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Cape May GHOST TRAIN Revealed by Recent Storms (so I'm thinkin' about Henry Flagler, the Kenans, Stanley Winborne III, and trains) / Jonathan Deputy CASTS HIS LOT!!!

Here come Jonathan Deputy, Gold Walker, Pete (upstairs), and Rob (next door) -- ridin' that Kenan Family, Donald Trump, Republican Party, Clinton Democrats NARCO-TRAFFICKIN', WHITE SUPREMACY TRAIN!!!



Senator Cory Booker after shopping at www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com, which I co-founded with Hilary Ann Russell, Charles Octavius Pritchard, and William Earl Johnson, Jr. (silent partner who backed us, who was a South Philly Irish-PROTESTANT Mafia Member who FORCED us for two years to buy HOT MERCHANDISE from "Back-Door Don"), in 1974. 

The Russell Family in 2009: Kenneth Seaton Russell (Special Assistant to the CEO of Sterling Drugs), Hilary in center, Chuck in blue (like me, both grads of Denison University), and on far right, Barbara Russell, whose STAUNCH PRESBYTERIAN MOTHER had abandoned her young family on the East Coast, moved out West, and without getting divorced, remarried and had Barbara.

I think of "Nana" -- who in those days kept running away BUCK NAKED in her wheelchair in California -- while Ken and Barbie (the ORIGINALS???), lived in Westport, Connecticut (and Barbara WARNED ME that Tennessee Williams was a DEVIL, and I should STOP WORKING FOR HIM)!!!

I sold out in 1978, after Chuck, Hilary, and my parents FORCED me to be committed to Anchora State Mental Hospital and to take LITHIUM CARBONATE for a total of THIRTY-ONE YEARS as a form of SOFT LOBOTOMY -- because I would NOT stop telling the truth about my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and father, William Scott Kenan, who raised me with SWASTIKAS on the dinner plates, daily beatings, and my parents got their orders from the Catholic Popes, Mom having THREE one-on-one meetings in Rome (two with John Paul II), but as recently as with Francis I.

Some Trains:

Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway ad from 1913, the year his widow, Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, inherited it, controlling interest in ALL the Standard Oil Companies (34 oil companies -- and  the break up was so POPULAR, that the new 34 stocks DOUBLED in price in ONE YEAR, as stocks can do).

And Flagler owned 40% of the stock in ALL US Railroad companies, massive land and utility holdings -- especially in Florida -- WHY the New York Times claimed that Mary Lily Kenan Flagler was the WEALTHIEST WOMAN ON EARTH.

The Atlantic Coast Line railway was HQ'ed in Wilmington, NC for most of its life, and this is what is left of its HQ here:

My best friend in the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, Stanley Winborne III -- close relative to Betty (Price) Kenan (widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan of Durham, NC, today), told me his SON, was second in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan under Hillary Clinton -- and charged with shipping back all the HEROIN to Maxwell AFB, and then my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury with Lee E. Gosney, Jr., of www.Pentagon-USA.com / www.TopGrad.com, sold it to the ENTIRE East Coast, but especially in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, and Wilmington, NC.

Stanley Winborne with Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of the BBC, who led the PV Writers Group -- until Colin was MURDERED by Drug Mafia summer of 2015 -- and ONLY Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments in Wilmington could tell me all the DETAILS of how the CIA did it, how the murderer led Mexican Authorities to the body, buried five hours away, and then that the US Government CIA Forced Mexico to FREE THE MURDERER!!!

Jennifer McCracken STILL lives in apartment 67 in Carolina Apartments, and while I lived there sold me marijuana many times -- offering also Opioids, especially. She is PROTECTED by her brother, high in both the CIA and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies, but NOW, so over-medicated by her shrink, she looks DEAD (to me, anyway).


Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon CRIED when he lied to me in 2011 -- claiming he didn't KNOW his Deputies protect the mini-subs that unloaded POWDER DRUGS under Snow's Cut Bridge -- a couple of blocks from the Lazy Pirate, where I had my date with George Bush's distant cousin 1.5 years ago -- and we were up ALL NIGHT laughing about the White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking with Christian Churches crimes of the Kenan and Bush Families TOGETHER!!!

Bill Toups is the eighth cousin of George HW Bush -- and had to move to a new state  and grow a very long beard after we met!!! The Bush Family is REALLY after him!!!

THIS BLOG saves MY LIFE -- I am now TOO WELL KNOWN, and TOO WELL RESPECTED to simply kill -- although MANY HAVE TRIED -- LOL!!!

And JUST LIKE the Ghost Railroad Tracks of Cape May, Jonathan Deputy's CHARGES AGAINST ME will disappear into the water -- in the LIGHT OF LEGAL DAY.

I JUST NOW got a call from my brother Mike -- an Oil Company Executive (refinery accounting) based in Philadelphia, from a BEACH near Los Angeles, where he is on business for a week -- WATCHING THE PACIFIC SUNSET.

