Wednesday, March 21, 2018

VICTORY in My DREAMS!!! / My Mother -- Who Has NOT Allowed Me to Visit Her in Two Years -- Tonight Said Jonathan Deputy is CORRECT About Me -- and I NEED a LONG COMMITMENT, I Am GAY and That Is AGAINST GOD'S LAW!!!

District Attorney Benjamin R. David
Ben David and I PROVED the Drug Corruption of the Sheriff and Police Chief and Mayor here in Wilmington -- in my DREAMS -- whilest in REALITY, I am still committed to "The Oaks Nut House" -- but am told I will be released Monday with a slight possibility of today.
* * *

Me and Mom two years ago.
I called Mom to let her know that Dr.Triggs has changed her tune, TRIPLED the anti-psychotic, and now denies the good reports of many staff about me, and is more vague about when I meight leave -- even saying I don't sleep when I do (according to staff who look in all night on all here, and say if I'm turned to the far side, I'm awake since they don't see my eyes).
Momo, who has tried to have me committed manytimes since finding out I'm Gay back in 1973, and succeeding in 1978 and 2012 --through Wilmingtonians wher she and Dad with others set up the Drug Mafia with Fr. Bob Kus, John Ehrlichman, etc. Mom was THWARTED in 2010 in Georgia when my sisters Jane and Julie helped as well as Patrick Stansbury of, who distributes illegal drugs from Maine to Florida -- at least back then with Lee E. Gosney, Jr., a CLOSE friend of my father in 1990, and who recently also cahrged me with molesting young guys like Jonathan Deputy did -- and now Jon is charged with Cyberstalking me -- and maybe I'll take charges out against Lee Gosney as well when I get out of here.
Tonight, I told Mom about the changes to my statuw, she said she is CERTAIN if I stay committed and voluntarily or by FORCE take anti-psychotics, and she hopes it will EVENTUALLY help me, because I am SO SICK!!!
I thanked her for the FIRST TIME in her life being HONEST with me, she still LOVING HER SWASTIKAS and Catholic Faith, which HATES GAY PEOPLE, but the Cathoic PEOPLE are far more loving and exceed the average acceptance of GAYS of Protestants -- even most of the most Liberal Protestant denominations.
I told Mom I have had TOO FABULOUS A LIFE to freak out no matter WHAT is done to silence me -- even death or being kept comatose, like Patrick Stansbury did to his yourger gay and develpmentally-disabled brother Michael keeping him in a state institution drugged so he just drools -- until Lee Gosney got custody and gave Michael a good life.
Anyway, Jon Deputy, Gold Walker, and Patrick Stansbury should call my mother to offer her their support in this commitment of me. God is Love, but they know not what that is: (919) 231-XXXX.
My brother Mike should probably give up trying to help me -- Mom and HER allies are more Politically Powerful. I'll just figure out my best options.
I DID tell Mom I hope I never see her again -- she has dissuaded me the last several times I wasgoing to drive up to visit. There is NO REASON to pretend she loves me, and I must give up my hope of her accepting a GAY SON.

The two who first prescribed for me here at the former "The Oaks":
An Oldie But Goodie:
Enough for tonight -- The Kenan Family, Donald Trump, and all these O{THER HIGH CHRISTIANS can fuck themselves for all I care, screwme TOTALLY, and throw away the KEY.
I will NEVER Lie, be Violent, or a Traitor to GOD, COUNTRY, or TRUE FAMILY.

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