Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Wrap-Up, 2017:

Christmas at Rockefeller Center. 

John D. Rockefeller had LESS Standard Oil stock than Henry Morrison Flagler, whose right-hand man, William Rand Kenan, Jr., grew up in a house on Nun Street in Wilmington, North Carolina, that is NOW, boarded up, after suffering the devastation of being owned for years by hard-drug traffickers. 

The house -- owned by his father, WRK, Sr. -- had the FIRST flush toilet in Wilmington, and William Senior was FIRST CAUSE -- with First Presbyterian where he was then an Elder -- to the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

William Rand Kenan House -- and his Insurrection:

WRK, Jr., after building the Carolina Apartments as a hotel that hosted Royalty and Heads of State -- and giving the City of Wilmington the Kenan Memorial Fountain -- left town to live primarily in the MOST EXPENSIVE apartment in all of New York City, NEVER to return because he said he could not ABIDE the HATE and FEAR-MONGERING of Wilmington's White Christians.

When Henry Flagler left his widow (WRK, Jr.'s sister Mary Lily), his entire estate -- and the New York Times declared Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler "the wealthiest woman on earth", J.D. Rockefeller continued working for Will Kenan, who ran everything for his sister, and after her untimely death in 1917, for his larger Kenan Family that held all the stock.

In recent years, the Rockefeller Family and Charities PURGED themselves of ALL carbon-energy stocks -- while the Kenans of Chapel Hill, Durham, Atlanta -- and beyond -- DOUBLED DOWN in carbon energy, and eventually put Donald Trump into power to protect ALL CARBON-BASED ENERGY -- and they worked with the Episcopal Church to murder Tennessee Williams (whose only REAL grant was from the Rockefeller Foundation).

The "Confederate Mace" held at the University of the South (Sewanee), is the SYMBOL of the Episcopal Church USA, and Frank Hawkins Kenan made CERTAIN that agents of the Episcopal Church, CIA, FBI -- but especially the Republican Party -- murdered Tennessee and stole his estate from Harvard, just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me on January 11, 1982.

But rather than link to THAT chapter in my memoir (titled "An Uptown Soiree"), I had so much fun speaking for half an hour with my mother, today, and then as long with all three of my siblings, that I link to my chapter of spending Christmas 1982 -- on a brief break from working for Tennessee Williams (because Gavin Lambert was in Key West helping Tennessee revise a play).

This break was spent at their house on Hughes Road, Washington Acres, Hampstead, NC, that they soon moved out of to live on Villas Place East, Suncourt Villas, Wilmington.

Another Wilmington, NC connection from my book (not specifically stated within it as such), is that Tennessee's housekeeper Roy (rather than maid, Leoncia McGee), who was RUN OFF by the drug-crazed Robert Carroll (still alive today as shown here:, which is HOW I got the job, had a boyfriend, Tommy, who LATER snuck back into the house and PEED ON MY BED -- because I had killed his GOLDEN GOOSE

Roy had been getting KICK-BACKS from all the businesses in town that had been INFLATING all of Tennessee's charges -- sent directly to his accountant in NYC.

Funny, Roy had the skin-tone of a cave-fish, and wore butterscotch-colored glasses frames. His boyfriend Tommy, was the son of the owners of long-time Wilmington fixture FLIP'S BARBECUE HOUSE on Oleander Drive (only fairly recently gone):

And then in 2013, Wilmington D.A. Benjamin R. David -- and ELDER at the same First Presbyterian that caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- with Fox New's Daliah Saper and Wells Fargo's Jamie Lee Sutherland STOLE copyright to my memoir -- when the producers of all the Harry Potter movies and Scott Rudin were looking to BUY MOVIE RIGHTS!!!

Twin Brothers and both D.A.s, Jon David on left, Ben on the right.

>>> So to TIE UP loose ends from several postings this past week:

1. In fairness to Allie who now lives upstairs from me in the Spofford Mills Clubhouse, the FIRST time I bought marijuana from Allie, she weighed out ten dollars worth -- a FAIR PRICE -- but the following two times she charged the same, but did NOT weigh it, the SIZE being the same, but it was very LOOSE, rather that the very TIGHT, dense pot of the first sale.

This was EXACTLY the problem I had with Denise Renee Wood (, who sold me FAR MORE POT in $20.00 and $40.00 morsels, according to the Law of Diminishing Value

Denise lived downstairs in Apartment 2, lease held by Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., whose LSD Lab had once been the FAVORITE source of not only Sam's close personal friend, Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, but also of Dr. Timothy Leary -- and his former male lover at Millbrook, Theodore "Ted" Druch:

Ted Druch later married a CHRISTIAN WOMAN, Maria Ruiz, and became a CIA Drug Trafficker, with the Governor of Nayarit State -- also working with the Episcopal Church, USA.

Ted Druch

Maria Ruiz

2. BECAUSE property manager here Jonathan Deputy ADMITTED to me while he was recently CRAZED, claiming I had NO RIGHT to blog about anyone not a "Public Figure", etc., and if I mentioned him, Gold Walker, or ANY of Gold's tenants  here or on 4th Street again it was LEGAL CAUSE FOR EVICTION, that he used to smuggle large quantities of Opioid Pills out of Mexico by car back the the USA, I think he DEFINITELY pulled the wool over Gold Walker's eyes -- she only approving of MARIJUANA smoking, and NO HARD DRUGS AT ALL!!!

3. Now LOOK at this news about my former Roman Catholic Church:

Between Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose -- in this photo from 1979 -- is "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara, on whom Tennessee based the character Babe (the richest woman in the world), in his LAST full-length play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere.

Kate had grown up in Atlanta, her family BEST FRIENDS with the families of both Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan -- WHERE Kate learned to act like "The Richest Woman in the World"!!!


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