Friday, December 22, 2017

Email Just Sent to My Old Boyfriend Marc LaFont -- Who (for My Mother), ALSO Spied on My Cousin Who Married a Jew -- and Nearly DIED WITH ME When the Bomb Would Have Been CLOSEST to Us at the 1996 Olympics (Atlanta)!!!

Marc LaFont -- AFTER he got a NEW CHIN!!!

Kelly Ray (my replacement), with Marc, in a bakery in France, about 2001.

Hi Marc,

First of all, I hope you are doing well, and I thought since the voice on your recording at is a young guy's -- not yours -- I'd better drop you a note as well.

GOOD THING we were not killed by that bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, no??? I don't remember if I told you, but I was closest, you second closest to where the pack exploded. I learned this later, after revisiting the site after it was made into a park -- and then old maps and records on the internet. 

And then in 2012, I met "Skully" (Scully?), who was nuts and ripped off homeless people (like me, still, then), he stealing from friend Michael "Jersey" Keogh (worked for Richard Nixon as a butcher, and still living in Wilmington) of property worth many thousands -- and disappeared. But Skully always treated me with deference, and admitted that he had headed the CIA in Atlanta in 1996, and WATCHED ME (and you), through field glasses from what is now the Bank of America (owned by my rich Kenan cousins), building -- to see if my assassination went off correctly. 

But we got up too soon, and rather than risk getting caught, they blew it up a few minutes after we left and were in the subway on the way to the gay bar where we saw it on all the monitors.

"Jersey" Keogh

I now live in a converted PARTY HOUSE for executives of Spofford Mills (weaving mill), on the trolley line (now walking/biking trail) between downtown and Wrightsville Beach -- where my father, after getting a job out of high school, used to party. I think I told you his nickname at New Hanover High was "Middle Leg", and he loved sharing it with both men and women (it's a Southern Baptist thing). 

As you likely know Eric Trump's wife, Lara Yunaska, is from here, and she and hubby Eric have a BIG HOUSE on Wrightsville Beach. I was even BUZZED by Air Force One coming in ultra-low -- HA!!!

My 6' 8" cousin, Graham Harlee Kenan -- eight years older than me -- REFUSES to speak to me, because I left him a phone message that I know we are half-brothers.

My first cousin Janet (Meyer) Opperman, who lived with her husband Kim Opperman in what I knew as "John and Bev's house", immediately behind you on Birch Street (with connection through the fence gate), are long divorced, Jan fell prey to all kind of narco-trafficking with TRASH and Ian Opperman and I had to RESCUE HER twice when she lived in the Atlanta area in the early aughts. My mother arranged for her to marry a Bill Larsen who already had cancer and no heirs, so he left her all his money. Here is not long after the wedding:

Ian Opperman, Andrea Opperman (who was born when they lived behind you -- later converted to Judaism), Bill Larsen, Jan, and a CRACK WHORE -- the Meyer side of my family ALWAYS brought a CRACK WHORE or two to most family gatherings and reunions.

And of course, THIS is what Mom arranged for her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS -- not just because he allowed Jan to marry a JEW, but because Uncle Bob told me TWICE he is actually gay (and his fourth child is by someone else -- NO SECRET to any of the Meyers -- LOL!!!):
Front row: Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman, now Larsen, Kristen's son, my Aunt Jean Meyer, (widow of Marcellus Bernard Meyer, a lawyer and retired FBI officer ...
Now, as I understand it, you used to have "fromage" WHOOPS!!!, "FROTAGE" (your favorite -- sliding the penis up and down the butt crack without penetration) with Jan's brother George, who lived in the converted garage where John later had his writing studio.

Here are George (still recognize him???), and his lover who REFUSES to marry him (seen in 2009) -- Susan Grant, who stayed at the Air Force Academy EIGHT YEARS after graduating, the 3rd female to go there, to CHRISTIANIZE IT. My mother AMPLY REWARDED THEM with riches -- and more than one in that family MYSTERIOUSLY won HUGE Lottery Prizes.

Remember when we went to Savannah and got invited to THE DOLL'S (The Lady Chablis's) dressing room the night that Princess Diana died??? She moved to Atlanta about eight years ago, and died in the past year. I kept in occasional touch with her -- as I have with Ru-Paul and Tyler Perry -- who are still living.

Today, I went a little wild, and offered my former roommate Andre Tyler Breton, blow jobs until he can afford to date a decent woman, and he said he's interested, but hasn't made up his mind yet. I also called the guy who lived downstairs from me before I moved three weeks ago. 

Chris Millikan is about 95% Cherokee, has a girlfriend who keeps tossing him out, but LOVES what I can do to his body, and we were SUPPOSED to get together tonight for some fun -- but I am WAITING for the former boxer (now 40), who was once #5 in his weight class in the USA, and whose wife seems totally cool with this, to bring me a little "herbal remedy" (that will be legal in CA for everyone on 1/1/2018), and he already has told me that "You don't have to be GAY to enjoy a good blow-job!!!", and he finds me VERY attractive, while his wife told me tonight that gay guys keep straight men from TOO MANY SEXUAL DEMANDS of the wife.

Here is his photo I just got off Facebook:

In 2014

In 2015

And here is Tyler Breton:

Last summer

Well, I HOPE you are NOT letting your meat loaf, and that you are supremely happy, like I now am -- despite the difficulties and only $450.00 to my name (including the $50.00 bill Mom sent me in a Christmas Card I got today).

I was thinking that YOU should write up something to market YOU and your story on my blog that got over 6,500 hits one day early this week. My highest hopes (and I think all three of us are on the same page), is that like that Jefferson Airplane song, "Why can't we go on as three???" that will work out, with him living with her -- and their half-Latino children. I don't have TIME with all my Writing and Politics for a husband or partner -- but PREFER a TRUE FRIEND who knows how to have fun with another man.

God knows, I've been in many a three-way, but the ONLY true orgy (other than gay baths years ago), that I've been in was in 1990, in a big house on Wrightsville Beach -- MOST of the other guys were then playing football for the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (founded by Kenans)-- and they were BUILT (and horny)!!! 

As I'm sure I told you, when we moved in 1968, from West Chester, PA to Columbus, OH so that Mom with her Swastikas could live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz, and later she got him his first dream job at Notre Dame, then Holtz was John Boehner's closest Republican co-strategist for the Catholic Popes and NAZI DOMINATION. And Mom put Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency -- and I caught mom giving Pope Francis's permission to Boehner and Holtz at the EXACT TIME that they RE-OPENED government, four years ago.

Anyway, Basketball Coach Jim Ferrell at Whetstone H.S. in Columbus had caught EVERY SINGLE VARSITY PLAYER in an ORGY in the showers the year before I arrived there -- and I was hit on like crazy by other basketball players. Coach Ferrell is who got Denison University interested in giving me a BRAINS SCHOLARSHIP, but when I contacted him four years ago -- reminding him of all that "Christian (all the players at Whetstone were Evangelical Christians) HOT HOMO FUN", he REFUSED to answer me more than once.

So AIN'T LiFE A BALL (for us homos)???

Get back to me please, and we might work out a business deal on my upcoming series of books on the Kenan story in history -- Middle Ages to current. I've completed nearly all of the research.


(910) 200-XXXX cell


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