Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dean Hansell REPLIES to Me -- and a Few Other Things!!!

Dean Hansell accepts the GLAAD Founders Award a few years ago -- Dean co-founded GLAAD a few years after he and I founded the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972.

Dean Hansell's record of achievements:

My Letter to Dean that he answered, is the bottom half of this posting:

What struck me at first is that when I wrote it I was nearly TOTALLY "invested in the Trees", and Dean -- in his role as a Judge -- answered as "the Forest."

Of COURSE he could not discuss Politics or Crimes that might fall into his Legal Lap, but his answering in such a well written letter -- including certain personal things -- shows he fully comprehended what I told him about the Kenan Family Crimes, and, as he did in his acceptance of his Judge position, his last words were about the history of his own family -- and how he wished his parents (and now, his grandparents), were alive to SEE his achievement -- but also to learn more of their struggles in Europe, as impoverished Jews before they came to the United States.

And because Dean answered a personal letter on his official Judge's stationary, he KNOWS I will publish it -- and it is only FAIR to show my audience how a conscientious and ethical Judge handles a "wild and crazy" letter -- like the one I sent him:

I took yesterday off blogging, as the day before I chance-met a man who is now my roommate, and we were getting to know each other -- and actually MADE SOME MONEY LEGITIMATELY (cleaning up the "back yard" of the store of a friend of his -- a member of what I have called the local "Arab Mafia", who were so KIND to me when I was homeless and since -- of a lot of METAL, that we sold as scrap, and cleaned it up better than would have been expected).

It was not a lot of money, but "Adonis" did most of the work, and I mostly drove, we using my car.

You see, although "Adonis" said it is OK for me to use his real name, I am not yet ready to reveal it -- NOT because there are complications to that, but because I like to be a little MYSTERIOUS, so for now, I will say that his first name is the name of the HEBREW listed as the GRANDFATHER of Kenan in the Bible, Chronicles I, and Kenan in the Bible Dictionary means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness", and Seth means:

Seth [N] [H] [S]
appointed; a substitute, the third son of Adam and Eve ( Genesis 4:25 ; 5:3 ). His mother gave him this name, "for God," said she, "hath appointed me [i.e., compensated me with] another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew."

And I am publishing the photo below, because Seth asked me to use his REAL NAME rather than Adonis. And I have found a suitable photo to rep him:

Seth is 6' 3", more handsome with larger nose, ears, and muscles -- and has a "trendier haircut".

Seth is 27 years old, a divorced father with a son in Texas, who -- although raised Southern Baptist -- attended a Catholic Prep School on a soccer scholarship. With an Associates Degree in Business, he built a construction contractor business, bought himself and his wife new cars every year (Mustangs), and owned two large, well-constructed and furnished homes, but recently hit a bad patch.

But what is more than clear is that he has never been addicted to any drug other than nicotine, nor is he an alcoholic.

For now, he's already given me some money toward rent, and he expects to stay here until at least the end of March, but given his love of gardening and his level of comfort here, he has has already been talking about at least a year, now.

And he's met Allie, upstairs, as well as Rob and Aaron in the front apartment -- in fact I think it is because Seth is here that I'm getting on better with all THREE of those neighbors!!! I also think because he is here, I have relaxed from fearing that the next knock on my door in an Arrest Warrant or at least Court Summons -- or DRUG MAFIA, come to rough me up (at least).

WHO is surprised by THIS???

BETHESDA, MD— Admitting they were unable to recall a survey even remotely so one-sided, researchers from the National Institutes of Health released comprehensive data Wednesday affirming that the practice of genital stimulation…

I spoke with my mother two days ago, and she was fine with me despite our MAJOR BLOW-UP, and again this morning to let her know I have a roommate -- who is BETTER than my recent track record with roommates.

And now I'm forced to finish unpacking in this apartment, nearly THREE MONTHS after I moved in!!! And I spoke at length with Gray upstairs, last night, and it was GRAY who planted everything around this property and make the few flower beds that have been neglected for two years, and he is FINE with Seth and I taking them over, protecting what is surviving of his plantings, and adding to them.

Seth is a GREAT COOK as well, although not for ME naked as above, because he is more like THIS for women, but knows he has to make some money first before being able to sexually relate to anyone decent:

The REAL Billy Graham flanked by then Republican Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory and Franklin Graham.

Billy "Lucifer" Graham's 1981 words BEFORE he became Political, paired with a recent photo.

Billy Graham is DEAD.



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