Friday, March 23, 2018

My Brother Mike Called This "Hospital" Today -- Apparently Trying to PREVENT MY BEING RELEASED!!!

Michael William Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, Connor Michael Kenan, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan, and Maxwell Andrew Kenan -- in Florence, Italy, on a two-week luxury vacation to celebrate Tayler's UNC Chapel Hill graduation, summer 2016.

To MY knowlege, only Tayler and Gail have NOT had homosexual adventures.


Even D.A. Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, NC has had boyfriends, one of whom I know VERY WELL!!!

And the ODD THING TODAY, is that my shrink told me that my brother Mike had called them to say he thinks I am secretly NOT taking my meds and also claimed I WON'T take my meds when out of here.

As all my Readers and my Doctor KNOW, I was committed -- apparently -- by Jonathan Deputy, maybe with associates of his, the day after I filed Cyberstalking Charges against Jonathan, so my being here is under WIERD circumstances, so also all my "Treatment", and as my Shrink knows, I will discuss all this with my regular Doctor when I have my big annual check-up in two weeks, and determaine where to go from there.

1. Mike was concerned that I have HURT my mother by my honesty with her two days ago when we last spoke -- honesty that she has been trying to commit me to mental hospitals REPEATEDLY because I am Gay and because I don't submit to her "Lithium Lobotomies", sometimes succeeding, but she NEVER tried to do so to Mike, who has had at least ONE gay thing that he told me about and MANY men fall in love with him and declare love -- the first when he was in mid-twentis, the latter in high school -- and at THAT time, Mike slit his wrists, but like a girl, not enough to require stitches -- LOL!!!

Mike's two sons never dated women to speak of, Connor 30 years old and Max is now 27, but FINALLY dating a woman and seriously.

MOST Kenan men are gay or bi, and Thomas S. Kenan III, now heading Kenan Companies and Charities, is gay and he and I both dated Curtis "Robbie" Anderson in the mid-1980s.

2. Mike left as head of refinery accounting of Sun Oil Company SUNOCO about five years ago when they sold off their refineries -- and even TODAY when I asked he REFUSES to say which oil company he works for doing the same. When I guessed it is Chevron, her REFUSED to confirm or deny that -- and got ANGRY!!!

I tell you with all HONESTY, that even thogh Ben David was part of the group that stole my Copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir that was being considered o be made into a movie:, I will stand with Ben David in BUSTING CORRUPTION.

Ben David being sworn in for the first time -- about 12 years ago.

Ben David is ALWAYS respectful of me -- and ALWAYS has a great sense of HUMOR -- unlike my Swstika-Associated Family.

As a FINAL NOTE, my Shrink DISMISSED my brother's claims -- as the evidence of me TAKING MY MEDS is so OBVIOUS to her -- if not to my BULLY BROTHER MIKE, who is JUST LIKE HIS MAMA!!!



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