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I Will MISS New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Talk at the Kenan Institute for Ethics This Friday Evening -- but His Office Is THRILLED that I Will Write Him and Copy Kenan/Ethics and the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Fest as Well!!! / Aborted SHOOT-OUT at St. Mary's Catholic School, Wilmington, NC:

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

, the matter of the aborted shooting at St. Mary's School, yesterday. After writing Mayor Landrieu, I will write the Management of both St. Mary's and First Presbyterian, whose entrance to their pre-school is directly across the street from St. Mary's.

And I am THRILLED that just a couple of days ago, I discovered that District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- whose boyfriends while he is married to Stephanie David (a TOP Republican Fundraiser and Strategist for both Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney), I have known and one TOLD me he was Ben's lover (, as well as his Narco-Trafficking with his brother, Republican D.A. Jon David from across the Cape Fear River -- and deliver it around town by hand.

Scott Kenan commented on a link.
56 mins
This is particularly disturbing to me, because only one house separated my last apartment from St. Mary's School. I assume this happened between people lined up for Tileson Charities (Sister Mary Issac Koenig's former work before her retirement)

I tithed to that Charity from my book sales while my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams sold on Amazon -- until local D.A. Ben David with a Fox News talking head and lawyer -- with a top exec of Wells Fargo, Jamie Lee Sutherland (my Kenan Family controls Bank of America​), filed LIBEL charges against me (for publishing that that Wells Fargo exec had seen Barack Obama​ and Rahm Emanuel several times in his Chicago gay bathhouse), never legally served me, then convicted me In Absentia -- STEALING copyright to my memoir, that Scott Rudin and the producers of the Harry Potter films were considering to make into a movie

But a few days ago, I saw that D.A. Ben David was REMOVED from the roster of Elders at First Presbyterian (nearly across the street from St. Mary's), so PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!!!

WILMINGTON — An attempted shooting on the campus of St. Mary Catholic School in downtown Wilmington was prevented by a faulty firearm this morning. Maurice…

Now, the actual reason I will miss this talk, is that my new roommate has only paid me a little of this week's rent, but will pay the rest from his first pay check that he gets Friday -- too late to put the transportation money in my pocket -- even if it is "cash-convertible" the same day. 

But thinking further -- and after discussion with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh (whom I would visit with as well as my sister Jane Ann Kenan BEFORE that talk), Mom is somewhat under the weather right now, and I would NOT have time to speak with either Mayor Landrieu, or the several people I got to know at Kenan/Ethics, including Bashar Alobaidi, Brian Roth, and ESPECIALLY major Duke Donors (whose office is within KIE), Aziz and Vahdat Ahmadieh:

The Ahmadiehs with their portrait.

Last night I became aware of my own confusion about the nature of the character Mac in Tennessee Williams's In Masks Outrageous and Obscure -- who was based on me. Although with others at Tennessee Williams's house, I occasionally participated in READING parts of this play so Tennessee could hear how his characters sounded, I was NOT then aware of much about the plot or the characters -- and I was UNABLE to get the director of the production in NYC (or anyone else there), to send me a copy of the script -- it's an UNPUBLISHED PLAY, even today -- so I could read it. I was still close to homeless in Puerto Vallarta when the play was staged -- and it closed about a month later.

I found THIS, this morning:

"Trying to figure out why they’re there and what’s going to happen to them, the dyspeptic three only succeed in getting on each other’s last nerves. Also wearing them down are Babe’s randy maid Peg Foyle (Pamela Shaw), Babe’s strapping mechanic swain Joey (Christopher Halladay) and next-door neighbor Mrs. Gorse-Bracken (Alison Fraser, looking more like Angela Lansbury than ever) and her bird-imitating swishy, slicker-clad son Playboy (Connor Buckley). Later, the hijacked three are invaded by growling black man Mac (Jermaine Miles) and his dwarf interpreter (Jonathan Kim)."

And FUNNY, that I just now noticed this was written by David Finkle -- my LONG-TIME Facebook Friend!!!:

Also, this morning, I AGAIN had to FORCE REBOOT my Windows 10 computer -- BEFORE I was allowed to comment on Facebook -- and when I listed all the email providers (in the title of my broadcast emails of blog-postings), to whom my emails are BLOCKED when I send out from my GoDaddy/Microsoft email -- as well as those that get blocked from sending from my AOL address, I FORGOT to mention that AOL blocks all to Gmail addresses -- as well as to EVERYONE at the New Orleans/Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, and also their director, Paul Willis's PERSONAL email address -- and Paul and I have spoken MANY TIMES since the Festival CANCELLED my participation in three Panels at the 2010 Festival on DEMAND of Thomas Elliot Keith and the Episcopal Church/Sewanee, that holds the RIGHTS to all of Tennessee's plays.

As my Readers know, Tennessee Williams Scholar and fourth cousin, Kenneth Holditch, told me in person at the 2015 Festival, that Thomas Keith had gotten his contracted book on Tennessee CANCELLED -- just as I had TOLD HIM would happen -- and I had FORGOTTEN I had told Kenneth THAT!!!

A Tennessee Williams panel discussion -- Kenneth Holditch on left, one of the people from the Provincetown, MA Festival, my personal friend John Lahr, who publicly recognize me in a different talk that year as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee's life, Annette Saddick, and Thomas Elliot Keith.

Sandra Beckham
5 hrs
“Cope or die.”

― Joan Bauer, Rules of the Road

SO, since I spoke with Mayor Landrieu's Admin April for six minutes -- explaining much about my history with Tennessee Williams, the History of the TRAITOROUS Kenan Family -- but EXCELLENCE of the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and she is VERY EAGER to get my emailed letter (which I will also send by tracked US Mail), I'd better get some lunch and write THAT Letter, no???

I promised her I will ALSO copy top people at the New Orleans Williams Festival -- and also at KIE -- which she said have been WONDERFUL in helping to set up this talk, Friday!!!

My FAVE GRAPHIC from a few years ago of the Ethics Institute.


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