Saturday, February 10, 2018

HAD TO Happen: I Ran into Aaron Gallimore -- and TALKED TO a HOT "Blackie" at the Narco-Trafficking House Next Door (when I walked to and from the "Arab Mafia" store, two blocks away):

Aaron Gallimore in a purple mood -- from his Facebook page, linked here: "James in Color"

And the FACT IS, that I ran out of cigs, and hadn't yet checked mail today, so I just walked out for a four-block, round-trip walk, and found Aaron, sitting head in hands on the hanging swing on his front porch. I got his attention, and he moaned a "yeah . . . "

I walked up close to him -- on the ground -- and said, "Sorry if you got a real SHOCK today, but after you sleep on it, you'll feel much better," and then I walked on.

And on the walk back (not making even teasing passes at the HOT Arab behind the counter -- nor the HOT Brother, behind me in line), a lone shortish, youngish Brother in a hooded hoodie, stood alone by the late model, white, GMC SUV that comes and goes MORE than two times per day.

I said, "Hey!" and he mumbled his hello in a deep, resonant, sex-inspirin' way.

But I walked on home without gettin' OVER-EXCITED. HOT Homo Brothers are a DIME A DOZEN in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

Here's ONE, and here're TWO OTHERS!!!:

Scott Kenan and HuffPost shared a link.

Plus candidates who've said white supremacist things, hung out with white supremacists, or talked to anti-Semitic publications.

TOP Image-Googling result of "shirtless Paul Nehlen":

Is he bigger than "Hot Greek Man" of Fayetteville, North Carolina -- who told me ALL ABOUT how he worked for Mayor Bill Saffo's Uncle in NYC for 30 years, and Uncle Saffo RUNS the FAMILY DRUG MAFIA, giving Bill Saffo ALL his orders.

Which would YOU rather have stuck up your "ussy-pay" or "rumpus room" (or squirted into yer mouth)???


And THAT is why God invented Donald Trump -- for those who prefer MINIMAL PENETRATION:


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