showed "singularity of purpose".

Benat is MY KINDA GUY -- looking to a GREAT FUTURE!!!


This applies to ME -- and so does THIS:

There is NO QUESTION that I am a product of a primarily CHRISTIAN CULTURE -- and I LOVE what Jesus taught us about LIVING. I don't worship him now, and agree with my fave Teacher's Teacher's words: "Jesus came to point THE WAY -- and for two thousand years, we've been studying his FINGERNAIL!!!"

This was actually, now, two+ weeks ago, Debbie finding me through this blog. Debbie is ORGANIZING our 45th Reunion, and has asked me to get the word out to other classmates -- but I can't even respond to her until my latest of seven one-month bans from posting on Facebook EXPIRES about sundown, Easter Day.

If anyone is FRETTING over HOW I will pay my part of my New Hanover Behavior Hospital bill, $2,400.00+, if the state does NOT have programs to pay for it, I will simply STIFF THEM -- then add a "signing statement" -- or whatever they are called -- to my credit reports.

When I checked my Credit Reports last fall -- for the first time in MANY years -- I had expected:

Well not THIS, but "Armageddon"

I was pleased to find that everything from the time of my flight from Stone Mountain to Political Exile in Mexico in 2010, had DROPPED OFF. All that was left were two items from Wilmington when I prematurely returned and suffered the five JAIL HOUSE INCARCERATIONS on eight false charges (and the last of those drops off this June) -- now entirely disposed of by D.A.Ben David!!!

With a MAJOR ASSIST by Republican (and Catholic), Jennifer Harjo!!! Jen here doing her TRADEMARK "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" pose -- for the COURT!!!


Thank you, Frank -- I believe I WILL!!!

And one of the other important things is that I STILL have not cleaned up around here for my sister's and mother's arrival tomorrow morning -- I'm sure to do the kitchen dishes and the toilets, but only for Jane. Mom at 95 can't handle the five stairs, and Jane's house is ALWAYS DISHEVELED, so SHE won't mind.

Another important one is that -- maybe even later tonight, if I'm feeling FRISKY -- I want to write the current director of New Hanover Behavioral Hospital with my honest -- and MOSTLY GLOWING -- criticism. Also I shall APPRISE HIM of some DECISIONS I've made.


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