Wednesday, March 14, 2018

After Waking to Realize Donald Trump Has Now LOST HIS PRESIDENCY for Practical Purposes, I Wrote Jon Deputy for the Last Time -- and My Mother Got ANGRY for My Exposing Kenan NAZIS and KLANSMEN, then Threw Her SWASTIKAS at Me -- AGAIN!!!

The NICEST thing this morning was to find the money my brother sent me via Venmo -- that I transferred to my bank about 10:30 PM last night -- had CLEARED this morning. Then I got Jon Deputy's email and responded to it, but will paste that in later, as I think this is now BORING to my Readers (if NOT BORING to Law Enforcement at several levels).

I really did stay up until 4:30 AM last night -- studying what I've blogged the last several weeks -- so got up late, and with all this good news happening, including the student protests, Pennsylvania election result, etc., I am just collecting thoughts today.

About noon, I got a Facebook Friend request from Debbie Walter Joslin in my Denison University Class of 1973. With only a total of about 2,100 students back then, I don't remember her, but she was a math/psych major, and I was biology/chemistry, then changed to art.

I was FIRST impressed by the beauty of the photos on her Facebook page -- of her family and of nature and her postings being very positive. So I friended her to learn that she is a retired Sr. Vice President of Merrill Lynch (part of Kenan-owned Bank of America -- ownership that even many execs there don't know). So I have no idea how she came to me -- and being banned from communicating through Facebook for another three weeks, I can't ask her -- LOL!!!

Now, there are a LOT of things that have happened that I have not reported, because I was so caught up in the dramas surrounding both Seth Wayne George and Jonathan Deputy, and a few of them are that Seth left nearly EVERYTHING that he could not take SUPER-FAST and to travel light, so I ASSUME he's vamoosed from the Wilmington area long ago, now. ALL his personal grooming items are here -- from deodorant to good hair clippers to his "gonad-shaving equipment" -- a practice that I simply don't understand. And LOTS of good tools and clothes.

STRANGELY, he stole my good metal marijuana pipe -- but left me his CHEAP BONG -- and a mostly-full can of sour-apple malt liquor, a substance I can't stand the smell or taste of. AND he apparently spilled some of it and it took two days for the smell to leave. I had discovered the bong also had it, so had dumped that out. And NOW, I have money again, but NO INTEREST in buying more pot.

And I found HALF my food-storage containers, as well as two of the three missing tablespoons -- all of which we had BOTH searched the house for -- hidden in the back of his closet, and one spoon still had peanut butter on it, so my two new jars of peanut butter that he had NO IDEA what could have happened to -- he must have completely consumed!!! 

I'm also TOTALLY over -- I not having had a single REAL person contact me through that in years -- except George Bush's cousin Bill Toups, and Mitt Romney's near relative through legal gay marriage, Bill Romney, who became so OBNOXIOUS, I had to find how to contact both Mitt and Ann Romney -- and they STOPPED BILL COLD immediately:

Douglas Wayne Romney and Bill Romney ("maiden" name: William Wilhelm)

And yesterday, while WRITING UP A STORM, I also made the BEST ham-hock, bean, and collards soup -- that is actually a thick stew. In the supermarket, I had asked a woman if smoked neck bones would substitute well for hocks -- they being much less expensive -- and it turned out she is descended from a very old family that founded Duke University, and knows LOTS of the wealthiest Kenans and ABSOLUTELY knows that the Kenans control Narco-Trafficking in North Carolina and beyond -- as well as Kenans being the leaders of White Supremacy

WOW!!! We talked for about twenty minutes.

Here is my correspondence with Jonathan Deputy (and I am taking him and Gold Walker OFF my email list to send out blog postings), followed by my phone conversation with Mom today -- largely about all of this.

 Scott Kenan
To reservations, goldwalker, oliver, benjamin.r.david, breakingnews, scott

Thank you. 

So stop HARASSING ME electronically with your EVER-CHANGING (often more often than once per day), claims of how to handle our disagreement. Also, Gold Walker told me on the phone that she had NO IDEA you were trying to get me out of these apartments. GOLD has not changed her position, and she was ANGRY at you for giving her BAD Legal Advice so she wasted nearly two weeks by filing to Evict Tyler Breton -- instead of the Trespass charge, that WAS Legally Appropriate. 

If you are HARMED by what is on my blog it is because I post what you say or write and poke holes in your Logic and point out your Fake Facts. I did not say or write YOUR WORDS, although being Human (as well as under stress from your and certain occupants' threats), I have made some errors -- including a major one about the Vicodin in Cancun story, which I happily made sure is now correctly shown. I did NOT edit your side on anything, regardless what I thought of it.

NOW she is angry as hell at you for NOT checking out some of the tenants you placed in her property that some here with nearly all the closest neighbors, have observed selling drugs -- yes, pot, but also drugs that are harmful. Either she is LYING to me -- or YOU are, and a Courtroom is where we need to sort this out -- or stop bullying me with electronic arguments and posturing. File your charges or apologize to me, offer me some kind of significant monetary compensation (like Tyler was offered money to move out -- but refused it).

I will not respond to further communication from you except that which is practical and does NOT have to do with this disagreement between the two of us -- like that you have NOT gotten my rent payment half a month early, which I was very happy to see you got April's payment on or before March 13.

If you file anything against me, I will know it when the Law serves me. I don't NEED any kind of "heads-up" as these things are always served with time to prepare for Court. That said, I thank you for all our back-and-forth to this point where it will stop. You have revealed the gist of your strategy if we go to Court and given me time to prepare my gist of defense (or OFFENSE, if I decide to charge you). I have no reason that I know of to charge Gold for any of this non-sense.

