Thursday, February 15, 2018

Letter Just Emailed to Dr. Katie Peel and Dr. Chadwick Roberts -- Who Head "GAY STUDIES" at University of North Carolina at Wilmington:

GREETINGS from the GAYEST and TALLEST Kenan -- who worked for Tennessee Williams and is BIG in Gay Rights!!!

February 15, 2018

Dear Katie and Chadwick,

First of all, THANK YOU BOTH for your very important work (and I hope you don’t mind my addressing you in the familiar)!!! My name is Scott David Kenan, and although a blood Kenan, I am only distantly related to the wealthy Kenans, but have known many of them and their Klan-Robes-worshiping ways. I was born, raised, and educated a Yankee, having gotten a BFA in Art from Denison University, after beginning as a “math/science wiz". I never scored less than 99 percentile in College Boards – except for English, and now I’m a writer.

My purpose in Wilmington is to expose the crimes of my Kenan Family, both the wealthy ones like Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty, and the “poor” ones like my own parents, who set up the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia with Fr. Bob Kus now of St. Mary’s Catholic, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (both of whom I knew or know), and PPD Pharmaceuticals, first owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families. My parents with Ehrlichman and my former employer of 1990 – 2010, set up the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Christian Drug Mafia as well. I was raised strict Catholic with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and among my parents’ closest friends were Sen. Jesse Helms (whom my father claimed the most responsibility for putting into power), Coach Lou Holtz, who was John Boehner’s closest confidant and strategist and he lived across the street from us in the late 1960s, Sean Hannity’s best friend, and others.

My father, William Scott Kenan, graduated New Hanover High about 1935, having the nickname “Middle Leg” because of his endowment and his love of sharing it with both sexes. Then, in 1949 in Cincinnati, Dad’s male lover he lived with was shot in the head and my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan – now 95 and living in Raleigh, Dad died four years ago near his 96th birthday – gave him the choice of converting to Catholic and marrying her, or going to prison for an ugly homo lovers-murder. Dad told me the Coroner’s Report lists “Russian Roulette Suicide”. My mother’s family from Brookville, IN were ALWAYS supporters of Adolph Hitler, and in fact her brothers were forbidden by FDR from serving in Europe during WWII.

There is so much I could write here, but that is why I have my Political Blog,, which is on its way to 2,000,000 hits now. I’ll try to stay on Gay Issues.

I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and can prove how the Republican Party, Episcopal Church, Frank Hawkins Kenan (Tom’s father, a bridge on I-40 bears his name over the N.E. Cape Fear River), and corrupted elements in the FBI and CIA murdered Tennessee to steal his estate from Harvard – just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me would happen at Jean Babette Stein (who controlled her father’s Media Empire, and was FORCED to jump to her death nearly a year ago), and George Plimpton’s party on January 11, 1982.

After I spoke with the Admin in Harvard’s Legal Department, who said everything I knew made SENSE, but their lawyers had been overwhelmed at the time and none remained, I called President Drew Gilpin Faust’s office, and eventually her Admin told me that Drew would NOT pursue trying to reverse that. After all, Thomas S. Kenan III’s Charitable Trusts feed Harvard TOO MANY MILLIONS per year to rock the boat. The estate, worth $10,000,000.00 at Tenn’s death was worth more than $1/3 Billion in 2008, when disgruntled Sewanee lawyer alums contacted me to tell me that the Walter Dakin Fund (what they renamed it), was being used to COVER because in 2005, The Episcopal Church RETIRED the Confederate Mace (kept at Sewanee), and Alumni Donations had DRIED UP, they were so upset to have to hide this White Supremacist Symbol!!!

My memoir, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, was scheduled to be the featured hard-cover release by Alyson Books, spring 1990 2010, and the producers of all the Harry Potter films as well as Scott Rudin were looking at it to make a film – but Alyson was part of HERE Media, owned by TOP REPUBLICAN gays in L.A. and they NEVER intended to publish it, and cancelled the contract in early January 2010 because they repeatedly refused to pay my half-year-overdue advance, and I kept asking for it.

In 2013, Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David with others STOLE my book’s copyright (I can prove his and Jon David’s narco-trafficking as well as knew some of Ben’s male lovers, while married to Stephanie -- a BIG consultant/strategist for Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney, and Ben an Elder at First Presbyterian, which with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898). He worked with Jamie Lee Sutherland, then an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, who sued me for LIBEL for blogging about Jamie’s’ bragging about how much narco-trafficking he did for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta for his bank, and their Chicago office THAT YEAR got the biggest fine for laundering Drug Money in US History, and also how Jamie told me he had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in Men’s Country Gay Baths in Chicago – which in my experience is only a secret to some in the USA – and FEW outside the USA.

