Sunday, February 18, 2018

Horn-Dog Scott Kenan REJECTS Desperate 2:16 AM Call from "The Cherokee" for IMMEDIATE SEX, Replies to Representative Deb Butler, and Rants On on A Few Other Things!!!

Now, with a salacious title like this, I had better give those reading this as I write it something to read, first, and this already written and sent, it goes FIRST: (I plead "Ask not; tell not" on the construction of that sentence!!!)

Democrat Deb Butler serving in the North Carolina Legislature.

Received this morning: Can you spot yourself in my campaign video?

Sent today: Hi Deb -- and thanks for thanking me when I've offered no practical help (so far) -- LOL!!!

Hi Deb,

I'm the 6' 11" guy who met you while with Jonathan Deputy by the side of my Landlady Gold Walker's house at 4th & Orange back in December. And Gold Walker has long lobbied me to title the FIRST of my books on the influence of my Kenan Family (both the wealthy ones and my own parents who founded the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia with Fr. Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic, John Ehrlichman -- Nixon's Aide -- and PPD, first owned by Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families), The House at Fourth and Orange Streets.

It is an INTRIGUING idea that I might start a book by chance-meeting a spirited politician THERE, since only a week or two later, Jon Deputy and Gold Walker tried bullying, lying, threatening, falsely billing me over $700.00, and turning some of my co-residents of my new apartment on Spofford Circle against me, they promising to LIE IN COURT to get me evicted -- just like George Cutter got three other residents of Carolina Apartments to lie in Court (the Magistrate was so shocked at the appearance of all three who were SERIOUS drug addicts and at least two of them are now homeless due to their addictions, including then apartments manager Tomi Matheson -- he called in two armed Deputies -- including Cpl. Duffy Baker -- to guard us).

Carolina Apartments was originally built by William Rand Kenan, Jr., and opened as a hotel that hosted Royalty and Heads of State. Will's father, WRK, Sr. (called "Bill"). was -- with First Presbyterian -- FIRST CAUSE to the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- and First Presbyterian today harbors MANY Narco-Traffickers and White Supremacists and their Protectors, including our D.A. Ben David (who with Prosecutor Alexandra Palombo REFUSED to prosecute a HATE CRIME against me because I am Gay -- and then CLAIMED I was to be ARRESTED on an issued Warrant, but it proved to be a SUMMONS, that was soon enough DISMISSED, they KNOWING that it was TRASH!!!), and Judges McKee/Luther, Noecker, and Robinson.

Now, I would have LIKED to have attended your soiree, but given my deep knowledge of Mayor Saffo's, Sheriff McMahon's, Police Chief Evangelous's -- as well as those mentioned and virtually ALL Republicans' participation in my Kenan Family's Drug Trafficking (which REALLY profits White Supremacy and the Trump Administration that my Kenan Family put into power, like Kenans and our employee Rex Tillerson put Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency), some Democrats have no idea how corrupted the Party is in New Hanover County!!!

That said, I watched your video and was very pleased to see the energy level -- including yours -- and that Mr. Zapple, whom I've met once and HE had no problem hearing about the corrupted Democrats. Dr. Horton, whom I've not met, was there, and I might have missed some I'd recognize. I have met and have a very favorable opinion of Harper Peterson, and have not met but like Col. Marcia Morgan, and need to write her too. I met Nelson Beaulieu a few years ago, and I like everything about him except that he is not gay and available.

Nelson is also strong Military, and I have dealt with so many military officers of both the USA and Mexico who debriefed me on my Kenan Family's Narco-Trafficking (generally with Republicans, Christian Churches, the CIA, US State Department, and of course both Clintons).

What distinguishes those with Military service is their understanding of the need to be practical and dismiss the "trash talk", like is so rampant among Wilmington's Christians -- especially the White ones.

My point, is that I intend to add you to my email list of my Political Blog, but will take you off if you request it. There is NO escaping the FACT that TRADITIONAL Wilmingtonians are the SMALLEST-MINDED people on earth -- WHY WRK, Jr., after building Carolina Apartments and giving the City Kenan Fountain, moved permanently OUT of Wilmington and only mentioned the City in a couple of sentences in his autobiography. ALSO, when his lovely, "horsey" wife died early, he moved in with his lifelong male secretary Schuyler Beatty for the remainder of his very long life. 

Isn't William Rand Kenan, Jr. (Henry Flagler's TOP DEPUTY), HANDSOME???

