Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One Ginormous Kenan-Nut Done Flied Outtada Cuckoo's Nest / Looking Backward While Accelerating FORWARD:

WOW!!! I've only gotten this far and already TWELVE people have hit this posting -- I'm being followed more and more closely, and given that this blog has been focusing primarily on Wilmington, North Carolina carryings-on, I have to assume it is by my fellow Wilmingtonians.
Thank you!!!

First I would like to say that I have been back in touch with my former Nut-House co-Denizen, the guy named for the bus driver for Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, and he -- and most importantly his Dad who was the ultimate Grateful Dead groupie, following them all over North America back in the day -- LOVED my last posting: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/03/now-appearing-at-oaks-nut-case-ward.html

I don't know if Dad actually dropped any of the acid that Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. (called "Sam Celia"), manufactured and sent to his personal friend Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's lover Theodore Druch (who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group), but MY WORLD seems interconnected in EVERY conceivable way.

When I first moved into Gold Walker's 205 S. 4th Street property, Sam Celia was living downstairs -- where he continues to live -- and the frequent chemical smells from his apartment were said to be his "cheese-making", by both Gold Walker and Denise Renee Wood (Denise having 43 Felony convictions and 13 Misdemeanors from her previous career as an International Drug Mule -- which did NOT cause her GUN RIGHTS to be removed, so she kept TWO loaded revolvers in her apartment by her bed, later selling one of them).

I don't know who has my apartment 3 -- the entire second floor -- now, but Denise had said she wanted my apartment, Gold told me more than once that she was AFRAID of Denise, and it was Denise and Gold's carpenter Ben-the-Atheist who talked Gold into giving me notice to vacate that apartment -- Gold so WORKED UP WITH FEAR that she confronted me in anger and even pulled my T-shirt out of my pants and stuffed the notice high up against my giant hairy chest -- LOL!!!

Well, here is Denise Wood's business profile, and it shows that Denise lives at THAT ADDRESS!!!: https://411.info/business/The-Perfect-Painter-Wilmington-NC-30660340

The Perfect Painter

Gold Walker's residence at 4th and Orange Streets

Well, Gold Walker told me when I first moved into her 4th Street apartment that she wants me to write my FIRST BOOK on the house at 4th and Orange -- her MAIN residence, she also maintaining an apartment in the property next to the one I lived in and across the street from her main Late Victorian residence, where she can escape from anyone looking for her.

NOTHING illegal about that -- if wasteful for a single woman with her only child living elsewhere (Allen Walker lives at his Walker Worldhttp://www.walkerworldnc.com/).

My POINT had actually been meant to be that because hits were even HIGHER while I was in the Nut House -- where I had to use a finicky, old computer -- too weak to do most things including check statistics for this blog or my own-domain email -- and I could only get a limited amount of time -- so I only emailed to about a dozen people, it is CLEAR TO ME that I no longer need MASS EMAIL blog postings out any longer, and this is the LAST one I will do that for -- although I will likely email some postings out to certain individuals that I mention or who could use the info.

I will blog later in some detail about my experience at New Hanover Behavioral Hospital -- formerly called "The Oaks Mental Ward" of New Hanover Regional Medical Center (or Hospital -- to common folk).

One major concern I had was that Jonathan Deputy (Gold Walker's property manager of her Spofford Circle apartments), had emailed me a bill for $800.00 that I got right after I was committed, and I simply returned a demand for an explanation and evidence of his cause for that bill. I knew then -- and have verified through several since -- that his picky point of sending it would NEVER hold up in Court since others here -- and long preceding my alleged offence -- were far MORE deserving of such a bill for a minor lease violation, but you never know what a person might foolishly try to do.

And as to his BIZARRE THREATS and HARASSMENTS (that I copied Gold on so she knows what Jon has been doing -- making Gold also liable legally, I believe), began with a lot of grousing and grumbling and attempts to convince me to move out -- many of them pasted into this blog, but the final acceleration consisted of these two emails to me:


You remember what happened to the last book you wrote...maybe your next book can have the same fate.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

My Tennessee Williams memoir:

This book established me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life -- but the copyright was stolen by a group including Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David via his Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan who then worked with Fox News Talking Head and lawyer Daliah Saper of Chicago with then Wells Fargo Advisors exec Jamie Lee Sutherland.

I was falsely charged with LIBEL, never Legally Served, then tried in absentia. Although Jamie had asked for $50,000.00 only, LOOK what he was awarded in this illegal and unconstitutional move!!!:

Now Ben David has promised more than once to get this VOIDED -- but he has no power in Illinois Courts and cannot. In the interest of the HEALTH of Wilmington society, I have SET ASIDE our differences to report what I know of major crimes here in Wilmington.


Here is the body of an email I received yesterday...I thought that in the interest of "full disclosure" you might want to post it to your "blog".  It seems that these accusations of you being a child predator keep popping up.  Hmm.

Hello , 

       I am one of the people that Scott has harassed and posted lies about on his atrocious blog and I want to thank you for going after him . If you go before the court please ask them if what he does is blackmail. He makes up lies and then when people do not "admit" to whatever delusion he has created he continues to make the lies bigger and even more ridiculous and refuses to take it down.

     I am one of his victims from mexico and there is nothing I can do from here but he was literally run out of every town he lived in for his lies and generally crazy and dishonest behavior.  Not to mention his extremely inappropriate sexual advances of minors on the beach .Taking pictures of  them and offering to get them high back at his house. (that happened in Vallarta and is the real reason he fled back to the US)  

     If there is anything I can do to help while remaining anonymous please let me know .  Believe me there are others besides me that are very thankful for what you are doing. Especially the other people who live near him at this moment. 

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

It was these two emails that got the Magistrate to IMMEDIATELY charge Jonathan Deputy with Cyberstalking and make clear it is a SLAM-DUNK CASE. I blogged about that charge being filed and then the next day -- on silly trumped-up non-sense -- I was COMMITTED to the Nut House!!!

I will get a copy of the Commitment paper tomorrow or the following day -- and then I should know for CERTAIN who and why.

But halfway through my time at "The Oaks", I got this blog comment to this posting: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2018/03/my-mother-who-has-not-allowed-me-to.html

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Scott S. Bipolar said...

Your suffering is so delicious to us. You fell for the tricks of the nut house. They tell you that you will get out so you will relax and let your neurosis show thinking you have tricked them .Then you get a few more days and a few more days then you forget because the heavy narcotics have you drooling. We love to read you twisting in the wind of your lies and devotion to your delusions. have fun rotting in the nut house. Even if you got out tomorrow our glee would still be complete and your completely deserved and needed internment in the fucking cuckoos nest.
If only Nurse Ratchet could attend you.
That would be delish .
Any chance of shock therapy ?
That would be a shame if they had to resort to that.
a real crying shame.


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