Friday, December 29, 2017

BACK on Facebook (that NOW marks my communications with Friends as SPAM and erases them) / NEW Interactions with Fellow Residents of Spofford Mills Clubhouse (and "Literary Lie" of yesterday CORRECTED)!!!


They ALLOWED me to post this to Mary Wyatt's page -- Mary, the daughter of Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, one of the main conspirators in Tennessee Williams's MURDER, as Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED Tennessee would happen at Jean Babette Stein (she forced to jump to her death this past spring because of what SHE knew), and George Plimpton's party on January 11, 1982:

But NOT ALLOWED to post to either Roy Rogers Oldenkamp or Gene Morgan's Facebook -- because THEY have HUGE POLITICAL FOLLOWINGS!!!

I "reviewed" the comments, marked them both as "not spam", but Facebook STILL ERASED THEM!!!


Well, I did NOT actually find $60.00 worth of "oregano" in the middle of the driveway, yesterday afternoon, but DID find a trampled PAYCHECK made out to Kelsey Hughes -- which was HOW I knew her full name and found the info on her I posted here: 

And I STEELED MY NERVES and bought two "dime bags" from a guy on the street I had never before met -- and they really DID prove to each be TWICE as large as what Allie had sold me for $10.00 each (three times). Additionally, ONE HIT of the new stuff got me as "relaxed" as THREE hits of what Allie (or anyone else, ever, in Wilmington), had ever sold me, so it was a SUPER-DUPER VALUE!!!

And NOT ENOUGH weight to send the SWAT TEAM out to BUST ME -- LOL!!!

In a related matter, when I visited the ABC (liquor) store this afternoon to buy a bottle of Tequila Reposado for New Years Celebrations, I told the clerk I had read that Nova Scotia just passed a Law so that marijuana will be sold in LIQUOR STORES there beginning next year -- and asked if THEY had any such plans.

"Not yet, anyway, but I'll keep watching the State's Communications!!!" was the reply.

This morning, I placed Kelsey's check with a note in a zip-lock bag, and secured it under her windshield wiper -- not wanting to climb the stairs and possibly run into "Pete", who remains CRAZED toward me -- or his girlfriend Allie, who remains afraid of me.

THEN, I saw the new tenant going toward his car, and went out to meet him. His name is Robert, and his long, straight, dark hair is actually clean and he seems quite nice. He was in a hurry, so I gave only a brief nutshell of my Political Activities against my Traitorous, Narco-Trafficking Kenan Family, their companies, etc., HOW they put Donald Trump into POWER, and how and with whom (the TOP Political and Military Leaders), I am connected to in working to GET TRUMP OUT.

He LOVED THAT, and wished me "The BEST OF LUCK!!!"

Later, Kelsey came down and I told her I'd found her check and it was under her wiper -- and that I THINK I resolved things with landlady Gold Walker and SOON things should be fine with Jonathan Deputy, as well.

As usual, she laughed as if all this CONFLICT was OUTSIDE HER WORLD, and said she was GLAD TO HEAR IT. I also told her I'd used her name from the check and found both her writing and service work -- BOTH of which HIGHLY IMPRESSED ME!!!

And late this afternoon, Allie was walking her fluffy little dog, Leo, and I told her I'd found and returned Kelsey's check -- and hoped that she (Allie), was having a GREAT DAY. She just looked a bit strung out and neither looked at me nor said a word.

She looked like she was on her way to becoming NANCY HARMON:

THIS is more like ME!!!


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