Saturday, February 17, 2018

EVERYTHING's Comin' Up ROSES / Prunin' and Seed a-Plantin' Manana in the TRANSPLANTED New Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Babylon Meets Spofford Mills Clubhouse!!!):

"Everything's Coming Up Roses" by Amy Guidry

Longtime Readers might recall my using this image one other time -- in 2012 -- and the artist happy I did!!!:

Not sure I'll have any money to buy roses -- but I've got NINE types of seeds to plant so far, and with weeds starting to germinate in my planters and Cherries already blooming in Wilmington . . . 

I had planned to start today, but it was densely overcast all day and slightly cooler -- plus some other writing opportunities presented themselves, and I had TWO blog posts written and published EARLIER than I have one up, typically.

As expected, John, the "retiring Army Colonel" from Los Angeles with the TOO PERFECT self-description and holding a serious "fish catch" -- not unlike Miss Chris Cuomo with the LUSCIOUS NIPS, here:

See what I mean:

Well John -- like all whose profiles that look too perfect -- was just fishing to make money off some lonely, horny sucker, so TRASHED both his solicitation and my response (professionals do that to manage the long list of fish still nibbling their line), and is PROBABLY actually just some nasty Old Crone -- like this photo of Nannerl O. Keohane, former President of Duke University, and a Harvard Trustee when I wrote her a letter and left her a voicemail message:

Nannerl "Old Goat" Keohane

But I did NOT expect a reply -- just like Harvard President Faust REFUSED to look into undoing Sewanee/University of the South's STEALING Tennessee Williams's MORE THAN ONE HALF BILLION DOLLAR ESTATE (now) from Harvard because she didn't want Tom Kenan to get upset, Kenan Charities giving Harvard many millions per year, now.

Anyway, about six years ago, I found a "wiki" that showed that Tom Kenan had MORE connections to Nannerl Keohane in CHARITABLE ENDEAVORS than with anyone else, by far.

Tom sat on ALL the Duke University and Duke Energy/Progress Energy Boards, so if YOU don't like Coal Ash in your North Carolina rivers -- or the Kenan-controlled Republican Legislature making YOU pay for cleaning up all this company's ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES, why not call Tom Kenan (at work, only):

Kenan Management Inc 
Business management consultant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Address100 Europa Dr # 525, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Tom is on Ext. 1, but his Chief Deputy, Steve Armstrong (ALWAYS nice when I've spoken with Steve), is on Ext. 2.

Now, I've actually BEEN in their offices -- on THREE FLOORS of its building, but Linked-In claims they have only four employees:

TWO of those employees are in different parts of INDIA!!! 

WELL, I've gotten away from PLANTS, so . . . 

Summer 2016

Summer 2017, seen from the ground

And I saved seeds from my Dwarf Double Yellow Angel's Trumpet -- here showing two SINGLES that were freak "sports".

>>> SURPRISE!!! SUDDENLY in the last 24 hours, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp CAN'T POST ANYTHING AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE ON FACEBOOK -- claiming he's at least 20 times gotten the message "this feature unavailable now", the NAZI, LYING way to tell someone you BLOCKED THEM (and lie like a Christian as if NO ONE was responsible -- LOL!!!):
Facebook has prevented me from posting assault weapons ban comments.
Nigel Benjamin Funny. It's iffy. Your point?

Nigel Benjamin ... Is that I'm lying and for an hour I was delusional also?

It happened in reality.. ...See More

S.j. Harker How did they notify you?

Scott Kenan Sad to see -- but I've been getting the same for two weeks now. I'm NEVER allowed to post criticizing Christianity (unavailable feature) -- or post about my taking a local businessman to Court over his minor assault on me but PROMISE to get his gun and shoot me on the street because the Bible says Christians MUST kill all Liberals and all Faggots. FB said that was FAKE NEWS -- even though I could show the Court record of it!!! USUALLY I'm not allowed to post a link to my blog -- except deep in comments or on pages with few friends. I'll try it now: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.comManage



I'm SICK of lying down for the SMALL-MINDED RELIGIONISTS:


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