Saturday, March 3, 2018

Elton John Just AIN'T BEEN THE SAME -- since He Lost His Gay Cred at Kenan-Owned The Breakers, Palm Beach -- Croonin' n' Druggin' at Drug-Rush Limbaugh's FOURTH Serial Weddin'!!! / We Are HUNG (highly)!!!

Kenan Family owned

ONE Gay Wedding at The Breakers -- five years ago.

Could Frank Hawkins Kenan II and Story Cowles be NEXT???


Mr. Story Cowles

A word from Tennessee Williams about it.

Will it have to be a SHOTGUN wedding???:

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp shared a link.
4 hrs

Worshippers clutching AR-15 rifles and pistols had their weddings blessed and their weapons celebrated as life-saving "rods of iron" at a controversial church in…

Just leave it to Paul Leone to be CERTAIN all goes RIGHT. When I contacted his people about six years ago, they STOPPED buying 85% of the ad space on -- and nearly NO WHERE ELSE. But NOW, I find they advertise nearly EVERYWHERE, and no more on Fox than anywhere else.

About ten years ago -- or maybe fifteen -- Paul Leone (Lion in English), was quoted in the Press as saying, "When the property needed extensive renovations and to do it right, the estimate was for $286,000,000.00, the owners pulled it out of their pockets like it was SPARE CHANGE!!!"

With a Humble Episcopalian Church-Woman, Betty (Price) Kenan and her stepson, Thomas S. Kenan III, who own The Breakers, prepare to beautify a Durham Churchyard planting Organic, Gluten-Free, Flowering Fruit Trees.

Betty and Tom "HIGH-CHURCHIN'" it.

But after Festivities of ANY KIND, why not REFRESH with Mr. Limbaugh -- and HIGH-TAIL it across the street, to Henry Morrison Flagler's Wedding Gift to Mary Lily Kenan: WHITEHALL:

The Entrance Hall

The Music Drawing-Room

So after roommie Seth and I had a sudden STREAK OF ACTIVE PATRIOTISM and went searchin' all the "Brother-Haunts" we could think of where we MIGHT find evidence we'd need to BURN for the good of Wilmington, Our Great Nation, and even our own little selves, of "illegal herbal God-Gift (natural)", and were STYMIED, so ALMOST dropped by Landlady Gold Walker's domicile to see if SHE (die-hard Donald Trump supporter that she still claims to be -- and FERVENT CHRISTIAN), had any ideas where SCOUNDRELS might be hiding it, we chanced on a situation that even included "The Cherokee" (Chris Millikan, who until recently lived in Gold Walker's first floor above me on 4th Street).

And THAT was enough!!!

We came home, hung these lights, and are now chilling out:


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