Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ah, Sunday in INVERTED (God-Hating, Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist -- RUN by My Kenan Family) Christian Wilmington, North Carolina (but it is ONLY SATURDAY)!!!

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" atop First Presbyterian -- which with William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- and all the OTHER WHITE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES caused the ONLY successful Coup d'Etat in US History!!!

William "Bill" R. Kenan, Jr. WHOOPS!!! WRK, SENIOR!!!! the ONLY Confederate to take a clear shot at President Lincoln and later was Head of the Wilmington Customs House -- the MOST Politically Powerful position in North Carolina -- BECAUSE he had to be BRIBED before one loaded or unloaded domestic or international FREIGHT!!!

When Democrat Grover Cleveland -- who had appointed Kenan to the post, and Democrats were the TOTAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS then -- was replaced by Republican William McKinley, the new President appointed a BLACK MAN to replace Kenan, so Kenan got his JESUS-ORDAINED REVENGE with the Christian Churches of WHITE Wilmingtonians, causing the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, and later, President McKinley was ASSASSINATED (likely by friends of Democrat Kenan -- but I have no proof of that -- I just KNOW how HATE-FILLED Christians nearly ALWAYS ARE)!!!

BUT, First Presbyterian, Wilmington is FAR MORE EVIL than even this. A much BIGGER EFFECT was that President Woodrow Wilson (another TOTAL WHITE SUPREMACIST DEMOCRAT), spent his formative years in Wilmington and at FIRST PRESBYTERIAN while his father was Pastor there.

Woodrow Wilson TOTALLY RE-SEGREGATED the US Military and Government!!!

And THIS might surprise some, but both Democrat and Republican Parties CHANGED POLARITIES (except Dems like Lyndon B. Johnson, etc.), as has THIS organization's GOALS when it was FOUNDED!!!:

Margaret Sanger FOUNDED Planned Parenthood -- but she was ALSO AN EXTERMINATOR OF "VERMIN"!!!

And this has NEVER been a secret!!!

Planned Parenthood founder spoke at Ku Klux Klan rally

Jon Rappoport |

Children's Choir at First Prez, Wilmington!!!


Narco-Trafficking District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- an 1898-style RACIST Democrat who is ACTUALLY a Republican in a BLUE SUIT -- just ask his wife, Stephanie, who has been a TOP REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST AND FUNDRAISER since college (a bit like Hillary Clinton, a GOLDWATER GIRL, no???), has RESIGNED EARLY or BEEN KICKED OFF the ELDERS -- or plans to RESIGN his D.A. Position to go with his wife to support MOR(M)ON Mitt Romney in his run for Republican Utah Senator -- a run TOTALLY ENDORSED PUBLICLY by their TOP ALLY, Donald Trump!!!

Ben RESIGNED early, before his three-year Elder position completed.

District Attorneys Jon (on left, a Republican), and Benjamin R. David (on right and nominally a Democrat), were TOO HIGH this day to ENTER that school!!!

I know SEVERAL PEOPLE who have snorted Cocaine with BOTH David Brothers in recent years -- and told them where to find the best "CRACK WHORES" when the David Brothers were TOO STONED to be discrete so as to NOT EMBARRASS THEIR WIVES!!!

And Ben loves sucking cock as well -- at least my old friend Lee -- and Robbie Trahan, Lee's good friend who was having sex with me in 2011:

Robert Arnold Trahan in one of MANY MUG SHOTS.

Lee looked much like this, had a nice HAIRY CHEST, and was likely a TOP!!!

WHO ELSE are "Leaders" at First Presbyterian???

See for YOURSELF (Wilmingtonians, primarily), here:

Republican Judge "MRS." Lindsey McKee is NOT EVEN NOW MARRIED so Presbyterians LIE ON THEIR CHURCH WEBSITES!!! 

Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther -- STILL an Elder at First Prez

She married (then immediately DIVORCED HIM after she got elected Judge), Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther -- known for posting these on his Facebook Page:

Evan posted this IMMEDIATELY after the MASSACRE in Las Vegas -- to show CHRISTIANS how to make their guns BETTER THAN A BUMP STOCK (even Donald TRUMP is now AGAINST BUMP STOCKS -- and it takes A LOT to HATE GOD more than President Trump)!!!

DEMOCRAT Judge Robin Wickes Robinson worked for Mayor Bill Saffo's Family's DRUG MAFIA LAW FIRM before elected Judge.

She is GOOD at pretending to ACTUALLY be nice, but is one of the WORST DEVILS IN WILMINGTON, TODAY.

Judge Robinson gets my "Christian University of North Texas" award -- BECAUSE she openly THANKED ME for returning to Wilmington in 2015 to EXPOSE CORRUPTION -- in her JUDGE'S ROBES in the hallway between Courtrooms and in front of many people!!!

It takes NERVY CHRISTIAN TRASH to demonstrate that bitch's balls -- I have to give Robin that, no???

I hope that ALL THE DEVIL'S SERVANTS have a LOVELY TIME worshiping SATAN at First Presbyterian, tomorrow (Sunday)!!!

CURRENT Kennedy NAZI-Catholic DRUG TRAFFICKER, Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III gets by FAR the MOST MONEY of DEMOCRATS in CONGRESS from the PHARMACEUTICALS INDUSTRY and firmly opposes LEGALIZING MARIJUANA (ANOTHER Republican in Democratic clothes).

ANYONE who ever studied American History knows that Bootlegging Irish Mafia Joseph P. Kennedy (the FIRST), was -- with Henry Ford and Prescott Bush (President Daddy Bush's Daddy), the BIGGEST NAZI pushing FDR to join with Hitler in  WWII -- ON DIRECTION OF POPE PIUS XII.

Pope Pius XII meeting Adolph Hitler as an EQUAL.

NAZI Pope Francis I meets "Miss Fervent-Quivering-Pussy" -- after she REFUSED to marry GAYS in Civil Ceremonies.

Ru-POPE is the ONLY "Christ-Like" Pope I know of!!!


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