Saturday, March 17, 2018

COMMITTED!!! LOL!!! !!! !!! ADDED Mon. 3 - 18 - 18: STIll in, Meeting people who RESPECT Kenan Ethics and I Am Leading INMATE COMMNETS in Groups, Making the Best of ALL, ETC.!!!

Saturday noon, EIGHT Police Officers came half to each of my outside doors and after simply asking me some innocuous questions, cuffed me, told me I had been committed to The Oaks Mental Ward where I was told that the secretary of a Superior Court Judge had committed me indefinitely after someone told them that I had gone off the rails physically threatening people and the proof is the image and my "smart crack, meant in humor that since Jon Deputy -- and less so Gold Walker and her son -- should just come shoot me if they can't file charges against me -- or refuse to -- if they want to get me out of were they do no live anywhere near and neither has visited since the day Jon threatened to take care of me if I don't move out -- because he doesn't like what I blog about the narco-trafficking on Spooford Circle -- or on 4th Street.

I have to assume this is because I filed Cyberstalking charges -- and Readers know Jon in one very recent email claims I need to go someplace and be put on drugs.

My old doctor Martin is not here, and I have spoken to two doctors and will finally see my assigned one tomorrow. Every Police officer and intake and other tech told me becasue I've had a good sense of humor about it, I should not have even spent a night here, but the two doctors don't care if Jon Deputy (or his associate), filed this commitment without a judge or doctor even speaking wit me like every other state I know requires. I can get the commitment papers when I am released and if it actually IS Jon, this will cause another charge against him -- or at least increase the penalties on Cyberstalking.

So far, all doctors and techs REFUSE to read a few paragraph of this posting, which I think will show the Accuser's claim it is proof I am going to shoot and kill sevearl people possibly including myself, is absurd. And they tell me I need to be put on several drubs and stabilized for a week or two before being released.

BUT, I finally see Dr. Triggs tomorrow and we'll see what her opinion is.

Otherwise, I'm doing fine and gathering TONS of good stories while in nictine withdrawal. I AMM including Jon Deputy and Gold Walker in this emailing -- I'm sure they are concerned for my health -- and additional criminal charges again one or both of them for this.

Rare computer access -- raise to toast of wine of pot to God and Liberty and Justice!!!

See y'all soon!!!


MON 3/18/18:

Am cooperating and told I'll be out soon, but no idea when, yet. The Doctor is NOT allowed to consider I was committed probably by Jonathan Deputy after I filed Cyberstalking charges against him. Maybe by Gold Walker as well -- or testimorny of the drug-sellers also in 1210 Spofford Circle. I won't know until I get out.

Dr. Triggs claims there is absolutely no health problems from taking Lithium Carbonate for years -- yet all the nurses and techs are well aware of the problems to organs and teeth -- all of my teeth gone due to improper taking of Lithium 1978 - 2008, when my psychiatrist said I had shown no sign of Bipolar in the eight years I had been in her care.

So we might have a lawsuit against the psychiatrist here, soon.

Gotta run,



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