They never legally served me, and convicted me in Cook County Courts -- In Absentia -- awarding Jamie with a half-million dollars, copyright to my memoir (killing the film-sales possibilities), as well as copyright to every blog post, email, and letter I write until I die. I have since gotten Mr. David to promise to undo this travesty of justice, but he is unable to, and knows I will have him in prison ASAP – not easy when I am so poor (but comfortable enough), it isn’t funny. Still, I published it as a blog so any can read it. It got rave reviews from John Lahr (whom I now know), and many Williams scholars.

I know or have known all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands as well as Jackie Onassis, had fun with the Reagans at a White House party, and in 2011, met Frank Sinatra’s heirs here in Wilmington who told me how they sold control of Bank of America to the Kenans’ NationsBank – now HATE the Kenans for turning it NAZI.

But back to Gay Issues, in 1978, my parents with the help of my co-founding business partners in, ILLEGALLY committed me to a Mental Hospital and I was falsely diagnosed with Manic-Depression, now Bipolar, and FORCED for 31 years to take Lithium Carbonate, a form of soft lobotomy, but in 2009, my doctor of eight years took me OFF, saying she NEVER saw any signs of my being Bipolar. I lost all my teeth to the Lithium, but luckily my organs are fine. It took about five years for my brain to seem normal to me, again.

Currently – on my doctors’ orders from both the USA and Mexico, where I lived in Political Exile most of five years by help of Colin Powell’s retired Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, whose book club in North Atlanta I was a member of, after my parents with my sisters and former employer tried to commit me permanently five times in one month, early 2010 – I smoke a small amount of pot late at night to relax from all these tensions, and have blogged about that many times without local Police or Deputies BREAKING DOWN MY DOOR!!!

But then, Sheriff Ed McMahon CRIED when I confronted him to his face in July 2011 about protecting the minisubs that unload powder drugs under Snow’s Cut Bridge. Chief Evangelous – at least in 2011 and 12 – smoked CRACK daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine, I know people who did Cocaine with Ben and Jon David – as well as their other myriad crimes, and a retired 30-year employee of Bill Saffo’s Uncle – who runs the Saffo Mafia in NYC and gives Bill all his orders – told me all about HOW Drug Corrupted the Saffo Family and Greek Orthodox Church are.

Now, if you are like some who don’t follow news closely and think knowing any of this will get you in TROUBLE, it won’t. I have been blogging nearly all of this for years. But you should know that a top producer for TV-6 Wilmington told me in summer 2015, that the Wilmington Media had had a meeting when I returned to town shortly before that and AGREED not to EVER publish anything about me until someone else did. ACTUALLY, they ran several interviews they had done with me on both TV-6 and TV-3 in 2011, when I was homeless here and part of the Street Protests and at City Hall, and my cousins said I was on TV every night for a week.

And you should know I am 6’ 11” tall, 66 years old (looking 56), healthy as an ox (with some heart meds), and afraid of nothing, having been held five times by Drug Mafia in Mexico in 2010, once by two sons of El Chapo Guzman for five weeks, once by the son of the largest CIA Cocaine exporter from Colombia to the USA – in the house owned by his Mexican Engineer Godfather, who had placed the booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France that was FOUND and disabled in 2010 (for the CIA to create another “Terrorist Attack”).

I have been debriefed MANY times by top Officers of the Army, Special Forces, and Marines of BOTH the USA and Mexico, and am connected to Vicente Fox who has Cincinnati roots like me, and worked for the Kenans as a Coca-Cola exec before getting into Mexican Politics.

I’d better stop writing – you might have gotten too bored by now and are no longer reading – so will close with link to a Letter I recently sent to ONE GUY I dated in 1983 or 84 in Atlanta – he then the Mexican Consul to Atlanta, and when I FOUND him again in 2016 and wrote him, he had become the most highly decorated of Mexico’s diplomats to the USA:

Well, I would love to meet both of you, and while both my sisters have UNCW degrees, I don’t, so don’t know how involved I would be allowed to be with a group there – but maybe you can point me to those doing similar work where I CAN be involved. I am very comfortable public speaking and actually have some diplomacy skills. This letter will appear on blog after I email it to you (and just a few of my Press contacts), here:

Then I will publish my entire list of Political Contacts, which I do about every four months, so you can see them. Doesn’t mean they READ it though – LOL!!!

Forgot to mention that I co-founded the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 with Dean Hansell, who went on to co-found GLAAD, was Asst. Atty. General of Illinois, Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, and recently appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles by Gov. Brown (and I am back in touch with him).

Well, CHEERS and CARRY ON!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

(Please forgive my editing errors and typos!!!)

Tennessee Williams shows Sen. John F. Kennedy and Gore Vidal how to SHOOT SKEET in Palm Beach, Florida.


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