Saturday, March 10, 2018

I've Known This for TWO DAYS: Sam Davies Does NOT Work for THE GUARDIAN, but Inadvertently Connected Me to the TOP PEOPLE THERE!!!

Sam Davies SHOWS OFF HIS CHEST HAIRS -- and such -- 2014


And the TOP NEWS PEOPLE at The Guardian seem most HAPPY for me to be feeding them DIRECTLY, now.

Of course someone might have STOLEN Sam Davies' FACEBOOK IDENTITY. Many of my remaining Friends on Facebook complain all the time of people stealing their Identities and spoofing others IN THEIR NAME

Chief of these is Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz's "widow" Wayne Gibson:

Wayne last said that EIGHT times in the past two years, his identity has been stolen to set up spoofs. It got SO CRAZY that today, I am friended to him TWO places (as linked above) -- they both have the same profile picture and much else -- and several people I have known in Atlanta are friended to him on one or the other -- or like me -- to BOTH!!!

They couldn't even spell his NAME RIGHT!!!

Times TWO.

George Vlasits, Wilmington, NC

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From: George Vlasits <>
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Sent: Fri, Mar 9, 2018 5:28 pm
Subject: Re: Please welcome my personal acquaintance Chief Superior Court Judge (Republican and Evangelical) Jay Hockenbury to this LIST!!!


Could you please remove me from this list. I am getting too many emails and I don't remember signing up to be getting these.

George Vlasits

Scott Kenan (
To:gvlasits + 1 more Details

I'm the same way, If you don't like the truth about Wilmington's corruption by my own family and others, that is fine!!!

If I forget to take you off when I next mass-email, just return it to remind me.


>>> My PREVIOUS dealings with George Vlasits -- and NOW because of Mr. Vlasits, I have to ASSUME Harper Peterson -- current Democrat running for NC Senate -- is TOTALLY INTO NARCO-TRAFFICKING!!!

George Vlasits speaking to a bunch of UNMOTIVATED DEMOCRATS -- and this posting ALSO has info on how New Hanover County is SUING my sister Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy's (of Downingtown, PA), Israeli OPIOID MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Teva Pharmaceuticals.

And now, BACK to the practical matters of TODAY!!!


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