Compare him to Thomas S. Kenan III, whose old boyfriend Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, I dated in 1985 in Carolina Apartments while Blue Velvet was being filmed there:

Tom Kenan, today

"Robbie" Anderson is STILL cute, today!!!

While I was held hostage by Drug Mafia in the Puerto Vallarta area in 2010 five times -- one time including a young female Canadian who got fascinated by my Kenan Family and browsed through the entire book I had on it, she found that both the head of the APA and the scientist who collated all the studies to decide -- and then they DROPPED Homosexuality as a Metal Illness in the DSM in 1973 -- BOTH were blood Kenans with different surnames.

SOMEONE needs to tell D.A. Ben David and Mayor Bill Saffo that it is OK to be GAY!!!

Thom Goolsby needs that FAR WORSE, though. I do not believe it is POSSIBLE to be a more despicable person than Thom -- now hired by my Kenan Family to the Board of UNC System, and GOOLSBY intimidated the Head of the System into resigning early so that Kenans could put George Bush's (yes, my last big date was with his cousin and we laughed over our two families' crimes together over the decades), top Domestic Adviser, Margaret Spellings into that place to FURTHER destroy that GREAT INSTITUTION!!! They just renovated their website considerably, if you haven't seen it yet:

Also, I learned last night that after NINE MONTHS, Liberty Hall in Kenansville FINALLY got their new website up, but it is BEREFT of info compared to the old site:

My purpose for coming back to the USA after Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Col. Dottie Newman got me OUT in 2010 when my parents, sisters, and Georgia Republican Party with CIA (this verified by Col. Newman), with my employer 1990 - 2010, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA supplied Maine to Florida with the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- but MOSTLY Atlanta/Stone Mountain and Wilmington by his agent Lee E. Gosney, Jr. (whom I have recently drawn out into VERBAL BATTLES documented on my blog).

Bottom Line is that I must continue exposing Kenan Crimes and those of their associates of BOTH Parties, so necessarily might be an embarrassment to your campaign, given so many serving CORRUPT Dems. And you can call me "Belle Watling", since like that whore from Gone with the Wind, I must remain in the background so good people aren't KILLED POLITICALLY by Drug Traffickers and White Supremacists dredging up all the "TRASH" on my blog to sling at them. So I don't actually expect to get a response from you.



While checking D.A. Ben David's Prosecutor Alexandra Palombo

Michael and Alexandra Palombo

I discovered that GOOGLE REVIEWS gives New Hanover County Courts only ONE STAR!!!

All I can say about Chris Millikan (The Cherokee), is that I was still up last night (laughing over comments on stories on -- because RATIONAL PEOPLE were making fun of Christians who claimed that Jesus put Donald Trump into the Presidency to SAVE the USA -- FASTER than the DEVIL-WORSHIPING CHRISTIANS could comment -- the Republicans were being COMPLETELY overrun!!!), so I was NOT in the mood to service his wanker when at that hour he was SO HEPPED UP ON ENERGY, it was likely METH!!!

In my neighborhood, someone called Allie's boyfriend "Pat", so maybe he's Pat and not Pete. Still frosty -- unlike the other three in apartment 2 -- no threats of violence from him anymore!!!

Although Rob and Aaron Gallimore in apartment 1 STILL have not gotten rid of the two stuffed sofas on their side porch, or the over-sized projection TV on their front porch (all sitting there since they moved in 1/1/2018), Aaron assures me they are working on it -- and I CONGRATULATED him on them FINALLY emptying their US mailbox after letting it sit stuffed for the last 14 days.

SOME people are TOO LAZY to do ANYTHING!!!

And besides planting seeds today, I will prune the Rose of Sharon bushes beside my deck -- I learned ALL ABOUT pruning when I owned this Stone Mountain, GA house:

My house in spring 2010 -- shortly before Col. Dottie Newman helped me get to Mexico for Political Exile because my parents, sisters, and employer (who supplied Wilmington and Atlanta and more with HARD DRUGS), tried to commit me to a NUT-HOUSE five times in one month.

My house was IMMEDIATELY DE-HOMOSEXUALIZED, as seen here in fall 2012. City Council in Stone Mountain was nearly entirely Democrats who cooperated with Bill Clinton's CIA Drug Mafia (set up by my parents and Republicans and CNN and Atlanta Journal/Constitution previous to that).


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