Monday, March 5, 2018

Lee E. Gosney, Jr. Threatens "DEATH BY MOTEL" of ME -- if I DON'T DELETE What I Blogged about His College Sex-Mate, Crooner Peter Hollens -- Yet, How Involved IS Mr. Hollens in This Business, REALLY??? I Hope to Hear from Peter SOON!!!

>>> ADDED @ 4:36 PM:

I left messages of nearly five minutes on Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller and her husband Joel Miller's voicemail -- as well as on Pentagon Publishing Executive Vice President Mike Massicott's cell phone about this.

I have NO REASON to believe Gerry, Joel, or (possibly) Mike have anything to do with the Narco-Trafficking that Patrick Lee Stansbury, Lee Gosney, and a few others actually seem to handle.

To: kellseyanderson
Cc: scott, ps, leegosney, peterhollens1982, scoops, editorial, ari

Well hi there, Lee Gosney -- I see you are using your "Kellsey Anderson" alias again. I just left you a voicemail about all of this and how we should just have some fun with it all.

I very seriously doubt you ever met Peter Hollens -- but if you DID "fool around" with the little hottie in college, I am ENVIOUS!!! I don't recall twisting his words, and Peter has been so successful at growing his already HUGE catalog of covers of songs and getting cash out of his sales, that I feel CERTAIN he can defend himself if I have been unfair, It's NOT illegal to allow a Christian "Itch-Bay" to bind one into economic and family slavery -- this is de rigueur for most Christians -- especially in marriages -- and many others too.

I'll continue my response by copying this to my blog and continuing there. I find that more FUN!!! I have so far received THREE emails from you since I left that long message on your voicemail this morning.

Naturally, I'll be sending all to the Hotsy-Totsy internet crooner with "PRAISE JESUS" chest hairs, Peter Hollens.

The poor suckered-by-a-female kind of guy had NO IDEA he would end up so exposed and so WIDELY exposed on the internet. STILL, I have no influence to harm his financial gig -- in fact I SUPPORT him using his talents to make money this way. I just wish he recorded his videos SHIRTLESSLY!!!


-----Original Message-----

This was the ONLY photo on Kellsey Anderson's Facebook page when I got it there. I also saw it on Lee Gosney's son's page as himself, young. But they have all BLOCKED me since. But "Kellsey" has the voice of Lee Gosney.

Lee Gosney on far right, his wife of six years, his son Chris, and Patrick Stansbury's gay, developmentally disabled brother, Michael Stansbury.

I give Lee and his family a lot of credit for taking in Michael after his brother had him held over-medicated in a state institution. I also give credit to their church that I know has also been a huge help: Westminster Presbyterian in Snellville, GA.

From: Kellsey anderson <>
To: scottdkenan <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 5, 2018 8:37 am

Peter Hollens is a good person and a good christian. I met him in college and we fooled around a bit sort of experimented. Quit twisting his words and you will be sorry if you post this.

>>> I have Russian assets that can finger you to the Wilmington , NC motel death.

I will shortly call Wilmington Police Department to report this DEATH THREAT. While it is tempting to laugh at this, Geraldine Flynn-Miller told me years ago that Patrick Stansbury, owner of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA worked with the Republican Party to murder me -- and Col. Dottie Newman who got me to Political Exile in Mexico, told me it was ALSO with the CIA.

This is an INTERSTATE Cyber-Threat, so the crime seems to be FEDERAL. I suppose that would be the FBI, but it MIGHT fall under NC Law, so I'll check first.


First, I spoke with a Wilmington Officer who did not give his name nor did I ask for it. Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked crack DAILY in the house of a friend of mine when I lived here 2011 and 12, but I don't know if Ralph still does. I also saw small groups of Officers in uniform smoking joints in the Police HQ parking lot TWICE in 2011, so WHO KNOWS what sort of Officer one might get by chance -- but THIS ONE actually seemed GREAT and encouraged me TOTALLY, after saying that YES, that would be FBI jurisdiction.

We spoke just shy of three minutes, and I told him it is Lee E. Gosney, Jr., of Patrick Stansbury's Pentagon Pubpishing, Inc. Snellville, GA (his chief websites: and

At this point, I am NOT going to paste in the other three emails I got from Lee under his Kellsey Anderson alias which Lee has used before and which I can PROVE is Lee. I had lined up three blog posts of about a year ago that PROVE IT to post -- but for now, I'm just going to sit tight until I hear from the FBI, where I had to leave a message.


HACKERS or the CIA or RUSSIANS are not now allowing me to post ANY IMAGE to this blog. They NEVER GIVE UP -- but neither do I -- and I'm TALLER!!!


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