I was up until 4:30 AM reading the last three weeks of my blog postings and was THRILLED to see what a great basis it will be for my books. I don't have time to take away to argue something you are afraid will blow up in your face if you DO take me to Court. Anyway, if you were HONEST about filing charges first thing this morning, I'm sure you have already done that. You have been taking HUGE amounts of time (to respond to your circular arguments), from my job of writing -- a job that does not PAY until much later -- but my job and my profession nevertheless. Were I doing this in an office in a COMMERCIAL building, you would understand that better, but something is befuddling your mind.

From now on, if you want to distract me further personally (instead of in Court), you will need to pre-pay me at $100.00/hour.

As I type this, you have one hour and thirty-two minutes to make your most previous claim of filing charges this morning HONEST. I HOPE you have already done that!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Jonathan Deputy <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Wed, Mar 14, 2018 8:08 am

Subject: Re: Now if you think Donald TRUMP has "gone off the rails" -- READ THIS. LOL!!!


NC General Statute 14-196.3.  Cyberstalking.

(b)        It is unlawful for a person to:
        (3)        Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another and to knowingly make any false statement concerning death, injury, illness, disfigurement, indecent conduct, or criminal conduct of the person electronically mailed or of any member of the person's family or household with the intent to abuse, annoy, threaten, terrify, harass, or embarrass.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


I just got ANOTHER email from Jonathan Deputy -- who apparently has NOT filed any charges against me, and I think you can see HOW this is more than a VEILED threat, but also ties him to those who illegally and unconstitutionally stole copyright to my memoir -- District Attorney Benjamin R. David, his Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan who next worked for Daliah Saper at:, who is a Talking Head on Fox News, Chicago as well, and THEN Jamie Lee Sutherland, exec of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago who had BRAGGED of doing $24 Million/month on average narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta -- and that bank got the LARGEST FINE IN US HISTORY for laundering drug money through their Chicago offices that same year, 2010.

Later, Jamie switched jobs to being an exec of Ameriprise Financial in Chicago, where he remains today:

ONLY Bank of America honored this -- by TAKING my then Disability money -- which by Law is protected from Court Awards. NEITHER nor Google Blogger OBEYED THIS ORDER!!!

Jonathan Deputy reservations@suncoastvr.comHide
To Scott Kenan


You remember what happened to the last book you wrote...maybe your next book can have the same fate.

Jon Deputy

Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

And this would also seem to connect Jonathan Deputy to Lawyer David Nash -- who had prosecuted me for this same "Cyberstalking", gotten a FAKE CONVICTION through Republican Judge Chad Hogston, and then Republican Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo made the deal with Ben David that got ALL MY RECORD from 2011-12 VOIDED!!!

THEN, I called Jon Deputy to tell him that Wilmington Police had referred me to the FBI to report on all of these things -- which I have been doing -- and that LIKELY they have put (if they didn't already have), surveillance on EVERYTHING (landlines, cell phones, and emails -- my own have been totally tapped since 1988, VERY understandable to me given my mother's position of America's TOP NAZI), of Jon Deputy, Gold Walker,, and EVERY RESIDENT here at this property on Spofford Circle.

Jon REFUSED TO LISTEN, and for a full minute talked over me as I told him this is all VERY SERIOUS, and he could be convicted of MAJOR CRIMES -- but he kept yelling that I am the one who is GOING TO PRISON because of MY (NEVER specified), crimes!!!

Jon IMMEDIATELY texted me to NEVER, EVER call him on his business phone -- the one listed on his emails -- and ONLY to email him. I texted back, "LOL!!!"

At that point, it was TOO LATE to call either the FBI or Ben David's secretary, Samantha Dooies, today, so I called Gold Walker's cell phone, (910) 620-6553, but she did NOT answer and has NO VOICEMAIL -- ALL BIG DRUG TRAFFICKERS have no voicemail, but it is not PROOF that she is one. 

I called Gold Walker Properties' business land-line, (910) 343-1767, and Gold DID answer and I told her that Jon Deputy is getting WAY OVER HIS HEAD and committing crimes against me, and Wilmington Police are having me send all that info to the FBI.

Gold said there was NO WAY IN HELL that ANY of that could be true, and she did NOT want to hear my LIES!!!

Now neither of them are so fundamentally stupid that they actually believe what they told me -- and it would be DEATH (prosecutorially), to them to act/speak in this ignorant way. CLEARLY they both believe they are ENTIRELY IMMUNE to prosecution.

That was likely true BEFORE, but not now.

I am letting only Allie, Kelsey, and her girlfriend -- as well as Gray Hunter -- know about this surveillance and what is going on with Gold and Jon -- and the District Attorney and the FBI.

Mom and I nearly two years ago -- the LAST TIME she allowed me to get anywhere near her.

Mom had worked directly with D.A. Ben David and Judge Chad Hogston in 2011 -- just like she did in Dekalb County, Georgia in 1990 with Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter to FORCE ME onto Lithium and a YEAR of "House-Arrest Probation" -- just like Paul Manafort was just put on because he faces 305 years in PRISON if convicted.

And I was only charged with simple Trespass!!!

Judge Hunter got PROMOTED to Superior Court Judge -- HA!!!

EXCEPT for passing all this info on to APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES, here is MY RESPONSE:

And I am STILL not interested in getting some pot to relax. I'm fine as I am.

I also got this, late today:


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