Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from Spofford Mills Clubhouse -- Where My Daddy, "Middle Leg" (as William Scott Kenan was nicknamed at New Hanover High), PARTIED HARDY in the 1930s -- BEFORE Donald Trump SAVED CHRISTMAS!!!

As Readers all know, it has been FAR WORSE than a LEMON -- my move here from my 4th Street apartment -- both owned by Gold Walker, and Spofford Clubhouse managed by Jonathan Deputy -- BUT, I've made this little "LEMONADE" of a posting to CELEBRATE my making it all into HUMOR, and HOPE that Gold and Jon (celebrating elsewhere and with "others"), can understand this is a tetch-bit SHAKESPEAREAN!!!

To begin with, the BEST current understanding of when Yeshua-bar-Yosef (called today, "Jesus Christ"), was born, was on June 16 -- and we ALL know what happened on REAL CHRISTMAS 2015:

Donald Trump (the REPUBLICAN JESUS), descended from his HEAVEN, and announced he was running for President of the United States of America!!!

June 16, 2015 was ALSO my 64th Birthday!!!

So THANKS to whoever posted this on my Facebook page (I'm still blocked from posting, commenting, "liking", etc., there until December 29 -- RIGHT AFTER former roommate Andre Tyler Breton has appearances in New Hanover County District Court on TWO consecutive days), but this is a COMICAL treatment of actual FACTS that ANY TRUE CHRISTIAN KNOWS -- as the FAKE ONES who lament the removal of statues and monuments to the TRAITOROUS CONFEDERATES, are always CLAIMING, 

"You can't keep DESTROYING HISTORY", and our MODERN Christmas is a CELEBRATION of "Fiction over Fact":

And KEEPING in the Spirit of HIGH-CLASS HUMOR, I got the following video this morning from Jimmy Robertson of Atlanta -- who before he became permanently partnered with the now obese Larry Mock in 2004, used to try to get me to DATE HIM -- even sending me a photo of his DORK, which is TRUE Bill Kenan/Frank Sinatra/sub-Saharan-African CLASS!!!

Joel Miller, formerly of Pentagon Publishing and my co-worker -- mentioned here, and more on that later in this posting:, is "Grande Italiano" -- but not QUITE up to this size-class (Geraldine "Gerry" N. Flynn-Miller being a bit of a "tighty-whitey" in the reproductive portal).

Jimmy Robertson with Larry Mock in 2011. Jimmy is a WORLD CLASS JUGGLER, having won international competitions on several continents, and having worked for top cruise-lines, amusement parks, etc., as such.

Anyway, here is the GREAT VIDEO of VICTOR BORGE from the The British Royal Command Performance in 1986.

And JUST NOW, CNN posted THIS!!!:

OH!!! and here is SPOFFORD MILLS where my father partied in the clubhouse that I now LIVE IN!!!

Spofford Mills was built in 1899 on Wrightsville Avenue, but that is NOT the Clubhouse for their Executives that I live in, pictured to the left.

And since I have NOT yet heard back from Joel Miller and Gerry Flynn-Miller, I shall post the email I sent them about a day ago (showing WHOM-ALL I sent it to):

To: joel, scott

Cc: jkenan02, mikekenan, duffyjr3, connor.kenan, marlowe.schaeffer, bojones

Hey Joel -- Merry Christmas to you and Gerry!!!

Did Mike Massicott or Gloria Stansbury tell you of my conversation with Gloria or messages for Mike -- that he refused to reply to, partly because I raved about how much I'd still like to suck his dick -- he actually ADMITTING to me that he's a HOMO??? He USED to be HOT!!!

Of course it was fun that night you showed me your PREMIUM ITALIAN dick, and Gerry ALMOST let me suck you from time to time, since you are so big you hurt her "nu-nu" as she calls it. If Patrick HAD actually raped her when y'all worked for Dale Corporation in Tennessee, he's so SMALL she might not have felt it -- LOL!!!

Gerry was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT when she told me Patrick worked with my family to try to kill me -- and it was MUCH BIGGER than I could have imagined. I can now prove it in Court -- and I will soon, but since Patrick apparently OD'ed -- probably on METH, I can't sue him, now, CAN I???

BTW: My sister Jane remembers meeting Gerry well!!! I'm copying my siblings and some friends -- one a top Prosecutor in PA, but now a physician, since everyone is now used to my POTTY MOUTH and all my FUN!!!

I can sue Massicott -- HA!!! And he knows it!!! Carolyn always told me she rescued Mike from the homos, and no one knows that better than Ted Daniel.

Well, I bought spyware last night since there is absolutely NO record of Patrick's death, and what I found was so BIZARRE, I called the spyware company (that gave your and Gerry's Net Worth as well), and they said that the US Government must have BLOCKED its being published due to his Narco-Trafficking with the CIA and Christian Churches is TOP SECRET. 

OK, it was -- until my blog. Here is what I published last night:

I now work with Cong. Joe Kennedy III of MA, Mitt Romney (of all people), the FBI Task Force investigating the Politicians and Christian Churches in Wilmington for hard-drug trafficking (they don't care about POT at ALL!!!),  Lt. Gen. Russel Honore', and several Top Officers of the US Military to EXPOSE these hard-drug dealers. I trust the two of you have been SMART ENOUGH to stick with pot and beer!!! 

I've gotten well over 1,000,000 hits to my blog, and put a few people in jail. I appreciate Gerry's warnings and the pot you guys supplied me with. My doctors in the USA and Mexico recommend I smoke it for stress relief, but it's illegal still in North Carolina.

My Kenan Family put Trump into power to destroy Democracy, and Kenans control Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, the Republican Party, the Clinton Democrats, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church -- and Frank Hawkins Kenan -- with that church, the Republican Party, and FBI MURDERED Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard for the Episcopal Church -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me in 1982 would happen. I even have a CATHOLIC NUN who has helped me!!!

Amazingly, my closest allies are all Catholics, even though a priest set up the Drug Mafia in Wilmington, NC with my parents and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman. Patrick and Lee Gosney supplied it with the hard drugs and now this town is the TOP opioid-trafficking and ADDICTED city in the USA!!! 

Anyway, I now live in a totally cool place -- nine miles from the beach. Would be fun if y'all came to visit -- and NO, I don't actually expect to suck Joel's dick.

Can you tell me anything more about Patrick's death??? I see that Massicott is selling the Naval and Coast Guard Academies' books. I used to date Admiral Zumwalt's retired TOP Protocol Officer, Rife Huey (who moved from Atlanta to Minnesota or Wisconsin about four years ago), and I have a lot of contacts with both schools, so after the holidays, will contact both schools to see what they know about Mike's bull shit. I KNOW you will celebrate if they CANCEL HIS CONTRACT!!! 

Maybe YOU can get it -- if you do that kind of sales, still.

I hope you both have a GREAT CHRISTMAS, and that we can talk soon. I might just drive up one day and SURPRISE you at your door -- if this does not reach you and I do not get SOME KIND of answer (like I finally got Gloria to pick up the phone and speak with me).


(910) 200-XXXX cell

William Scott Kenan (center), partying with friends in New York City in the 1940s.

And then Dad and me in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1952:


Bill Kenan (1918 - 2014, Easter Sunday)


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