Friday, March 9, 2018

A Few Notes on a LONG DAY!!!

"Letter to Newt Gingrich, February 2, 1990"

FUNNY: I just searched my image files for an image with "note" in the title -- and THIS OLDIE popped right UP -- 1990, and I have the ORIGINAL PAPER in my files here!!!

You can hit it or download it to read it better -- it is much higher resolution, and I have not yet re-read it for the first time in about eight years, but remember it pretty well. This was when I was reporting the powder drugs flowing into Stone Mountain Park -- hidden under ballast in open "coal cars", and I watched the unloading into Sysco Food Service and Inland Seafood trucks, followed one to the Krystal restaurant halfway down Memorial Drive to I-285, then after they made their delivery, I watched as tons of cars went through the drive-through, paid nothing, and quickly picked up bags of goods.

I wrote the franchisee -- or perhaps it was the parent company about it -- and I also still have that, and their reply!!! This was the drug corruption that I have often blogged about in detail -- and that Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' also knew about and that it was run by the Kenans who control Exxon-Mobil, Republicans, and some Democrats in Atlanta, and then CNN and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution both protected it. Russel was NOT AWARE of my parents being so much a part of it too.


Seth George just walked in -- and I could smell the alcohol from eight feet away. He had taken more than a minute to negotiate the key in two locks, so I got there, wanted to unlock it to help him but decided to see how long it took, and had stepped back far enough not to frighten him when Seth opened the door.

He was paid by PERSONAL check today, and his bank won't clear it until tomorrow morning (or maybe even Monday), and the hundred-dollar bill he has left from hocking his TV, he did not break so he ONLY carried the little money he'd set aside for emergencies, and apparently drank it up.

When I got aggressive asking about today's rent and such, he said he could walk to the store and break the $100.00 and give me what I have to spend tonight, and I admitted I DON'T have to spend any tonight, so will wait. He spoke with the guy who has more scrap, and he's OK with us picking it up tomorrow morning, that will add MORE CASH INCOME, and we will need to buy a little gasoline to do that, and THEN break the big bill.

Other than THAT, he's a MESS and not communicating well and says he knows he's in for an immediate adjustment in his lifestyle -- because he ALWAYS WINS, and some of his recent behaviors are NOT WORKING for him any longer.

But here is the coolest thing: When I asked him why he didn't answer my calls or pick up my voicemails (which he said he had never heard his phone ring), he -- CONFUSED -- checked his text messages, saying I have you under "Christopher of Wilmington", and then read off a whole list -- he pairing first name "Chris" with a last name for each, but I'm the only Christopher.

As all Roman Catholics and even some others KNOW, "Christopher" means "Bearer of Christ", but he is not Catholic -- but went to Catholic Prep School on Athletics Scholarship (until he was kicked out of school and his parents' home):

St. Christopher was said to have had a GIGANTIC HEIGHT, and I've seen estimates from 6' 8" to 7' 0".


Tomorrow we shall SEE (after he's slept the booze off), if he's a GOOD WITCH or a BAD WITCH.

We the Female Bishops of the Episcopal Church, USA -- that MURDERED Tennessee Williams, then STOLE his estate from Harvard University -- don't THINK SO!!!

"I'm Jeanne Wolf, and in 1982, I had a GREAT TIME meeting Scott and Tennessee, and filmed a reading of Tenn's short story "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack" at
David Wolkowsky's THE SANDS in Key West."



I'll be sure and use todays blog postings at the eviction hearing.  I plan on filing eviction paperwork on Monday morning.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


I bet -- LOL!!! It will be FUN going back to Court where nearly ALL Judges must recuse themselves -- and D.A. Ben David knows I have ALL THE GOODS ON HIM. 

My latest posting -- and remember, Aaron said he is NOT LISTED on Rob's lease in any way at all -- WHY he could and almost DID move in with me after the first few days since he and Rob had NOT known each other, and got thrown together right when they moved in with Aaron to stay there just a few days -- and they were NOT getting along at first because Rob HATES HARD DRUGS.

But Aaron has been doing LSD and buying CRACK -- substances NO ONE ELSE HERE USES. 

Aaron Gallimore self portrait 2017 -- from his Facebook Profile.

If you don't evict THEM FIRST -- since I copied you in emails about this un-leasely situation BEFORE I ever met Seth -- and have those emails to print showing that. You have more than proven you do receive all my emails -- I THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

Call his father James Gallimore at work Monday -- contact info is in this posting of the Letter I emailed and then snail-mailed to Mr. Gallimore who Aaron said definitely got it -- actual letter down a bit:

Anyway, I hope you can explain that it was your HATRED of HOMOSEXUALS or your HATRED OF THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR OWN CRIMES, that led you to evict me BEFORE the previous "Lease-Breaking", HARD-DRUG-TAKING, and Crack-Whore here whoring (ask Aaron about Leah -- that was her name and I also blogged about her and told Aaron's Dad about her).

Or you can AGAIN blame it all on GOLD WALKER, your EMPLOYER!!!

Gold Walker has SEVERAL TIMES asked me to help get OPIOID DEALERS and PROTECTORS out of Wilmington -- it was someone ELSE who told me Gold ESPECIALLY wanted me to get YOU out, Jon!!!

St. Christopher

See new blog posting about to go out!!!


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