A sunset in Puerto Vallarta sent me by a friend, last month.

And Mike (seen in the Wrightsville Beach T-Shirt in the photo way above), is giving me his FULL SUPPORT against the silly Mr. Deputy.

 Scott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comHide
To: reservations reservations@suncoastvr.com, goldwalker goldwalker@ec.rr.com, oliver oliver@carterandcarterlaw.com, benjamin.r.david benjamin.r.david@nccourts.org, emcmahon emcmahon@nhcgov.com, bill.saffo bill.saffo@wilmingtonnc.gov, officeofthechief officeofthechief@wilmingtonnc.gov


This is what I have been PRAYING FOR, and I have written you stating that EXACTLY!!! May I suggest you contact D.A. Ben David, Sheriff McMahon, or Mayor Bill Saffo -- ALL of whom I know, but I never met Chief Evangelous (Wilmingtonians tell me he is connected to the Los Angeles Drug Mafia and that is where City Council got him -- to protect the Drugs).

Anyway, your idle threats have become BORING, so let's get this SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!

REMEMBER, my recently measured IQ of 12 points above Genius -- and my tying first place in college boards in a 2,400 student high school -- and academic scholarship to Denison University where I graduated AFTER winning a US State Department contest and my Art prints were hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates is NO INDICATION that I am SMART -- especially in Court.

Also, don't forget that more than one Judge has been forced to acknowledge the LEGAL meaning of this notice on my blog: HUMOR is our most important product -- and Politics is our Current Game!!! -- and that I frequently state (and have emailed you, so you already are familiar), that my blog, originally created to promote my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams (look him up, you are CULTURALLY DEPRIVED), is NOT meant to be "Court Quality Material", and to find out how I would explain that in Court, just ask me about any thing.

That doesn't mean I'd answer YOU before we go to Court -- which I can force to another county very easily. As I've explained, Judge R. Russell Davis is the only one for certain that I cannot force to recuse himself.

All best -- and have a BLESSED EVENING!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Jonathan Deputy <reservations@suncoastvr.com>
To: Scott Kenan <scottdkenan@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Mar 13, 2018 6:02 pm
Subject: Re: Response to Jonathan Deputy's email that came in JUST AS I EMAILED OUT my latest blog posting!!! (Stay Tuned)


I have decided that given your insistence on continuing to make false and defamatory statements about me, Gold Walker, and the other tenants at Spofford Circle...I will be filing eviction paperwork on you in the morning.  I had hoped that we could work this out without involving the courts, but alas, that seems like it is unlikely.  

Additionally, because you continue to make false and defamatory statements about me personally, I will seek all remedies available to me in both the criminal and civil court system.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

From: Scott Kenan <scottdkenan@aol.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 1:57:32 PM
To: Jonathan Deputy; goldwalker@ec.rr.com; oliver@carterandcarterlaw.com; benjamin.r.david@nccourts.org; breakingnews@starnewsonline.com; teri@benefits-management.org; kenan5@aol.com; jkenan02@gmail.com; mikekenan@comcast.net; duffyjr3@verizon.net; connor.kenan@nordicwi.com; bojones@verizon.net; scott@scottdavidkenan.com

Subject: Response to Jonathan Deputy's email that came in JUST AS I EMAILED OUT my latest blog posting!!! (Stay Tuned)

Thank you Jon -- and at the moment, things have happened so FAST that I will need a day or two to consider this!!!

All Best -- and stay tuned to my blog to see what is ACTUALLY happening!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Jonathan Deputy <reservations@suncoastvr.com>
To: Scott Kenan <scottdkenan@aol.com>; goldwalker <goldwalker@ec.rr.com>
Sent: Tue, Mar 13, 2018 1:50 pm
Subject: Re: My Response to Jonathan Deputy and Gold Walker:


I think you moving out would be the easiest, best solution to this problem.  I would think that given the level of contempt and dislike you have exhibited towards myself, Gold Walker, and your fellow tenants at Spofford Circle, that this would be something you would desire.  You say that you only want to write about larger corruption issues, but over the last 3 1/2 months you have repeatedly attacked myself, Gold, your fellow tenants, and just about anybody associated with us, with what are, on many occasions, false and defamatory statements.  If you put half the energy into helping people, or getting a job, as you do attacking people on your blog, you would be a much better person.

Let this email serve as notice that I will not hold any remaining time on your lease against you should you move out early, and will refund to you any unused advance rent payments received by me.  However, I would like to see you moved out sometime within the next 30 days.  I am currently holding rent for April so if you moved out before the end of the month, you would receive that money at the time of your departure...it could be used for a new place.  

Please let me know when you have found something.  I will hold off on filing eviction paperwork at this time, but reserve the right to do so if this latest plan fails to materialize.  


Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


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