Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Posting of a Denison University 1973 Co-Graduate OPENS MY MIND to Recent Personal and "Ancient" Kenan Family History (and a Letter to Dr. Douglas Waldrep, Head of New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital will be NEXT)!!!

Dr. Kunkle-Miller's practice in Pittsburgh can be seen here: and also here:

Also, Carole is who came up with the name of the business I co-founded with Charles Octavius Pritchard and Hilary Ann Russell-Pritchard in 1974, they both ALSO Denison grads:

And here is what Dr. Kunkle-Miller posted. Readers all know that John D. Rockefeller worked for Henry Morrison Flagler (who had founded Standard Oil -- soon taking on John D. Rockefeller and his own father-in-law Stephen V. Harkness as equal partners, but Flagler came to control much of Harkness's stock, so owned the most of it).

Henry Flagler was QUITE THE DANDY -- back in that dayno???

Henry Flagler -- after endowing his children with fortunes earlier, left his entire estate at his death in 1913, to Mary Lily Kenan of Wilmington, NC, his third wife, causing the New York Times to declare Mary Lily "The Wealthiest Woman on Earth". She died in mysterious circumstances, suffering from Tertiary Syphilis and taking the only remedy before antibiotics, Arsenic -- and suffered addictions to Laudanum and Cocaine (then over-the-counter medicines).

There have been THREE autopsies of Mary Lily, the last was in 1989, ordered by Thomas S. Kenan III and covered in a 60 MINUTES segment that year. Tom Kenan REFUSED to disclose the results, and in 1990, from Tom's actual desk at Kenan Oil in Chapel Hill, then President Lee Shaffer (who went on to make Kenan Advantage Group,, the largest trucker in the USA, Canada, and Mexico), had me call Tom at home. 

Among other things, I asked Tom to disclose the autopsy results in exchange for shocking info concerning Tennessee Williams's death (he had crab lice -- then considered TOO SHOCKING TO REVEAL in any of the books, although well known to scholars. Today, think BED BUGS or chronic gonadal yeast infections complicated by poison ivy). But Tom Kenan didn't tell (so neither did I).

We DID discuss the young man we both had dated -- first Tom long term, then me in 1985, not so long term, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, the Wilmington Queen of Wedding and Christmas Christian Trumpeting -- and he's STILL cute today:

Robbie Anderson in 2017.

Now, before I get to Carole's posting, a couple of other things:

1. I finally got hold of the older guy who was perhaps somewhat befuddled, but totally charming none-the-less. He kept talking about "Johnny Stike" whom he'd grown up with. John Stike, DDS, later a major land developer, borderline RAPED me shortly before or after I met Robbie Anderson.

John Stike, high school class of 1961, was eight years older than me. He co-owned Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street with Lawyer David Nash (who's semi-"retarded" black stud-of-convenience took ME home twice to Oak Island and topped me like an EXPERT!!!).

Anyway, it was fun to talk to my "The Oaks Fellow Incarceree" -- until his wife grabbed him by a hook and pulled him out to get to the barber shop where he was already late for an appointment.

2. My 95-year-old mother and my sister Jane arrived in the Chrysler Old-Lady-Mobile Van ready to rock n' roll -- or at least go to Something Fishy for lunch. Although it was GREAT to see Jane, my mother and I are in the middle of coming to FAR better an understanding of and respect for each other than ever before -- and our ventures into that were going right over Jane's head, she grousing about people with too many fences in their front yards -- as if anyone's opinion of that made ANY difference at all.

But Mom accepted a sheet on Mantras to Reduce Stress that I got from "The Oaks" -- and it is straight out of Science of Mind, which I am a Trained Practitioner of. I told her it is NOT incompatible with Roman Catholicism -- just substitute "God" where it says "Universe" -- and REALLY, the physical universe is IN FACT the manifest BODY of God, in any given moment -- It constantly changing.

So here is Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller's Facebook Posting:

Coming up next -- the Letter to Dr. Doug Waldrep, Head of New Hanover Behavioral Hospital.

Analyze THIS face, while yer waiting . . . 


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